“Apparently — and I confess utter ignorance — sexual diversity is a contagious pathogen similar to the novel coronavirus.”

Mary Rice Hasson
Mary Rice Hasson (speaking at Ave Maria University in 2017) is one of Heritage Foundation’s experts on sex education.

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Anti-LGBTQ bigotry is exposed when people claim that LGBTQ people pose a danger to children. Thursday, at Heritage Foundation’s blog, Virginia Allen writes: Progressive Sex Education and the Battle for Our Children. The first paragraph reads:

Progressive activists seek to expand sex education in schools across America to include topics such as sexual orientation and gender identity. Their proposed curriculum also promotes abortion.

I can spout the same kind of nonsensical BS: “Conservative Christian activists seek to marginalize LGBTQ people in schools across America to include topics such as reparative therapy and gender identity conversion therapy.”

My version is their actual goal. It is pernicious and makes no sense if we entertain the notion that peer-reviewed medical science research is culturally and politically agnostic.

After teeing up a podcast:

Participants break down proposed leftist curriculum and address how Americans can stand against the sexualization of children.

The intended reaction is: “Oh the poor innocent children.” It is comparable to the reaction that some people have when they realize that some form of creationism will not be taught in public schools. They would prefer no sex education. Period.

It’s not enough that the dummies can opt their children out of the instruction. They do not want any children to be informed about sexual orientation and gender identity. Learning about sexual diversity does not “sexualize” children!

Apparently — and I confess utter ignorance — sexual diversity is a contagious pathogen similar to the novel coronavirus. Sex-ed transmits the virus to other kids who will transmit the virus to their kids who will suddenly become gay or trans.

And just who will promote this theory:

We’ll hear from Irene H. Ericksen, senior research analyst at the Institute for Research & Evaluation; Monica Cline, a former sex educator with Planned Parenthood who founded the group It Takes a Family; and Mary Hasson, the Kate O’Beirne fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

Irene Ericksen has quite a title for a tiny Christian organization based in Taylorsville, UT with revenues of about $125K. Ms. Ericksen tries to sell reprints of an article for $25 that she claims is peer-reviewed and published by Issues in Law and Medicine. ILM has been described as “A One-Stop Journal for Anti-Vaccine, Anti-Abortion Pseudoscience.”

Monica Cline makes a living as an opponent of comprehensive sex education. She has renamed abstinence only “risk avoidance” to make it more palatable. I cannot determine if she was actually an employee of Planned Parenthood in Texas or a volunteer (she makes both claims).

Cline has said: “…research shows that children feel pressure to become sexually active because of comprehensive sex education.”

Politifact rates that statement as false. In fact, it makes no sense. It is irrational and self-serving. Perhaps Ms. Cline has a link to a peer-reviewed article at a reputable academic journal.

Mary Rice Hasson is an orthodox Catholic and Defender of the Faith™. She has said, in response to a rule by Illinois DCFS to place LGBT children with affirming foster or adoptive parents:

The new DCFS policies are less about safety and well being and more about using state power to ‘overrule’ basic, empirical (and common sense) truths about human beings and to replace them with ideological assertions that validate adult feelings rather than benefit children.

Ms. Hasson might have once been intelligent. Now she gets her “science” from the eunuchs; theologians at the Vatican.

You will forgive me if I choose not to listen to the podcast. I go out of my way to find points of view that disagree with those I hold. I only have one condition: Intellectual honesty.

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