In an email sent on Wednesday, Brian S. Brown, on behalf of National Organization for Marriage, is at it again. Brown is engaged in a continuing effort to raise funds by denigrating gender-diverse kids.

Before I get into this, I am reminded that the Fraternal Birth Order Effect is validated science. For every older brother a male child has, there is a 33% increase in the naturally occurring odds of the male child being gay. How many of Brown’s nine children are boys? What are the cumulative odds that his youngest son is gay? How would Brown respond?

A couple of days ago, via Twitter, Brian S. Brown asked me a rhetorical question: “Angry, much?” Yes, I am angry. I get very pissed off that religious conservatives are trying to marginalize exceptionally vulnerable gender-diverse children.

With no applicable training whatsoever, these religious fanatics are trying to conform medical science to religious doctrine. Were they successful it would be dangerous, even life threatening. To the extent that they are successful, they are justifying prejudice, discrimination and oppression while professing their love for all.

The latest email pisses me off, again

Pissed off David

Just a sample given that I wrote about a similar email last Friday:

Last week we learned of the shocking new development of an epidemic of teenage girls suddenly declaring themselves to be transgender, who have previously exhibited no signs of gender confusion. And many of these young girls are going into Planned Parenthood and—on the basis of their own self-diagnosis—signing an informed consent document and walking out with a regimen of testosterone to begin their sex “transition.” It’s unbelievable!

Brown uses this image in the email header:

There is no epidemic and certainly no pandemic of young women who capriciously assert that they are transgender. “Gender confusion” is not to be found in any medical literature. It is an attempt by conservative Christians to diminish the effects of gender dysphoria and it is those same conservative Christians who are confused.

Disassembly of Brown’s bullshit requires multiple paragraphs. Brown refers to “teenage girls” and “young girls.” Planned Parenthood only provides gender-affirming hormone treatments to adults. Minors are excluded. Furthermore, every patient is clinically evaluated prior to treatment. Informed consent does not mean hormones on demand.

For further information, one can review the clinical guidelines published by WPATH. These are established separately for children and adults.

The point of all this nonsensical sophistry?

They even add some detail:

Our team is consulting medical and policy experts to develop a plan of action to stop this practice. We’ll be announcing details in coming days. But one thing we already know will occur is that this will be a difficult battle. We’ll face a powerful, well-funded counter effort from Planned Parenthood and the LGBT lobby who will claim that any attempt to stop self-diagnosis of gender dysphoria is based on bigotry and hate, and will damage vulnerable teens. They’ll enjoy cover from many media outlets, celebrities, politicians and even big corporations. And they will have millions to spend to stop us.

In other words, they are going to cause something to stop that doesn’t exist in the first place. After all, NOM has just been so successful in the past.

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