Brian S. Brown

Writing on behalf of National Organization for marriage, Brian S. Brown writes:SHOCKING: Planned Parenthood allowing girls to self-diagnose transgenderism. Here is the applicable text:

This shocking social development fueled directly by LGBT activists and social media’s push to normalize transgenderism isn’t the worst of it. Get this: In an interview on the Joe Rogan podcast, author Abigail Shrier reports that girls can “self-diagnose” themselves as being transgender! “Nobody questions it,” Shrier told Rogan. “We now have informed consent. Which means you walk into Planned Parenthood, you sign a waiver, you decide you have gender dysphoria, you walk out that day with testosterone.”

A “girl” is a minor. Planned Parenthood does offer gender affirming hormone therapy. However, that service is only available for adults. Moreover, prior to receiving hormone therapy an individual must meet with a clinician who will perform a thorough confidential assessment.

Abigail Shrier is a freelance journalist for the Wall Street Journal. She has written just one book: Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters. I have not read this thing but, from the preview information, she is exploiting the rapid onset mythology.

According to Shrier “whole groups of female friends” are coming out as transgender. I find that very hard to believe.

Aside from claiming that gender dysphoria is contagious, Shrier claims that young girls improve their social status by becoming transgender. She claims to have spoken with some of these girls. Do they exist? Sure. Do they desist? Probably. Are there many of these persons? Probably not.

I am almost forced to buy and read this fucking book. I would rather chew on a urinal mint.

The notion that someone will gratuitously choose to be part of an acutely oppressed minority just doesn’t make a great deal of sense. Claiming that there are many such people makes no sense at all.

There has been only one attempt that I am aware of to study “rapid onset gender dysphoria.”. That investigator was a young academic at Brown University, Lisa Littman. It was published to the journal PLOS-ONE.

Littman’s subjects were culled from anonymous anti-trans websites. While those sites appear to be secular, I suspect that they have religious origins. I traced one of them to a California physician and Defender of the Faith, Michael K. Laidlaw, who has been relatively quiet of late.

More importantly, Littman’s subjects were actually the parents of supposed transgender girls, not the girls themselves.

Littman’s study was re-reviewed. The editors of the journal PLOS ONE issued a correction to Lisa Littman’s study of so-called Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. PLOS ONE published a correction notice, a formal comment, an apology and the revised paper.

At that time I was told by a reviewer (not authorized to provide information other than what PLOS ONE published) that the debate at the journal was whether to correct or retract Littman’s paper.

A retraction would have inevitably enabled the religious crackpots to claim that Littman was censored in an effort to achieve political correctness. The journal chose the correction which essentially nullified the original findings.

What Lisa Littman actually attempted to study is late onset gender dysphoria. Abigail Shrier is doing the same thing. Most transgender people are diagnosed prior to puberty.

Abigail Shrier has an agenda. It might simply be to make money. She might have a religious objection. She is not a qualified clinician. What she published is not research. It is just a book which began with the conclusion consistent with its title. The truth is that there is no “transgender craze” and young women are not being victimized.

In contrast, actual research begins with a hypothesis which is subjected to tests in order to either confirm or confute the premise. Researchers base conclusions on evidence. Concluding that the hypothesis is false is as valuable as proving it true.

Getting back to Brian S. Brown, he is a fanatical defender of the teachings of the Catholic Church. That is why National Organization for Marriage exists. Brown extends his confirmation bias to his anti-LGBTQ promotion. Bias prevents him from analyzing the information he is presented with.

Brown’s agenda is twofold. In addition to his religious motivation, Brown is determined to attract donations:

That begs several questions:

  1. What can NOM do regarding Planned Parenthood?
  2. Does NOM propose to talk people out of gender dysphoria?
  3. How are donations actually used?
  4. Has NOM ever delivered a successful campaign?

The above represents the logical fallacy of begging the question. Sorry about that but the obvious answers are:

  1. Nothing.
  2. Perhaps but how?
  3. Good question. Who knows?
  4. No!

I confess to becoming increasingly pissed off by transphobic BS. I cannot imagine the contempt that gender-diverse persons must have for the people who do this.

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