Pete Buttigieg
Former South Bend mayor, Pete Buttigieg, will have a prominent role at the Democratic National convention which deeply troubles some people.

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Doug Mainwaring claims to be ex-gay. He was the supposed “gay man who opposes gay marriage” according to Brian S. Brown (when National Organization for Marriage did more than ask for money).

Friday, Mainwaring writes: Homosexuals, transgenders to be ‘part of the fabric’ of Dem convention nominating Biden. Mainwaring, who claims to be a conservative Catholic, doesn’t seem to accept the fact that gay and transgender people are part of the basic fabric of America.

About 40% of American families (possibly more) have a close family member who is an LGBTQ person. Should they not be represented in American Politics? I will remind Mr. Mainwaring that, when it was convenient, Trump trotted out Peter Thiel, a gay billionaire, at the last Republican convention. (Thiel has reportedly dumped Trump.)

Mr. Mainwaring’s subtitle could have been written by hate group leaders Mad Mat Staver, Tony Perkins or Brian Camenker (MassResistance):

Homosexual activist Pete Buttigieg and Daniel ‘Danica’ Roem, a man who presents himself as a woman, are expected to be prominently featured.

Defining Mr. Buttigieg by his sexual orientation is to ignore the fact that he graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and was a Rhodes Scholar. Buttigieg has been an overwhelming success in every endeavor and, were he not gay, might have been the Democratic presidential nominee. Buttigieg served his country as a naval intelligence officer in Afghanistan.

What the fuck has Doug Mainwaring ever accomplished? How has Doug Mainwaring served the nation in any way whatsoever? Writing bigoted, self-loathing polemics serves no one.

Deadnaming Danica Roem is childish and boorish. Ms. Roem is an accomplished woman. The former journalist is now a state legislator in Virginia. Through hard work she defeated a 13 term Republican. Her constituents absolutely love her for her focus on constituent service which is an extension of her work ethic.

It is fascinating to watch fringe religious zealots attempt to turn a positive into a negative. Mainwaring assumes that people will agree with him:

Homosexuals and transgenders are a ‘cornerstone of the Democratic Party’

Brendan Welch, communications director for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, told Philadelphia Gay News that the LGBT community is a “cornerstone of the Democratic Party.”

“We must actively uplift LGBTQ+ voices if we are to achieve the America that Democrats stand for: justice, equity and opportunity for all people, regardless of race, gender identity, or who you love,” Welch wrote in an email to PGN.

More of us would be Republicans were it not for the fact that the GOP panders to the most extreme Christian bigots in the nation. We did not leave the party. The Republican Party left us. I voted for Reagan once. It was a mistake that I did not repeat and I have voted Democratic ever since with the exception of Rep. Bill Green in 1992.

Later on:

Pro-LGBT platform to be approved


Troubling planks in the proposed platform include a call for Congress to push through the so-called “Equality Act”; ensuring that gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals can adopt or foster children; guaranteeing transgender students “access to facilities based on their gender identity”; banning, under the misnomer “conversion therapy,” professional counseling for those with unwanted same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria; and ensuring that transgender and non-binary people “can procure official government identification documents that accurately reflect their gender identity.”

That paragraph is quite a dubious “accomplishment” for a gay man. This entire polemic could have been written by hate group leaders Mad Mat Staver, Tony Perkins or Brian Camenker. Exactly what is wrong with any of those things? For example, Doug Mainwaring knows, first hand, that conversion “therapy” is ineffective and harmful.

Furthermore, while — according to a massive amount of research — children raised by gay couples are doing just fine, Mainwaring has admitted that his children are fucked up. Dishonest people raise neurotic children.

Mainwaring goes on to complain about the Democratic Party’s recognition of non-binary people. Must we pretend that they do not exist in order for the world to conform to scripture? Hell, let’s go full boat and promote geocentrism. What did Copernicus know?

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