Frank Schubert
Frank Schubert in 2008 promoting marriage discrimination

via National Organization for Marriage

Big tobacco hack and former political director of National Organization for Marriage, Frank Schubert, is condemning Kamala Harris. But first he must attempt to establish his bona fides and depict a tragedy:

I managed the successful Proposition 8 campaign in California reaffirming in the state constitution that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Harris was elected California’s Attorney General (barely) in 2010, two years after Proposition 8 passed. By that time, the initiative was embroiled in heavy litigation. Having survived numerous lawsuits in state court, it was challenged in 2010 in federal court. A homosexual judge, himself involved in a long-term same-sex relationship, presided over the case. (The judge never disclosed his conflict of interest during the trial.) The judge ruled that Prop. 8 violated the US Constitution and declared it invalid. However, the judge’s decision was put on hold so that the case could be appealed. This is where Harris’ duplicity became particularly evident.

First of all, the case in federal district court (Hollingsworth v. Perry) was filed in 2009, not 2010 and Kamala Harris did not become AG until January, 2011. Furthermore, everyone involved in this case knew that Judge Walker was gay. There was no call for Walker to recuse himself because it was widely understood that Walker was a very fair judge.

Using Schubert’s “logic” every minority judge in the United States (that is, every judge who was not white, Protestant, heterosexual and cisgender) would have to recuse themselves from hearing many cases.

Jerry Brown, AG at the time of the filing, and Governor Schwarzenegger decided not to defend the case. At the time AG Brown said that Proposition 8 violated the 14th Amendment. The United States Supreme Court would eventually agree with Brown.

In 2010 Jerry Brown for governor and Kamala Harris for attorney general both ran campaigns explicitly stating that they would not defend Proposition 8. Therefore, it was the will of the majority of Californians to effectively rescind what had been done two years earlier.

Whopper over Big Mac

As Attorney General, Kamala Harris ignored her oath of office and refused to defend Proposition 8 in court – a legally binding, validly enacted constitutional provision approved by millions of Californians – and also refused to appeal the federal court decision invalidating it. This resulted in an extraordinary legal situation, unprecedented in the history of California, where the proponents of the ballot measure had to step in to defend it because the person whose job it is refused to do so. …

Again it was Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger who chose not to defend Prop Eight 1½ years before Kamala Harris became AG. The Hollingsworth in Hollingsworth v. Perry was a California state senator and the leader of the litigant, The intervention of was also 1½ years prior to Kamala Harris assuming the office of attorney general.

Why does the holier-than-thou Frank Schubert find it so easy to lie through his teeth?

Once again, Harris refused to do her job and defend Prop. 8. The Proposition 8 case was among the most high-profile cases in the nation when it was argued before the Supreme Court in the spring of 2013. On June 26th of that year the US Supreme Court issued a devastating ruling stating that the proponents of Proposition 8 did not have standing in federal court to defend it and directed the Ninth Circuit to lift the stay against the trial judge’s ruling invalidating the initiative. It died for lack of a defense.

Perhaps Harris could have intervened to defend Prop 8 on appeal (although would have still been the litigant). However, Kamala Harris promised the citizens of California that she would not defend the measure (as did Jerry Brown). Refusing to “do her job” suggests that Harris was obligated to defend Prop 8. Kamala Harris had the legal right not to do so.

The fact that did not have standing had nothing to do with Harris. In fact, when Judge Walker issued his ruling he wrote that probably did not have standing. Schubert is just pissed off that the Prop 8 proponents lost the case. Frank Schubert has a religious objection to marriage equality.

Proposition 8 passed largely because Schubert effectively claimed that marriage equality would turn the citizens’ children gay. (“Gay marriage will be taught in school.”) The campaign was dishonest at the outset. Remember that Schubert is a guy who tried to convince people that cigarettes and nicotine are not addictive and do not cause cancer.

Think about the damage to the rule of law and the constitution that Kamala Harris created in her unconscionable decision to refuse to defend Proposition 8.… blah, blah, blah.

Think about the damage to the rule of law if we used the catechism of the Catholic Church as the basis for public policy in defiance of the First Amendment. Schubert’s is an idiotic appeal given that the Supreme Court ultimately invalidated, as unconstitutional, state same-sex marriage bans. Brown and Harris were proved legally correct.

Kamala Harris’ conduct concerning Proposition 8 is not the only thing of concern, not by a long shot. She is a prime sponsor of the Equality Act in Congress that would impose vast elements of the extreme LGBT agenda on the American people, including cementing in federal law the dangerous notion that a person’s sex is not determined by biology but instead by “gender identity.” … blah, blah, blah

Scientific facts become “dangerous” when dogmatists cannot separate fact from doctrine. Schubert accepts as incontrovertible truth that gender identity does not exist in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The science is characterized as “extreme” and Schubert expects people to agree.

More bullshit

Harris is equally disastrous for Americans who are pro-life and who believe in religious liberty. As Attorney General, rather than prosecuting Planned Parenthood for illegally harvesting and selling body parts of aborted infants, Harris instead prosecuted the undercover journalists who documented Planned Parenthood’s misdeeds.

Reproductive choice is the law of the land. It does not require Schubert’s approval. I believe that 14 states did investigate Planned Parenthood and every one of them concluded that Planned Parenthood did nothing wrong. There were no “misdeeds” Furthermore, “journalists” do not doctor videos to show something other than the truth.

Moreover, when the ruling in Roe v. Wade forces someone to have an abortion then people who oppose abortion are in peril. Mr. Schubert wants public policy to conform to Church teachings.

I could go on and on about Kamala Harris’ despicable record. In her, the left not only has someone who agrees wholeheartedly with every aspect of their agenda, but someone willing to cheat and scheme to achieve it. Under Kamala Harris the “rule of law” means “the laws I support will rule.”

I fail to see where Kamala Harris cheated or schemed to achieve anything. Apparently, disagreeing with Frank Schubert is “despicable” because Schubert presumes to be a proxy for the Vatican in spite of the fact that most Catholics disagree with him on just about everything.

Most people, including Catholics, find liars to be “despicable” and Mr. Schubert is a liar.

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