Resorting to a “gamer” to promote intolerance is a sure-sign of diminishing returns.

Hallmark Channel
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The naivety of religious conservatives is stunning. Calvin Freiburger writes: Hallmark commits to ‘LGBTQ storylines,’ caves to left-wing pressure. The subtitle of Freiburger’s diatribe reads:

The channel known for its wholesome entertainment is following Hollywood’s lead by committing to offer ‘woke’ content.

Hallmark’s likely motivation is to attract viewers which translates into advertising revenues. Pressure is unlikely to alter the profit motive. Freiburger is also claiming that the inclusion of LGBTQ characters or storylines is unwholesome per se.

It is true that Hallmark claims to be responding to criticism. I can assure Mr. Freiburger that the prime consideration is the bottom line.

People in Freiburger’s bubble refuse to accept that about 40% of American Families have a beloved member who is L,G,B,T or Q. Unlike the religious fanatics, most rational people are unwilling to condemn a family member due to his or her sexuality.

People in that religious bubble also believe that they know the real truth. However, normal people, in ever increasing numbers, accept the science behind human sexuality over religious dogma which is based primarily on ancient texts.

One of television’s last refuges from identity politics will soon be no more, as the Hallmark Channel announced it will add homosexual and/or transgender stories to its film slate.

Attempting to implement a theocracy in America is, apparently, not “identity politics.” Furthermore, he is seeking a refuge from reality. Gay and transgender people do exist.

They are not defined by their sexuality. They are not perverts. They are not the victims of bad choices. They cannot change their sexuality.

For years, the Hallmark Channel’s made-for-TV movies have been a source of wholesome comfort entertainment in contrast to Hollywood’s increasingly “woke” output, which has also made it a target of pro-LGBT activists.

The use of “woke” has become a source of annoyance. Freiburger is again claiming that LGBTQ people and their lives are unwholesome which is to say that real stories about real circumstances are unwholesome. He is also suggesting that Hallmark Channel has been victimized by people he disapproves of.

Not everyone is thrilled with the Hallmark Channel’s new direction, of course.

“This literally goes against the core demographic of Hallmark Channel, who are mostly straight, white women between 18 and 54,” Billy Usher of One Angry Gamer noted. “26.52 percent of Hallmark’s viewers are 50 and older, according to Statista.”

Some gamers are oblivious to reality. Mr. Usher might not be one of those but his comment is moronic. Many of those “straight, white women between 18 and 54” and many of the “26.52 percent of Hallmark’s viewers are 50 and older” accept sexual orientation and gender identity as natural variances of human sexuality.

Many of those same people have family members, coworkers and friends who are sexually diverse. Usher is suggesting that there is some correlation to being 50 and older with intolerance. That is nonsense.

Billy Usher’s personal bigotry becomes very apparent:

“It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it’s the last safe haven from the Rainbow Mafia racket,” Usher lamented. “Every other station, channel, broadcast network and streaming service is filled to the brim with LGBTQIA+ propaganda. There’s nowhere to turn to find wholesome, positive, family-oriented content other than the Hallmark Channel.”

Given his intellectual shortcomings, Mr. Usher should never utter the words; “it doesn’t take a genius.” What on earth is the “Rainbow Mafia racket?” Is this some sort of crazy conspiracy theory? Furthermore he is blind to the fact that family-oriented includes a diversity of family structures and family members.

At the end of the day, all of this gratuitous whining says that heterosexual, white, Christian, cisgender, nonimmigrant people are just so profoundly oppressed.

Returning to Mr. Freiburger’s narrative:

Conservatives have tried to warn Hallmark that attempting to appease LGBT activists will only alienate core audience members in the name of appealing to people who either don’t watch anyway or will never accept their efforts as good enough. “After carefully building an extraordinarily successful niche market, Hallmark just told everyone in it to take a hike,” PJ Media’s Stephen Kruiser wrote last December.

Get a grip people! Hallmark Channel knows perfectly well that just because someone doesn’t like some content doesn’t mean that they will not watch all of the content. Hallmark Channel also knows perfectly well that new themes attract new viewers.

Furthermore, what do these people know about “core audience members?” They are in their own little world dominated by dogmatism. They are willing to accept doctrine as incontrovertibly true in the absence of evidence, in the presence of contrary evidence and without considering alternative explanations or opinion.

Hallmark Channel is owned by Crown Media Holdings which is quite substantial. It is a virtual certainty that the company is heavily invested in focus groups and market research. I am inclined to believe that they know what they are doing.

Of course Mr. Freiburger’s employer, LifeSiteNews, has an idiotic petition from last year. It accuses the company of “promoting homosexuality and transgenderism.” A lot of good that petition did them yet they fail to realize just how irrelevant they are to corporate interests.

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