We will remember forever the folks who enabled Trump and all of Trump’s abhorrent behavior.

John Paulton

John Paulton of Family Policy Alliance is shilling for our sociopath-in-chief.

via Family Policy Alliance

Former V.P. Joe Biden was very smart in choosing Kamala Harris as his running mate. Ms. Harris is extremely intelligent, focused and well spoken. The religious right is extremely concerned that Biden’s selection will improve his chances of beating Trump in November.

The Christian right is on the attack. They are desperately trying to put a dent into Harris. Of course the way to do that — the Christian right playbook — is to use LGBTQ people as a wedge.

In doing so they risk increasing the resolve of anti-Trump voters. One does not have to be for Biden to oppose the reelection of arguably the worst president in the history of the country. At some point even some of the MAGA bozos have had their fill of being lied to. Trump’s most reliable constituency is probably the Q-Anon crowd.

John Paulton of Family Policy Alliance, an affiliate of Focus on the Family, is charging ahead with the usual rhetoric, falsely claiming that Sen. Harris is a proponent of killing children after birth. He saves his “best” for anti-LGBTQ venom:

Harris on LGBT Agenda: Zealous Advocate for Full Playbook

Harris first gained notoriety on LGBT issues when, as Attorney General of California, she refused to defend Prop 8, the constitutional amendment protecting marriage that was passed by the voters of California. Later, as AG, she personally performed same-sex weddings.

Sen. Harris became California AG in 2011. The US District Court for Northern California declared Proposition 8 unconstitutional in August, 2010. At the time neither the attorney general (Jerry Brown) nor Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger were in favor of defending Prop. 8.

The “Hollingsworth” in Hollingsworth v. Perry was Dennis Hollingsworth a state senator acting on behalf of ProtectMarriage.com. (The Supreme Court ultimately determined that ProtectMarriage.com did not have standing to defend Prop. 8.) By the time Harris became AG, this hand had been dealt.

And, yes, if I recall correctly, Kamala Harris did officiate same-sex weddings. They were legal and why should her office have treated gay citizens differently from everyone else?

Harris’ position for marriage equality was eventually sustained by two Supreme Court decisions: United States v. Windsor and Obergefell v. Hodges. Harris’ viewpoint prevailed.

As a presidential candidate, she zealously advocated for the entire LGBT playbook, plus some of her own additions. These included:

I will get to the “these included” in a moment. Is the “LGBT playbook” a substitution for the dreaded Homosexual Agenda™? The agenda, if you will, is equal protection under the law. Nothing more and nothing less.

Forcing school students to share bathrooms and locker rooms with the opposite gender.

Actually it is the same gender. There has never been an incident of a trans girl doing anything unacceptable to a cisgender girl. Imagine if Kai Shappley, a trans girl, were forced to use the boys’ room:

Kai Shappley via Netflix

Or should Kai be stigmatized because she has a medical condition by being forced to use the teachers’ lounge?

Overturning President Trump’s ban on transgenders in the military – thus prioritizing social engineering over military readiness.

Nonsense. The RAND Corporation was retained by the Department of Defense to analyze transgender service and it concluded that the benefits of allowing trans people to serve far outweighed any concerns. “Social engineering” is just cliched conservative Christian rhetoric. Mr. Paulton gets no points for originality.

Establishing a White House LGBT czar – the “Chief Advocate for LGBTQ+ Affairs” – who would work with agencies throughout the federal government to advance the LGBT agenda

About 40% of American families have a close member who is gay or transgender. There is nothing sinister about ensuring that LGBTQ people are treated fairly. President Obama had an Advisory Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Trump has an open door, it seems, to every evangelical whack job in the nation.

Forcing taxpayers to subsidize so-called “sex-change” surgeries through guaranteed coverage in her Medicare for All plan

The idiot means gender-confirmation surgery and that is not the decision of the Vice President. It will take an act of Congress. Moreover, Joe Biden does not support Medicare for All. His plan is Medicare for All Who Want It.

Nevertheless, Harris has a valid point. If medically necessary why should gender confirmation surgery be treated differently from any other medical intervention that is covered? Conservative Christian disapproval should affect public policy over a medical condition? That is called Christian Privilege or Christian Supremacy.

The most recent data I can find is for 2016. About 3,200 of the procedures were performed. Let’s assume a cost of $25,000 each (which is on the high side). That’s a total of $80 million. That works out to about 38 cents per adult taxpayer per year. If the surgeries doubled because they are without cost, that is still only 76 cents per adult taxpayer per year.

Forgive the crudity. What is the big fucking deal over $80 million? Each Global Hawk military drone has a unit cost of roughly $123 million. I am forced to pay for something that I am morally (and economically) opposed to. That’s part of living in a democracy.

Sen. Harris seems to only have one approach with regard to religious freedom – limiting it. In fact, she introduced a bill to do exactly that. Her so-called “Do No Harm Act” would forbid First Amendment religious freedom protections if the religious views were deemed to be discriminatory against people who identify as LGBT.

That’s right. We do not have one set of nondiscrimination laws for Christians and another set for everyone else. Since the adverse decision in Masterpiece Cakeshop the Supreme Court declined to hear a similar case in Hawaii, allowing the nondiscrimination law to stand.

This term, the Supreme Court ruled that LGBTQ employees have workplace protection from discrimination. And by the way, 72% of Americans believe that LGBTQ people should be protected by nondiscrimination laws. It seems that Mr. Paulton is on the fringe.

Furthermore, “people who identify at LGBT” are weasel words. The correct form is “people who are LGBT.”

Most importantly, the selection of Kamala Harris says a lot about Joe Biden – what he stands for and the kind of people he would appoint to fill thousands of federal leadership positions. His pick underscores the monumental stakes in this election.

I agree! Most Americans, I think, are disgusted with the indecency exhibited by Trump and the federal government. Biden has said that he will choose people who resemble America. What the hell is wrong with that?

Joe Biden is a very decent and honorable man. He is also a person of faith. At the same time he recognizes that he does not have the right to impose his religious beliefs on everyone else. When will these good Christians accept the fact that Trump is dishonest, unrighteous and uncivil?

In the comparison of character, Biden wins overwhelmingly. We will remember forever the folks who enabled Trump and all of Trump’s abhorrent behavior. History will not be kind.

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