Is this the female version of Howard Beale? We’ve gone mad!

Stella Immanuel

Stephen E. Strang

Friday’s continuing saga at Charisma is titled: EXCLUSIVE: COVID Warrior Dr. Stella Immanuel Deems Hydroxychloroquine Fight a ‘Spiritual Battle’. It is probably exclusive because there aren’t many people who are stupid enough or wacky enough to vouch for High Priestess Immanuel.

We begin with Donald Trump, a man who finds it impossible to just admit that he was wrong. Some of you might recall the Sharpie map. Trump said that hurricane Dora would hit Alabama. He made a mistake. Instead of just saying that the weather service advised him otherwise, the sick fuck, well … you know:

Donald Trump and Sharpiegate

A few months ago, apparently in an effort to bolster the Dow (which he views as his approval rating), our sociopath-in-chief claimed that hydroxychloroquine cured or prevented COVID-19. Hydroxychloroquine was later linked to multiple deaths of COVID-19 patients.

The FDA rescinded its emergency approval noting that the drug was still safe for malaria and lupus patients but unsafe as a treatment for COVID-19.

Trump continues to insist that he was right. Supporters of Trump became determined to prove that he was right all along. Apparently irrational obstinance is contagious. Only in our colossally fucked up Trump-world could things like this happen.

People refuse to wear face masks because, to do so, somehow betrays Trump. We’ve gone mad.

Which brings me to Stephen E. Strang, publisher of the Pentecostal outlet, Charisma. Strang has been a cheerleader for Trump’s reelection for months in spite of the fact that Trump is decidedly un-Christian, sociopathic, narcissistic and a pathological liar.

Strang would promote the ravings of Grigori Rasputin if the mad monk were a proponent of hydroxychloroquine. The consequences seem irrelevant to Strang. He is determined to prove Trump right when Trump is wrong. Does anyone have a Sharpie handy?

That brings me to quackpot Stella Immanuel, part deux. Immanuel is originally from Cameroon and went to a fourth-rate medical school in Nigeria. It’s Friday and Stephen E. Strang is again promoting Immanuel who was only licensed to practice medicine in Texas as of last November.

It doesn’t matter that Immanuel has never done research and operates some sort of clinic out of a novelty store in a strip mall in Houston. It doesn’t matter that Immanuel has blamed some illnesses on people having sex with demons. It doesn’t matter that Immanuel has claimed that some medicines contain alien DNA. It doesn’t matter that Immanuel is incoherent.

The only thing that matters to Strang is that Immanuel promotes the use of hydroxychloroquine because Strang thinks that
promoting hydroxychloroquine is good for Trump because Trump wants to insist that he was correct when he was incorrect.

I know more than the generals” has now morphed into “I know more than the doctors and scientists.”

Do people realize just how fucking insane our society has become in the era of Trump? A crazy president who lies all the time has allies who are willing to endorse Trump’s stupidity and mendacity.

Here is a sample from Friday’s piece at Charisma:

Of the COVID-19 pandemic, Immanuel says, “When these things started in March, I went to the Lord to pray. And I said, ‘Lord, what is going on? What’s going on?’ And when the Lord showed me … it was like there were missiles being released from the heavens, and they were being shot at people, and they were dying.


“And that night, the Lord gave me a dream,” Immanuel says. “And in that dream, I saw the president. The president had been beaten up. He had been beaten up and knocked down and laid out on the floor. In fact, I thought he was dead. I came running because I was crying. …. So when I came up, and I saw him, and I called one or two other people, and then we laid hands on him, and we started praying … He rose up, and he stood tall. He stood tall and big, and he got back to work. And of course, those who were attacking, they were so irate.

Is Immanuel the female version of Howard Beale? “I am as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” Perhaps:

“And I got that message. I said, ‘OK Lord, thank You. You’ve given us a ray of hope. That means we have hope. You’ve had mercy on us.’ … it’s only God’s mercy that can turn the tide around.”

All this nuttiness because Donald Trump cannot say that he made a mistake. Stella Immanuel will undoubtedly become a punchline. Historians will look back at this and say to themselves: “What the fuck were these people thinking?”

Snark aside this is really not funny. Strang has legions of supporters and they will swim through molten lava to vote for Trump in November. We are the only sanity check. Voter registration time takes an average of two minutes or less to complete.

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