Austin Ruse and I disagree on just about everything. Despite his anti-LGBTQ handiwork (which has diminished somewhat), Austin is actually a very kind and caring guy.

I am not Catholic and his book has not been released. For the life of me I cannot understand how Ruse supports a narcissistic sociopath who is a pathological liar. In simpler terms: A crazy person who lies all the time.

I get it. Despite Trump’s personal beliefs he can be used to conform policy to the notion that life begins with ejaculate.

However, there is much more to the United States of America than reproductive rights. Trump is hardly a champion of human dignity. He has subjected asylum seekers to unspeakable cruelty. Legitimate asylum seekers are treated like drug mules.

Trump had the audacity to stand before a microphone and say “We’re full.” Children were intentionally punished to discourage immigrants.

Other values include the fact that Trump is a liar. People who lie diminish our opportunities to make choices or to even know what those choices are. All presidents lie (“if you like your current health insurance you can keep it”). Trump has made Dick Nixon look like Honest Abe.

Trump’s leadership (or lack thereof) is amply demonstrated by his failures related to the coronavirus. When Trump is wrong about something he doubles down in a lame attempt to somehow prove that he was right all along. He does so regardless of the consequences in his fuck-everyone-else style.

I know a thing or two about Mr. Trump. My late partner, Richard, did some work for Trump many years ago and, … he even got paid (miracles happen).

The divorces and creative bankruptcies aside, I wonder if Austin Ruse knows why Donald Trump was always excluded from Manhattan society.

The simple fact is that Trump was not part of the Manhattan social network because it revolves around charitable endeavors. Trump refused to part with a dime because he calculates the worth of people by the width of their wallet. Contributing money means less for him and more for someone else. In transactional terms Trump is the loser.

Trump used to attend Hamptons Polo. Awkward and dressed all wrong he tried to hold court. He was radioactive. To quote Martha Mitchell “you’d think he farted.” Trump was not just an outcast in Manhattan society. He has always been an outcast in polite society.

Joe Biden is the polar opposite of Trump. Biden is honest to a fault. His integrity has never been questioned and he has never profited off of public office while Trump is lining his pockets at our expense. Biden believes that he can be a faithful Catholic without imposing the catechism of the Catholic Church on everyone else.

Austin Ruse has made a very strange choice.

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