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According to Michael Gryboski at Christian Post and conversion “therapist,” Christopher Doyle: ‘Assault on free speech’: Facebook, Instagram bans content promoting ‘conversion therapy.’ Poor fellas.

It is true that a number of platforms ban conversion therapy content. They do so for good cause:

  • Conversion therapy is pseudoscience.
  • There is no evidence that it works.
  • There is evidence that it is harmful.
  • It falsely portrays sexual orientation and gender identity as choices.
  • It encourages, and is a pretext for, discrimination.

No practitioner has ever documented their results over a period of time in a manner that would permit those results to be published in a reputable peer-reviewed academic journal. For all his talk, Christopher Doyle has never studied and published anything to establish efficacy.

I have heard all the excuses. They do not publish the results because there are no results to publish.

Yet they persist:

Christopher Doyle, a professional counselor and executive director of the Institute for Healthy Families, told The Christian Post that he considers the social media sites’ decision an “assault on free speech and religious liberty.”

“While the company claims they are taking this action to prevent discrimination towards the LGBT community, the real people they are hurting are those who experience unwanted sexual and gender identity conflicts and are seeking options for healing and ethical, licensed therapy,” said Doyle.

If it is ethical then Doyle’s obligation is to prove that it is safe and effective. Furthermore claiming that LGBTQ people need “healing” is to assert that LGBTQ people are diseased. Doyle cannot help himself and you wonder why Facebook objects to the content.

What about kids? What happens when a parent marches their teen into Doyle’s office and says “fix him?” There are numerous accounts of what happens. (See the image from Doyle’s website below.)

In another scenario, the youth claims to have been “cured” just to get his or her ignorant parents off their back. Eventually it becomes known that the kid lied. Parents are upset that they were lied to. The adolescent is upset because parents subjected him or her to the process. NIce job Mr. Therapist.

In 2013 Doyle was promoting “ex-gay pride.” That was a laughable flop but the reality is that there is nothing funny about ex-gay pride. In contrast to pride, young people are encouraged to hate themselves. The charlatans all say “that’s not what I do.” Bullshit.

The diatribe continues:

“Everyone should have the right to seek help for unwanted attractions or sexual/gender conflicts without interference, and public companies should not be able to discriminate the views of some they may disagree with for political purposes.”

Doyle explained that the decision should not affect his group because he does not define their practices as constituting “conversion therapy.”

That’s like saying: “Everyone should have the right to drink bleach if they contract COVID-19.” Furthermore, Doyle has been doing conversion therapy for decades. Who does he think he is fooling?

Moreover, this is not about competing opinions or “views.” It would be irresponsible of Facebook to allow for the promotion of a practice that cannot be proved to be safe and effective. It is no more appropriate than Facebook allowing the promotion of a pyramid scheme. Or should I say “scam?”

Doyle’s company, Institute for Healthy Families (10620 Crestwood Drive, Suite C, Manassas, VA), is a for-profit entity. Doyle is promoting an unethical practice for profit. Facebook chooses not to be an enabler.

“I don’t do conversion therapy, but:”

“But I do have clients that have unwanted sexual and gender identity conflicts that may be discouraged from such actions and feel discriminated against,” he added.

Doyle is so full of crap. He is claiming that Facebook, by not promoting conversion therapy, makes potential clients feel discriminated against. In the absence of promotion, how would they even know what Facebook’s policy is?

The fact that people feel that they have unwanted sexuality is just the point. They should not be made to feel that way and religion is no excuse. Virtually every religion has LGBTQ affirming congregations. Yet, the Vatican, some Orthodox Jewish sects and evangelical Protestants continue to knowingly damage people.

Christian Post’s Michael Gryboski departs from Doyle in conclusion:

In recent times, many conservatives have denounced political censorship of their ideas on major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

In late May, President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at punishing social media websites that censored individuals on the basis of their ideological views.

“In a country that has long cherished the freedom of expression, we cannot allow a limited number of online platforms to handpick the speech that Americans may access and convey online,” stated the executive order, in part.

Most social media platforms have policies that prohibit hateful content. Some have policies banning dishonest content. It is not unreasonable censorship to require people to be civil and truthful.

These are private companies and they have every right to determine the what their Acceptable Use Policy is. Rather than targeting conservatives, it should be obvious that religious conservatives have the greatest propensity to be uncivil or untruthful.

As for Mr. Trump, that is something that we need to fix in November. I find it odd that Christian media is hailing Donald Trump with his three marriages, six bankruptcies, blatant sociopathy and a steady, daily stream of dishonesty.

They cannot name a single selfless act on Trump’s part throughout his entire life. His executive order is simply a pander without any substance.

Doyle is claiming that conversion therapy is a “solution.” He has the cure. Why would a parent not have unrealistic expectations? What happens when the youth remains gay or gender nonconforming?

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