If we are going to add quotes around marriage how about a supposedly ex-gay man’s “marriage” to a supposedly ex-lesbian producing some very screwed-up children?

Chasten and Pete Buttigieg
Chasten and Pete Buttigieg

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On June 25, 2020, the University of Notre Dame announced that Pete Buttigieg, former South Bend mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, has been named a 2020-2021 faculty fellow at the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study (NDIAS). The orthodox Catholic crazies are displeased. I will get there.

But first, a faculty fellow at NDIAS is a full time position. Most faculty fellows are academics at Notre Dame or other universities. Their home university pays half their salary and provides health insurance. Notre Dame pays the other half.

Buttigieg will be one of 10-15 faculty fellows at NDIAS for 2020/2021. NDIAS provides a modest salary and a private office.

According to an email from NDIAS, Buttigieg will be researching and writing two books at the Institute for Advanced Study; “one that explores how to restore trust in political institutions and another that considers the forces distinctively shaping the 2020s.”

Pete Buttigieg is an extremely intelligent man; a highly analytical thinker with a solid résumé. None of that matters to some Catholic fanatics. They are unable to see anything beyond Buttigieg’s sexual orientation.

Enter self-loathing queer Doug Mainwaring

Doug Mainwaring writes for LifeSiteNews. He is the antithesis of Pete Buttigieg for his lack of native intelligence and intellectual curiosity. On Friday Mainwaring provided the faithful with: Notre Dame ‘thrilled’ to hire pro-abortion homosexual Pete Buttigieg. Faithful Catholics dismayed.

You can add dishonest to the list of Mainwaring’s intellectual deficits. People who believe in reproductive choice are not “pro-abortion.” Mainwaring is just regurgitating right-wing Christian rhetoric. The subtitle of this polemic reads:

‘The fact that the goals of Notre Dame are not the same as those of the Gospel becomes clear, again, with the naming of Pete Buttigieg as a faculty fellow.’

I cannot determine who Mainwaring is quoting in the above but Mainwaring is liberal in his use of quotation marks. Trite as it is, he uses them at every mention of marriage, married or husband. These people are especially committed to their petty displays of disapproval. The vast majority of Catholics disagree with Mainwaring.

Those who disagree include the administration of Notre Dame and NDIAS. Mainwaring is determined to smear both Buttigieg and the university:

Although baptized a Catholic and having attended a Catholic high school, Buttigieg is a self-identified gay who ‘married’ a man in an Episcopal Church ceremony.

Buttigieg “has become a national advertisement for the normalization of same-sex marriage,” noted a statement by the Sycamore Trust ––a Notre Dame alumni group which seeks to protect the school’s Catholic identity–– after the candidate was honored by the Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association of Notre Dame (GALA) last year.

Note the “self-identified” bullshit to suggest choice. Furthermore, gay is an adjective, not a noun. In the rational world, that clause should read: Buttigieg is a gay man. Mainwaring knows this. He is a gay man. By his own admission he is still a gay man.

As for the statement by the Sycamore Trust, NDIAS makes a point of saying that you do not have to be Catholic to be a faculty fellow. The average Jew or Muslim is less compliant with Catholic doctrine than Buttigieg.

Sycamore Trust is not complaining about those of other faiths. Only Mr. Buttigieg. Those non-Catholics pose the same challenge to “the school’s Catholic identity.”

Mainwaring just repeats the BS, knowing perfectly well that it’s nonsense:

While vying for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination, Buttigieg inferred that God made him gay, supported gay rights over religious liberty, and very publicly encouraged a 9-year-old boy to ‘come out’ as gay.

A speaker implies; a listener infers. Pete Buttigieg was unambiguous about his sexual orientation. Buttigieg (and Mainwaring for that matter) know that sexual orientation is not a choice. God made him a gay man is an honest statement.

That would be the same deity who made Mr. Mainwaring a miserable faggot who chose to claim that he is an ex-gay man.

“Gay rights over religious liberty,” in that quote, is an idiotic expression of zero-sum thinking. Treating LGBTQ people fairly means treating religious conservatives unfairly because the “rights” of the religious set to treat LGBTQ people unfairly are “unfairly” diminished.

If your response to the above is “Huh?” it is because it makes no sense whatsoever.

The literalists believe that they are obliged to frustrate marriage equality. It doesn’t make a whit of common sense serving only to distinguish themselves as the lunatic fringe.

One must wonder at what age Mainwaring was when he realized that he is gay. If that nine-year-old Mainwaring refers to realizes that he is gay then it makes sense to not deceive his parents and others.

Mainwaring is implying to the faithful that Buttigieg turned the boy gay. Crazy? That is precisely how the message is received.

The spectacular stupidity is endless:

He even went so far as to say that homosexual ‘marriage’ had brought him “closer to God.”

In April 2019, liberal pundits and social media swooned over his announcement that he and his ‘husband,’ Chasten, planned to “have a child.”

In the above, a religious crackpot is challenging the religious beliefs of others. In other words, Buttigieg is not judging anyone else while all that Mainwaring and his ilk do is to judge others. That is why Mainwaring is a miserable loser while Mr. Buttigieg has enjoyed success throughout his life.

As for adoption or surrogacy, the Buttigiegs’ child will be one of the luckiest kids in the world. He or she will be surrounded with unconditional love and have two very intelligent parents to guide him or her. Ask Mainwaring if any of his children are successful in any endeavor.

Later on:

Notre Dame ‘cannot be trusted’

Some respected Catholics, however, are pointing out the discrepancy of having a Catholic university hire someone who lives a life contrary to basic Catholic teaching.

“The fact that the goals of Notre Dame are not the same as those of the Gospel becomes clear, again, with the naming of Pete Buttigieg as a faculty fellow at the NDIAS,” said Janet Smith, a former philosophy professor at Notre Dame.

By that standard, only conservative Catholics could be hired by Notre Dame. Ms. Smith, by the way, is better described as a moral theologian. She was never tenured and lasted nine years at Notre Dame. After stints at several schools, Janet Smith ended up at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. She is now retired. She has had no association with Notre Dame for approximately 35 years.

Janet Smith is also self-constrained:

Smith added:

But clearly, he is not the only problem – the bigger problem is the NDIAS itself. They cannot be trusted – their announcement of Buttigieg’s appointment makes no mention of his support of the LGBTQ agenda, of his support for abortion, or his desire to limit religious freedom. Parents and students who trust Notre Dame to foster the Catholic faith are being deceived, again.

It is not the purpose of any college, other than seminaries, to theologically indoctrinate students. No one is being “deceived.” We live in a secular world and Notre Dame is not a seminary.

Six years ago (pre-Obergefell), the University of Notre Dame announced that it was providing benefits to all legally married spouses while still supporting Catholic teaching just as all 22 Jesuit universities had already done. The university’s president, Rev. John Jenkins, an ordained priest, had more to say on the matter:

We recognize an urgent call to welcome, support and cherish gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, who have been too often marginalized and even ostracized, and many of whom bear the scars of such treatment.

Who is the more credible authority: Doug Mainwaring, an ex-gay person who has been a loser his entire life or a Catholic priest who is president of Notre Dame with its 8,200 students and $17 billion in assets?

So when I say that most Catholics disagree with Mainwaring that includes a fair number of clergy.

William Dempsey, a 1952 Notre Dame graduate and chairman of the Sycamore Trust… said that Buttigieg’s signature identity ––the anchor of his public image–– is same-sex ‘marriage’. “And not just same-sex marriage, but same-sex marriage’s compatibility with Christianity.”

“Buttigieg’s ‘partner’ will be given spousal benefits as a part of the Notre Dame community, teaching undergraduates,” explained Dempsey. “His presence will radically still the voices who would teach Catholic doctrine and will radically undermine anyone who dares teach authentic Catholicism.”

No sir. Dempsey and Mainwaring define Buttigieg as gay and married. Sane, rational people realize that Buttigieg is not defined by his sexual orientation but by his many successes in life, from being a Rhodes Scholar out of Harvard to his service as a military officer, to, most recently, his impressive performance as a presidential candidate.

Buttigieg is defined by his intellect, his experience and his values. Pete Buttigieg has very strong views on how others should be treated. Mainwaring and Dempsey could learn a great deal from “Mayor Pete” but they will not, simply because Pete is gay.

Mainwaring concludes with lengthy quotes from two other alumni. These people represent the fringe. Mainwaring represents the neurotic fringe.

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