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American Family Association, an anti-LGBTQ hate group, is offering a video for a donation of $25 or more. The obvious animosity is cloaked in religious “principles.”

Before I get into this, AFA is not designated as a hate group because its leader, Tim Wildmon, thinks that marriage is only valid between one man and one woman. Beliefs are not subject to sanction.

AFA is deemed a hate group because Tim Wildmon and his underlings make a deliberate effort to marginalize LGBTQ people.

My opprobrium is the result of AFA’s dishonest smears of LGBTQ people. Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon is a bigoted liar. It’s just that simple. Religion does not require bigotry or dishonesty.

The reason that AFA (under Wildmon’s direction) does so is their/his commitment to a zero-sum philosophy. An obsessive pursuit of limiting LGBTQ rights is based on the belief that any benefit to LGBTQ people is a detriment to conservative Christianity.

Sexuality is involuntary. AFA, however, makes some very bad choices with respect to their behavior.

Brainwashing madness

Apparently the pandemic has created a loss of attention to AFA and its LGBTQ smearing. Time to reactivate some hate:

… although we’ve been focused on other issues in recent months, the movement to brainwash America into accepting transgender and homosexual madness has not slowed down. If fact, it’s gaining momentum.

“Brainwash” is generally defined as a systematic means of forcibly causing someone to adopt substantively different beliefs. Projection on the part of AFA?

The improvement in LGBTQ acceptance is arguably due to an improved understanding of science. For example, people who accept the fact that sexual orientation is not a choice are unlikely to be homophobic.

Much of the fight for transgender equality is based on promoting the medical science. Transgender people are not volunteers and there is no real alternative to transition as a means of mitigating the effects of gender dysphoria. “Promoting” the science means making people aware of the evidence.

As for brainwashing, religious conservatives are heavily invested in convincing people that the science is wrong. To be successful, they have to convince people that evidence in support of the science does not exist.

On that note

Let me tell you about recent propaganda efforts by the sexual radicals. Three major films that promote sexual and gender anarchy have been released or are in the pipeline:

  • Pray Away was screened at major film festivals and received rave reviews. The Hollywood Reporter said it was “a sobering account of Christian intervention rooted in toxic homophobia.”
  • Conversion is an upcoming documentary that takes aim at both the psychological efforts and Christian “spiritual interventions” to change sexual identity, practices that the film describes as “barbaric” and akin to “torture.”
  • An upcoming Lifetime movie, How We Sleep at Night: The Sara Cunningham Story, will be directed by actress Jamie Lee Curtis. It is the story of a Christian mom who came to accept her son’s homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

As I said, it is an attempt to discredit or make evidence disappear. The scientific facts are that one cannot pray away their sexuality and conversion “therapy” is both ineffective and harmful.

If a Christian mom accepts the scientific fact that sexual orientation is not a choice then why would she not accept her gay son? Wanting her offspring to have a happy life she would then support her son’s marriage.

Oh, make it all go away

AFA will not be silent. To counter the radicals’ propaganda, we must clearly proclaim the truth of Scripture with the grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ – first to Christians and churches, and then to the culture at large.

I believe them. AFA will continue to promote hateful rhetoric. If people accept the facts then AFA becomes irrelevant. Their jobs are at stake. Facts are not propaganda. Promoting faith-based dogma as “truth” over evidence-based science is the very essence of propaganda.

In His Image: Delighting in God’s Plan for Gender and Sexuality.

Produced by M.D. Perkins and AFS director Austin Brooks and directed by Kendra White, In His Image is one of the most important projects AFA has ever undertaken.

M.D. Perkins was the producer of the Christian literalist film, The God Who Speaks. Kendra White has been the writer of two other American Family Studio films. In an interview she said that she wants to “point people to Christ.” Promoting hate only points people towards, … hate. I cannot determine who Austin Brooks is.

“God’s plan” translates to a literalist acceptance of scripture. The prevailing view among most Christians and Jews is that scripture reflects the times in which it was written. Most Christians do not agree with AFA.

Begging the questions

The logical fallacy of begging the question is a form of circular reasoning. The nature of the question assumes a specific conclusion which means that what is structured as a question is actually an argument. As in:

Are you and your church ready to answer the tough questions that are being asked?

  • Can you be gay and be a Christian?
  • What if someone genuinely feels trapped in the wrong body?
  • Did God make me this way?
  • Is change possible?
  • Why not just “live and let live?”
  • How do I reach someone I love who is in sexual sin?


When In His Image is offered to the public, we’re expecting major counterattacks against AFA that will probably dwarf anything in our ministry’s history. Nevertheless, the truth must be spoken with courage and compassion.

The sexual radicals won’t stop until everyone has succumbed to their destructive ideology and Christians are completely silenced.

Forgive me for not waiting for the film to be released in theaters early next year. Note how every sexually-diverse person is a “radical” and an adherent to an ideology. And, of course, those radical idealogues are intent on victimizing Christians.

The intent of this BS:

Partner with AFA and receive a free In His Image DVD

Your generous gift helps AFA share the redemptive hope of the gospel presented in In His Image. Please expect the DVD in November.

This post is signed by Tim Wildmon. What is it that he said about brainwashing, propaganda and madness?

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