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Kai Shappley | via Netflix

Kai Shappley looks innocent enough. She seems harmless as well. An online search reveals no criminal record for the nine-year-old. Yet, American Decency Association has a problem with little Miss Shappley. An email for ADA is titled: Don’t Trust the Baby-Sitters Club.

Their problem; their major malfunction; their neuroses are due to the fact that Kai Shappley is a transgender girl. American Decency Association (ADA) is an assumed name for Michigan Federation for Decency, formerly known as American Family Association of Michigan.

ADA’s financial statements (2018 tax return) make little sense. They are a compilation* rather than audited. In any event, they took in $325 thousand and lost $30 thousand. Adding back depreciation they had negative cash flow of $23 thousand. This impressive enterprise is led by William W. Johnson who goes by Bill Johnson.

Here is the kvetch:

Growing up, I remember my parents being concerned about the show, Power Rangers, because it was too violent. I remember being told in a Christian School chapel that we shouldn’t watch The Simpsons, because the kids were disrespectful of their parents. I remember hearing concern about Sabrina The Teenage Witch, because it normalized witchcraft. I remember the device that would mute swear words in real time to shield kids from hearing a naughty word.

The above explains, in part, the source of Johnson’s personality disorder.

A few weeks ago, we spent some time with family and my kids were watching The Baby-Sitters Club with their cousins. I watched it for a few minutes to get a feel for it, and was pretty impressed. It seemed to be teaching kids responsibility and caring for each other.

Then, the other day, I stumbled across this Tweet from Netflix, which is the streaming service behind The Baby-Sitters Club. I’ll just copy the text of the tweet thread for readability’s sake:

“Hi, I’m @Hi, I’m @rosedommu— a writer, trans woman, and former baby-sitter … who NEEDS to talk about episode four of The Baby-Sitters Club and why its depiction of a young trans girl made me cry happy tears…”

The thread is here. No need to repeat the full text. Johnson is claiming that he suddenly became aware of the fact that one of the characters in episode four is a trans girl. It’s bullshit. Chances are pretty good that he knew this well in advance via the echo chamber.

Obviously, if you’re trying to raise your children according to the Biblical sexual ethic, The Baby-Sitters Club is not a safe show for your kids. How nefarious it is of Netflix to take a legendarily wholesome intellectual property as The Baby-Sitters Club and use it as, in their own words, “a powerful tool to shape [kids’] worldview?”

As if that example isn’t scary enough, within minutes of my seeing those tweets, my wife showed me a Facebook video of the parents of a little girl who had brought them an advertisement she had seen while playing a game on her mothers’ tablet. When they tried to get the ad to pop back up, they realized that the advertisements were targeted to each of them. They saw different ads, depending on who was playing, but neither one could get the advertisement their daughter had seen. When the little girl was given another chance to play the game, the ad popped up on the very first time for her. It featured two men in a homosexual relationship with one lying to his wife about it. The advertisement included a homosexual kiss. It was seemingly targeted to the little girl as she was the only one able to get it to show up.

The simple fact is that “if you’re trying to raise your children according to the Biblical sexual ethic” and if you have a child who has acute gender dysphoria, that child is going to end up transgender regardless of parental piousness. Gender identity has no connection to religiosity. In fact, Kai’s mother is a conservative Christian.

The “wholesome” argument is sheer bigotry. Entertainment that reflects the real world includes LGBTQ people. That is more wholesome than the pretense that sexual minorities do not exist. Teaching tolerance, diversity and kindness is more wholesome than teaching hate.

As for the advertisement that Johnson finds so scary, gay people do exist. They couple. They kiss. Some gay people even get married. Sexual orientation isn’t contagious. It’s formed by about two years of age. One’s straight preteen son is not going to turn into Richard Simmons due to watching an ad, or many ads. It doesn’t work that way.

Johnson might actually believe this nonsense. He has wasted considerable energy and inflicted, on himself and others, irrational paranoia. Johnson might also be a cynic trying to raise money and create a cause. Either way, the Netflix show does him and his family no harm whatsoever. Johnson is creating the real harm with his paranoia.

Even if every episode — not just one — included the trans girl there is no threat. A clear indication of hateful bigotry is the promotion of the idea that LGBTQ people pose a threat to children. ADA is not deemed a hate group by the SPLC. It should be.

Johnson goes off the deep end:

What a minefield parents have to walk through in these times!

We can’t afford to let our guard down for one second while our kids are in front of a screen. The only way we have control over the ideas being presented is when we know exactly what they are going to see. Nothing can be assumed to be safe.

God has given us the responsibility to raise our kids as a part of His kingdom. What a massive responsibility! Protect their minds from the world’s influences. Parents and grandparents, be vigilant!

Safe? Their children are going to be as neurotic and ignorant as their neurotic and ignorant parents. If there is a god then he or she would want parents to raise kind children. Imagine their shock when those kids learn that LGBTQ people actually do exist and that they are not defined by their sexuality.

Imagine the parental dismay if one of their kids turns out to be gay or transgender. Then they can make some choices: Superstition or medical science? Having rational or crazy children?


* The accountants transform the general ledger into financial statements without any tests or verification. If the debits=credits then they are good to go. And for this they paid $5,450?

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