According to David Lane, Black Lives Matter is run by queers who are devoted to a Communist revolution.

David Lane

David Lane, a creepy Republican operative and Christian nationalist wants you to know: Which Companies Are Funding Systematic Violations of Law in America.

According to Lane:

It turns out that it’s Fortune 500 companies that are fueling and bankrolling the Marxist revolution in America, such as UGG, Amazon, Pepsi’s Gatorade, Microsoft, Warner Records, Intel, Xbox and Microsoft Games and Nabisco.

Mr. Lane does not understand anything about Marxism. He is just using a buzz word.

Two of those companies, Amazon and Microsoft, have about $1 trillion in market cap. To suggest that any of those very capitalistic operations have Marxist (actually communist) sympathies is not the dumbest thing that David Lane has expressed but it’s close.

For years, Republicans have been claiming that Democrats are socialists, hoping that people will confuse socialism with totalitarian communism or Marxism. More recently, according to the same people, all those socialists are actually Marxists.

Trump routinely referred to President Obama in those terms while he was doing his Birther schtick. In point of fact, even Bernie Sanders is not really a socialist.

Socialism means government control of production. Communism means government control of both production and consumption. Senator Sanders is not an advocate of either. Marxism actually applies to social, rather than economic, constructs.

Marxist dialectics emphasizes the importance of real-world conditions, in terms of class, labor, and socioeconomic interactions. Many scholars view Marxism as a form of analysis. But I digress.

Lane continues:

Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garz [sic] and Opal Tometi founded Black Lives Matter in 2013.

Patrisse Cullors, born in 1983, describes herself as a writer, artist, organizer, freedom fighter and a LGBTQ activist; she is married to Janaya Khan, a Canadian social activist who identifies as black, queer and gender-nonconforming.

The above is reasonably accurate. In fact, LGBTQ support is present throughout much of Black activism. Lane fails to mention that BLM was formed in the aftermath of the murder of Trayvon Martin and then the acquittal of George Zimmerman. The three women Lane mentions are extraordinary people.

Ms. Cullors was kicked out when she came out at the age of 16. She ultimately became a Fulbright Scholar.

Alicia Garza, born in 1981, an Oakland-based organizer, writer, public speaker and freedom dreamer, is married to Malachi Garza, a transgender man and a community activist. She came out as queer in 2004.

Ms. Garza is more — much more — than her sexual orientation or her marriage to a transgender man (I am surprised that Lane used that description). Garza is currently working with Cecile Richards and Ai-jen Poo in a project to create political power for American women. The group, Supermajority, is training and organizing women across the country.

Opal Tometi, born in 1984, is a New York-based human rights advocate, strategist and writer of Nigerian-American descent.

Like the two other co-founders of BLM, Ms. Tometi is a very accomplished woman. She holds a master’s degree from Arizona State University. In 2016, Tometi was recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the “World’s Greatest Leaders.”

Interviewed in 2015 by Real News Network, Ms. Cullors affirmed as true that Black Lives Matter is driven by a Marxist worldview: “… myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are superversed on ideological theories.”

It is “super-versed” in the quote. The fact that Ms. Cullors and Ms. Garza are “trained Marxists” does not mean that Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization. As I described above, a trained Marxist would be someone who analyzes social conditions according to class, labor and socioeconomic conditions.

Marxism is often conflated with totalitarian communism which gives it a more sinister patina. In the same interview, Ms. Cullors goes on to say:

We don’t necessarily want to be the vanguard of this movement. I think we’ve tried to put out a political frame that’s about centering who we think are the most vulnerable amongst the black community, to really fight for all of our lives.

Marx, by the way, was not a Bolshevik (as was Lenin). Marx is considered evolutionary on contrast to Lenin’s revolutionary. Trying to explain the nuances and differences to the average MAGA-Bot would be comparable to acquainting them with Nash equilibrium. Imagine trying to explain that “game players” is unrelated to the XBox.

David Lane goes on to be a Zimmerman apologist:

For the record, George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch coordinator of his gated community, shot Trayvon Martin in a physical altercation, claiming that it was in self-defense. A jury of his peers agreed and acquitted him. President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice Attorney General Eric Holder reviewed the case for potential civil rights violations, but no charges were filed, citing insufficient evidence to the favor of Mr. Zimmerman.

The actions of a Florida jury facing a reasonable doubt standard are less relevant than what actually happened. The physical altercation was clearly instigated by Zimmerman. I would also note that Zimmerman outweighed Martin by 42 pounds. Subsequently, Zimmerman has had numerous run-ins with police over violent incidents including domestic violence.

David Lane is trying to discredit the motives for organizing Black Lives Matter. Yet, in simplest terms, Trayvon Martin would not have ended up dead were he white.

Lane goes on to describe part of the communist agenda as formulated by former Congressman Syd Herlong:

Congressman Albert Sydney [“Syd”] Herlong Jr. was elected as a Democrat to the 81st Congress and served Florida in the U.S. House of Representatives for 9 terms, from 1949 to 1969. Known for his anti-communist stance, Herlong read on Jan. 10, 1963, into the Congressional Record the 45 goals of Marxist communism.

Herlong was a racist who eventually became a Republican. He opposed integration in the wake of the ruling in Brown v. Board of Education. Herlong was not the author of the “45 goals.” That distinction belongs to W. Cleon Skousen. Skousen was a Mormon John Bircher who saw communism everywhere.

Skousen said that the Jamestown settlers were communists. He claimed that every governmental agency was a form of communism. He also wrote: “American slave children were freer than white non-slaves.” Skousen accused President Eisenhower of being a communist. He claimed that the Rockefellers orchestrated the election of Jimmy Carter

Skousen is perhaps best known for being Glenn Beck’s source of “wisdom.” Given how batshit Skousen was I am not going to bother with David Lane’s listing of items 17 through 22. It is generic conspiracy theorist’s drivel including, for example:

20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book review assignments, editorial writing and policy-making positions.

Thereafter, Lane continues:

While Black Lives Matter remains busy with plundering, ransacking and burning down cities, destroying relics and monuments and demanding defunding of local police, Os Guinness’ classic, A Free People’s Suicide, becomes required reading. “The plain fact is that no free and lasting civilization anywhere in history has so far been built on atheist foundations.”

There is no evidence, at least none that I have seen, associating Black Lives Matter with rioting, violence or property damage.

Religion, according to Lane and Guinness, is essential, particularly Christianity. Furthermore that quote means absolutely nothing. America is a young civilization. Every great civilization in the history of mankind has eventually declined.

Rod Dreher reinforces Guinness’ conclusions in his bestseller, The Benedict Option: “Post-Obergefell, Christians who hold to the biblical teaching about sex and marriage have the same status in culture, and increasingly in law, as racists.”

Dreher did in fact write that and he is wrong. The beliefs that people “hold” are less relevant than the actions they take. Brian S. Brown is a bigot, not because of his beliefs about marriage, but because he wants to impose those beliefs on public policy and acts accordingly.

By the way, Dreher is a fierce critic of Donald Trump. No mention of that from Mr. Lane who is a self-righteous Republican and Trump promoter.

From taking a quick look at Black Lives Matter proposed curriculum for fall classes, we learn that if local school board members decline the Black Lives Matter curriculum, they are branded as “racist” and “bigots.”

In reality, of course, Black Lives Matter founders and leadership show themselves to be the actual racists and bigots.

There is no link in the above to the supposed curriculum. It is important to realize that Black Lives Matter is composed of 26 chapters without much centralized control. Rather than a curriculum, what exists is a Curriculum Resource Guide. There is a great deal to it but I can find nothing that demonizes anyone. The objective, according to BLM is “lessons to challenge racism, oppression and build happy and healthy classrooms.”

Lane provides David Lane’s agenda:

To survive:

  1. Prayer must be established in the home, culture and church. “Apart from the grace and power of God, deterioration is stamped on all human plans.” —A.W. Pink
  2. “Righteousness exalts a nation.” Contemporary America willfully ignores that there is no safety in distance from God.
  3. Action. “Prayer must accompany action not replace it. That is why, on the shores of the Red Sea, God heard the prayers of Israel but wouldn’t respond by splitting the sea until they marched forward into the water. It is time for all of us to march forward into the waves.” —Rabbi Daniel Lapin

The self-promoting Rabbi Lapin is an embarrassment to most Jews, including me. What you see from the above is the insistence that we must have a religious society. Lane conveniently forgets that, for example, virtually every advance in science and medicine has been the work product of atheists.

David Lane is a devoted Trump promoter. Lately Lane has been critical of people like Dr. Anthony Fauci because Fauci does not conform to Trump’s delusional views which include pretending that COVID-19 doesn’t really exist. David Lane has no core. His Christian principles go down the crapper with Trump but he will not criticize the orange creature.

In the end, David Lane has associated Black Lives Matter, which he disapproves of, with LGBTQ people whom he also disapproves of. Then he is claiming that BLM and the queers are promoting a violent overthrow of America as Marxists.

The entire effort seems pointless. However, I think that I am a great deal more rational than David Lane.

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