The latest missive from the Trump campaign, signed by Donald Trump, incorporates the Nixonian language that has become so familiar:

Make no mistake, the Silent Majority will reign.

The Election is less than 4 MONTHS AWAY, and in order to keep our strong lead over the Do Nothing Democrats, we need to stay on track.

The following is rather amusing because I have other emails identifying me as a top supporter:

I’ve asked my team to pull the records of my BEST donors – our most loyal Patriots who I can always count on when I need them the most. I’m disappointed to say that when I asked for your file, they told me you showed up in the BOTTOM 1% of all Trump Supporters.

I suppose that the MAGA-Morons might actually believe that Trump reviews ordinary campaign donations. He claims that those average $37:

We won’t win without you, which is why I really need you to step up. We’re halfway through July and we need to post a HUGE fundraising number today if we’re going to stay on pace to hit our monthly goal.

My team ran the numbers and our average gift is just over $37. If every supporter took action and contributed that amount TODAY, we’d be well on our way to CRUSHING our goal AND we’d set a new daily fundraising record.

Donald Trump is not a smart man. However, he believes that he is a “very stable genius.” Perhaps he is personally writing this campaign material because no one else is smart enough to do so. He doesn’t have much else to do, at least nothing else that he will pay attention to.

Trump is his own worst enemy. If someone really smart comes along then Trump will become insecure and hobble that individual.

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