Tim Wildmon
No further proof is required that Tim Wildmon is a self-absorbed individual with no concern, whatsoever, for people who are not part of his immediate constituency.

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According to a July 28 email from American Family Association, an anti-LGBTQ hate group:

Churches across America are under attack. State and local governments have hijacked the China virus pandemic to prevent Christians from congregating for worship. God instituted government for the purpose of restraining and punishing evil (Romans 13:1-4), but He also commanded His people not to forsake the assembly of believers (Hebrews 10:25).

Hopefully readers will not be offended if I state that governments have been created by people. Were government the product of divine intervention, then many regimes present throughout the course of human history would never have existed. Among those are the dysfunctional and corrupt governments of more than a few majority Christian nations.

More importantly, no government is “attacking” churches. The fact is that some houses of worship have been irresponsible during a pandemic. They have failed to institute common-sense safeguards. Therefore, it became the responsibility of government to act in their stead.

What AFA and others seem to ignore is the fact that the intent is not just to protect parishioners. More importantly, government wants to protect parishioners from the virus which they then have the potential to pass on to others. One person has the potential to infect many people.

My understanding of the word “attack” is that it is willful aggressive action intended to damage one’s enemy. No agent of government has any desire to damage churches. Nor do they view churches as an enemy. Government is trying to protect the citizenry. That is one of the most important functions of government.

Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon continues:

In California, for example, the state has banned Christian worship having more than 100 people or 25 percent of the church’s building capacity and also told churches to discontinue singing during worship. In Nevada, church worship is limited to 50 people, while casinos are generally allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity.

California has closed indoor dining establishments, movies, malls, bars, gyms and so on. Churches should probably have been closed as well. There is a very simple compromise to resolve this matter. Move services outdoors where no restrictions exist.

It has been my experience that some religious conservatives will resist any and all government imposed requirements. They will not move outdoors simply because they would be doing so as a result of government regulations.

As for those Nevada casinos, their operation is irrelevant. If their operation creates a safety hazard then they should be closed. None of that is germain to restrictions on church services. By the way the regulations for casinos include social distancing of slot machines and gaming tables plus a mask requirement plus routine disinfecting.

If those measures are ineffective then the casinos should be closed. However, if those are ineffective there is no legitimate argument that churches should be permitted to operate unsafely.

The intent of the email seems to be to get people to sign a pledge that they will disobey laws. It concludes:

The church is under no compulsion to obey any external authority that commands God’s people to disobey the Scripture. When government conflicts with the word of God, l will serve Christ first.

It’s not a seatbelt law

Wearing seatbelts protects those who wear them and puts at risk people who do not wear them. Restrictions on church services are intended to protect other people that the parishioner comes into contact with. This is a potentially lethal virus.

The conservative Christians do not want to confront the reality that indoor religious observance as a group is not an essential activity.

American Family Association and its leader, Tim Wildmon, are encouraging people to be capricious and thoughtless of others. AFA is not just irresponsible. They acting in spectacular stupidity.

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