Stella Immanuel
According to the Texas Medical Board Stella Immanuel practices medicine out of this storefront in a Houston strip mall.

Quite remarkable I would say. That is the same woman who claims that having sex with demons makes people sick that that medications contain alien DNA. How much more authoritative could one be? Perhaps it is her education. After all, Immanuel is a proud graduate of the University of Calabar in Nigeria.

Must be a great medical school because the “About” link on the website yields a 404, not found error. But on to the text:

The furor arose because Immanuel, a primary care and emergency room physician, has become a powerful advocate for a hydroxychloroquine protocol she says will cure—not merely treat—COVID-19. But Immanuel, also a deliverance minister who calls herself “God’s battle ax,” says her fight is against much more than the coronavirus. In a recent podcast interview with Charisma Media founder and CEO Steve Strang, she gave insight into the powerful enemies she faces in both natural and spiritual realms.

I would note that Immanuel is not board certified in any medical specialty.

Immanuel now says she has treated more than 500 patients with a hydroxychloroquine protocol. The result? “Everybody’s alive. I mean, we treat them and they get well,” she says. Unlike many other COVID-19 patients whose symptoms come and go, hers “don’t get waxing and waning symptoms. They get well,” Immanuel says. That’s why she joined a group led by Dr. Simone Gold that calls itself “Frontline Doctors” and came together to make the viral video, she says.

Immanuel has only been licensed to practice medicine in Houston Texas since November, 2019. Assuming that she has treated patients with COVID-19 since February that would be about 85 patients per month which would be quite remarkable for a newly licensed physician operating out of a storefront.

After they follow her prescribed protocol, Immanuel’s patients also test negative for the virus. “It clears the virus out of their system. It clears the symptoms out of the system,” she says. “And that is why I call it a cure.

“People get all crazy: ‘You cannot say it’s a cure; there’s no cure for COVID,'” Immanuel says. “I maintain that there is a cure for COVID. It is hydroxychloroquine; it is zinc and Zithromax. I do not understand why they want Americans to die when it’s an effective treatment for COVID. “

According to the CDC people who recover from COVID-19 will continue to test positive for months. Furthermore, again according to the CDC, to be free of the virus people need to have two consecutive negative PCR tests because false negatives are not uncommon.

‘It’s Safer Than Tylenol’

But Immanuel’s first exposure to this wonder-working drug had nothing to do with the pandemic. A Cameroon native who went to medical school in Nigeria, she has treated many malaria patients with the “-quine” drugs. “We grew up taking this medicine,” she says. “I’ve been in the U.S. for 30 years now. Even when I travel back home, we take these medicines to prevent malaria, and we give them to other people who are traveling back home.” She adds that a number of people with conditions such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis “take this medication daily for years.”

First of all, out of 186 countries, Cameroon ranks 176 (11th worst) for life expectancy at 57.5 years. Cameroon also has one of the worst infant mortality rates in the world at 175 (12th worst). So what they do might be what you should not do.

According to the FDA:

July 1, 2020 Update: A summary of the FDA review of safety issues with the use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine to treat hospitalized patients with COVID-19 is now available. This includes reports of serious heart rhythm problems and other safety issues, including blood and lymph system disorders, kidney injuries, and liver problems and failure.

Steve Strang doesn’t really care. Strang is a robust Trump supporter and Christian nationalist. Apparently hydroxychloroquine is not longer a medical issue. It is a political issue.

Rabid supporters of Trump claim that it cures COVID-19. People who care more about medical science have a different view. Trump was wrong. Like that Alabama hurricane line by Sharpie, Trump is determined to make people believe that he was correct all along regardless of evidence to the contrary.

Strang is just playing along.

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