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Elizabeth Woning of Bethel Church has an enormous economic interest in promoting conversion therapy.

via Equipped to Love/Bethel Church

Thursday, the supposedly ex-gay Elizabeth Woning wants everyone to know her contorted truth about the challenges of being ex-gay. Her plea is: Churches Must Embrace Those Leaving LGBTQ Culture.

It is crap at the outset because a sexual orientation — even an orientation that Ms. Woning disapproves of — does not define a “culture.” Cranks like Woning do this as part of an effort to define people by their sexuality.

Elizabeth Woning is employed by what is arguable a cult, Bethel Church in Redding, California. Bethel Church promises to heal people of their ailments through prayer. They even have Healing Rooms which accommodate the gullible through televised sessions. Blind people become sighted, tumors disappear, the lame walk and so on — if you believe the grift.

Elizabeth Woning is one of Bethel’s “healers.” Woning runs an operation for Bethel called Equipped to Love. There is nothing loving about pray-the-gay-away scams. At best the hoax encourages gay people to pretend to be heterosexual.

In the process, ego-strengths are destroyed, people become neurotic and they all fail to achieve the desired result. But it is very easy for Elizabeth Woning to shut me up:

With safeguards for privacy in place, allow a disinterested party to examine the records and to contact participants.

Woning would never do that. She will make any number of excuses but she knows that I know that she knows that she and her operation are a fraud. When did deception become a conservative Christian value?

Getting to her phony treatise:

As the dust settles after the recent Bostock Supreme Court decision, Christians everywhere are questioning how to respond to the rising tide of LGBTQ Pride. Conservative Christians across the world want to hold the opinion that the Bible condemns same-sex sexual behavior and that homosexuality has a negative impact on our culture. At the same time, many of these congregations don’t accommodate people who have responded to that message.

The above is an impressively large mound of bovine exhaust. Why is it even necessary to respond to LGBTQ Pride and what does it have to do with Bostock v. Clayton County? People are free to hold any belief no matter how idiotic.

The fact that there is no evidence to support the notion that the existence of gay people has “a negative impact on our culture.” doesn’t dissuade people from openly displaying their stupidity. The fact is that gay people make have a very positive effect on society. Imagine the absence of Proust, Shakespeare or da Vinci.

What exactly are churches supposed to do to “accommodate” supposedly ex-gay people? Those folks claim that they are now straight — oh the unimaginable burden! What accommodation do they require? Woning is not terribly imaginative or bright. She is desperate for a pretext with which she can promote pray-away-the-gay. Try harder!

“We are victims!”

Today there is a crisis among those of us who have exercised obedience to our faith and left LGBTQ behind. We are being forced deeper and deeper underground. Our voices and stories are being suppressed. Avenues of care and discipleship are being abandoned.

Lies and more lies. In their orbit, no one is suppressing their ignorant message. What does this imbecile claim is being “abandoned?” If people like Woning are so sensitive to ridicule then they should stop saying ridiculous things. Providing some evidence of efficacy would also be helpful.

What “they” tend to do is to provide the same small group of supposedly ex-gay people. Oddly enough, every ex-gay that we know about has an economic interest in claiming to be ex-gay, including Ms. Woning.

These self-righteous and self-indulgent fools have been challenged for decades. They have never responded to the challenge with anything other than “poor us.” They do not respond with evidence because they are unable to. The evidence does not exist.

We are the deceivers:

Don’t be confused by the accusations of LGBTQ activists. Thousands of “oncegay” people … are the fruit of conservative Christianity. We’ve been born again. We are pursuing God for sanctification and enjoying the wonderful redemption of Jesus’ love. Many of us now have opposite sex marriages … with biological children. We have overcome gender traumas and identify fully as men and women who are born of God’s will—not “born gay.” Most Americans believe we do not exist, but we feel our stories reveal the heart of God and His power to redeem all people.

“Gender trauma?” WTF? With all of these “thousands,” how come we never see evidence? Why is there no supposedly ex-gay person willing to be challenged? I would bet that, for every person claiming to be ex-gay, there are 10 people who are ex-ex-gay.

Again, Ms. Woning should allow an impartial review of her records. I suspect that what one would find is that, over time, the ex-gay people become gay again. Gay men marrying gay women proves nothing other than the intense need of some people to obtain the approval of others.

As for kids, there is a substantial body of evidence that gay couples raise healthy, happy and secure children. I wonder how the kids of ex-gay couples are faring. Those children must endure the confinements of ultra-conservative Christianity along with two neurotic and frustrated parents.

Churches are becoming afraid to offer us support since any approach suggesting emotional healing or restoration in one’s sexuality could be called “conversion therapy,” or worse, anti-LGBTQ hate. …

Who is “us?” What support do they need? The simple fact is that any form of conversion therapy is the result of bigotry. Making people ashamed of who they are is unhealthy and bigoted.

Activists say thousands have undergone a “discredited and abusive” practice that is paramount to “torture.” But that statistic doesn’t point to individuals who have been handcuffed and forced into a back room. It tells us there are thousands who want out of LGBTQ. We want to escape.

“Paramount?” Paramount means supremely important. Woning means tantamount. Adults are free to do whatever the hell they want. When children are coerced into conversion therapy they are tortured. The only reason that anyone would deny their sexuality is shame.

Well known Christian psychologist, Warren Throckmorton — once an advocate of conversion therapy — has said when your religion conflicts with sexuality, find a different house of worship, In point of fact there are many Christian denominations that are fully accepting of LGBTQ people.

But so-called “conversion therapy” isn’t a therapeutic method; it is a subjective experience that can be avoided. Two people pursuing emotional healing and physical wholeness in the same setting may have different perceptions. One finds meaning in what is learned, and through application undergoes some fresh measure of fulfillment.

According to California “therapists” David Pickup, Donald Welch, Anthony Duk and Aarron Bitzer all claimed in court that they practiced a professional therapeutic method. These are the plaintiffs in the combined Pickup v. Brown and Welch v. Brown. They are all licensed health practitioners.

In her own words (continuing from the above quote):

But imagine the other has a less productive outcome and finds no resolution. Disappointment and despair close in. This process happens weekly in our churches as “regular” disciples mature, but the pain for one who experiences LGBTQ is deep. Accusations and fear arise.

The very point is that people should not be pained by their sexual orientation or gender identity which are natural expressions of human sexuality. Conversion therapy only causes more pain. Were these people simply guided to an LGBTQ accepting church they would be markedly happier.

…most Christian leaders feel unqualified to help, leaving a tangible vacuum in churches. And now, these very parachurch ministries (often our only hope to receive the full gospel) are being outlawed across the world through “conversion therapy” bans.

No one is qualified to convert people from gay to straight or trans to cis. No one! Furthermore, Woning is again being dishonest. Bans on conversion therapy have no effect on religious counseling even if the intent of that counseling is conversion therapy.

And we need proponents who are willing to stand with us in the public arena as laws increasingly demand “once gay, always gay.” We need Christians to take a bold leap of faith for the sake of those of us seeking wholehearted identity in Christ.

If Woning doesn’t like the laws then she is required to prove that conversion therapy is safe and effective. She cannot because it is not safe and effective. Those laws do not even pertain to her since she is working out of a church.

Ms. Woning has, at her disposal, all the record necessary to make a case. Her problem is that she does have those records and they do not substantiate her bullshit. Were those records supportive of conversion then we would surely know.

All of these entities are pushing Christian conservatives to embrace LGBTQ identity and abandon the faith. Meanwhile, we pray that Jesus continues to draw men and women to Himself from the highways and byways of sexual sin just as He did in the first century.

Otherwise, will He find faith when He returns?

“Sexual sin” my ass. The Bible reflects the immorality of heterosexual pederasts in biblical times; aristocrats who forced sex on young slave boys. It was perfectly acceptable in Greek and Roman societies providing that the slaveholder was the “top.”

For some two thousand years, people have been waiting for Jesus Christ to return. Orthodox Jews have anticipated a Messiah for an even longer period of time. It’s probably never going to happen. But suppose the myth is true. What makes them think that Jesus would not be very pissed off at those who have mistreated other people simply because those others were “others?”

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