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The self-righteous Pastor David Aucoin is running for public office in Rhode Island with all the LGBTQ animus he can muster.

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It’s hard to determine which assertion is more idiotic. The idea that Religious Freedom on the Ropes or the notion that Michelle Cretella has expertise regarding gender dysphoria and gender-affirming care. Nevertheless, Dave Aucoin, who is associated with Family Policy Alliance in Rhode Island makes both claims.

According to Mr. Aucoin, a pastor running for a seat in the Rhode Island State Senate:

Courts, and the judges that serve on them, matter immensely. This fact has been in the spotlight over the last few weeks as the Supreme Court goes through its 2020 term.

The Bostock decision in particular – which defines “sex discrimination” as including gay and transgender status – is nothing short of a rejection of reality, not to mention Christian teaching and traditional moral values.

Apparently reality, in regards to sexuality, is no longer based on medical science but on Bronze Age chronicles of dubious provenance. Sexual orientation and gender identity are continua with infinite spectrums. The reality is that nature does not conform to Christian simplistics.

Furthermore, many — if not most — Christians (including clergy) disagree with Mr. Aucoin with respect to “moral values.” Morality rests with neither sexual orientation nor gender identity. Attacking a vulnerable minority for political purposes is profoundly immoral.

It has been some months since writing about Michelle Cretella, executive director of the hate group, American College of Pediatricians. ACPeds should not be confused with the real peer organization which is the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Above and beyond all else, Cretella is an apologist for the Catholic Church. Vatican eunuchs are more authoritative for Cretella than medical science. When the two are in conflict, Church teachings prevail. With that in mind, according to Aucoin:

I spoke with Dr. Michelle Cretella, M.D., Executive Director of the American College of Pediatricians and a Rhode Island resident. She agreed with strong words, noting that the Bostock decision expects us to “speak and behave as though people are whoever or whatever they claim to be irrespective of the facts.”

This demonstrates the importance of appointing justices with traditional values – an opportunity before us right now in Rhode Island as we have a vacancy on our state Supreme Court.

Cretella never makes much sense. The ruling in Bostock v. Clayton County provides workplace discrimination protection based on sexual orientation or status as transgender.

Michelle Cretella uses the word “facts” editorially. Her facts are the teachings of the Catholic Church regardless of actual truth. Moreover, she and fellow bigots are always implying that people are being dishonest about their sexual orientation and especially their gender identity as in “whoever or whatever they claim to be irrespective of the facts.”

The “facts” are that gender dysphoria can be objectively diagnosed. People should not suffer because some sanctimonious blowhard claims that their deity does not approve. Likewise, sexual orientation is pretty straightforward. People know who they are attracted to.

Workplace discrimination usually occurs when employers learn, in some manner, that someone is gay or when an individual transitions to mitigate the effects of gender dysphoria. People do not, for example, enter into a same-sex marriage unless they are gay. People do not transition on a whim.

Michelle Cretella was once a physician (she is no longer licensed to practice medicine). You would think that she would understand the difference between evidence-based truths and faith-based religious dogma.

According to the Bible, Piousness prevents disease. Snake handlers are healers. According to scripture disease is caused by “evil spirits.”

Does Michelle Cretella, as a doctor, believe any of that nonsense? Or is it just the anti-LGBTQ crackpottery that she subscribes to?

Of course, what would be a righteous appeal without asking for money from someone unfortunately named Aucoin?

Finally, a quick update: in my last newsletter, I let you know that we need $20,000 by September 30. Thanks to those of you who gave, we are nearly a quarter of the way there! If you haven’t given yet, would you consider a sacrificial gift to help us meet our goal and keep fighting for the family in Rhode Island? Every gift makes a difference as we fight this important culture war.

Right. Give them some money so that idiots like Aucoin can continue to see that facts are not facts, truth is not truth and that ancient texts are indisputable regardless of the absurdity of any given pronouncement.

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