Apparently climate change and the coronavirus are conspiracies manufactured by a globalist cabal of elitists in their quest for world domination.

Steve Jalsevac
In addition to his anti-LGBTQ bigotry, LifeSiteNews’ Steve Jalsevac is a New World Order conspiracy theorist.

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Steve Jalsevac provides no shortage of material to write about. Jalsevac, the managing director of hate-site LifeSiteNews, is on the ignoramus ignore list with rare exceptions. Today we learn that The two most dangerous men in the world are Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci. Who knew?

Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are two of the leaders co-opting the Wuhan virus–manufactured hysteria to usher in a truly New World Order.

The new world order conspiracy theory holds that there is a powerful, secretive cabal of elites. These are globalists who are determined to achieve world domination. They, in turn, will become authoritarian rulers of the world, thus ending nation-state sovereignty. The result will be the Fourth Reich; something out of 1984.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that this has already happened because aliens are secretly controlling everything. Those aliens are capable of building amazing spaceships but they don’t seem able to keep the East Bridge (draw bridge) connecting North Bay Village with Miami Beach from frequently getting stuck in the up position.

A few years ago, I paid some attention to one of Jalsevac’s fever dreams. The only reason that I pay attention at all to this crackpot is that he possesses an extraordinary level of anti-LGBTQ animus and he has an enabling constituency.

Mr. Jalsevac has found an Irish YouTube blowhard, Dave Cullen, better known as Computing Forever. Cullen is an ultra-nationalist maniac. Among his views is the notion that telling children that LGBTQ people exist is a form of child abuse. Apparently, anyone who Cullen doesn’t like (which includes anyone who doesn’t like Cullen) is a Marxist.

Behold the scholarship

I have personally concluded, along with many others, that this entire internationally coordinated Wuhan virus hysteria has one main goal. It is intended to keep everyone on the planet unnecessarily terrified since the climate change scam has failed to do so. The purpose, as Cullen describes in the video, is almost certainly to convince or force everyone to accept that the only way to finally reach what they call the “new normal” and end all the fear is to be vaccinated with their strange, dangerous new type of vaccine.

So let’s see if I have this right. Climate change and the novel coronavirus are both conspiracies. A COVID-19 vaccine is a conspiracy within the coronavirus conspiracy. The intent of the conspiracies is to achieve the supposed new world order. Very convincing and not too distant from alien domination.

Ah, but there is more to this insidious plot:

And then the purpose of the vaccine, other than what might be in the vaccine that we don’t know about, is to require everyone who has been vaccinated at least twice, and perhaps more times, to be given a vaccination passport or certificates and then eventually an implant of some kind that will be required to do just about anything, including travel, taking transit, have a bank account and credit card, buying food, entering school or college, any medical treatment, etc.

To support some of this, Jalsevac relies on a YouTube video from a Forest Park, Georgia physician, Dr. Carrie Madej. Madej claims to be an internist but is not (ABMS) board certified in any specialty. She is a proud graduate of Kansas City University Of Medicine Bioscience College Of Osteopathic Medicine which is unranked by U.S. News.

Madej has at least four malpractice settlements. At least three of those were for an amount exceeding $100,000 and at least one of those was for an amount exceeding $300,000. Mr. Jalsevac cannot control his confirmation bias. You can be certain that he has not reviewed the background of Dr. Madej

Madej’s video makes a false claim that the vaccines will change recipients’ DNA. She also claims — without any evidence — that vaccines will “hook us all up to an artificial intelligence interface.”

Madej is a crazed idiot and Jalsevac is all too willing to rely upon a crazed idiot. I would not consult with this woman for the treatment of an ingrown toenail.

[This] will give totalitarian control of the world’s entire population to a self-selected elite of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people. This is the dream and long-term goal of Freemasonry, communism, the Illuminati, and other similar militant secularist movements who are either explicitly or implicitly dedicated to Satan or Lucifer.

But that’s just the warm-up. Referring to a previously posted in April bit of batshit titled Are globalists using coronavirus crisis as battering ram to destroy, remake world order?

There is a wealth of verified information and quotes from numerous physicians and government and other reliable sources that should convince you that, in most cases, you absolutely do not need to wear a mask, it is often unhealthy to so and this virus is vastly less dangerous and more easily treatable than almost everyone has cruelly and falsely been led to believe.

I cannot find any relevant quotes from physicians and government to support any of Jalsevac’s claims. The April post is a rambling narrative about evil people who hate Trump including Gates, Fauci and, of course, his favorite boogieman: George Soros.

There are numerous things in the April piece that are proved incorrect over the past four months.

In the current piece, after claiming that wearing face masks is unhealthy:

It seems that with this virus, thanks to cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party by Anthony Fauci and quite a few other leading international scientists, an amazingly successful way has finally been found to effectively manipulate the masses.

So, Dr. Fauci isn’t interested in medicine but wants to impose the NWO by exploiting the coronavirus? The saddest part of all this is that, if you look at the comments, a whole lot of people believe this nonsense. So, exactly who is trying to manipulate people? Jalsevac or Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates and George Soros and …

This took balls on skateboards:

…the masses are following through remarkably quickly in shutting down the ability that God gave them to think and discern and are mindlessly doing all of the above-mentioned actions. What we are seeing is a mass disinformation and behavior modification program …


It appears that Bill Gates must somehow be playing a major role in the background, working together with Dr. Anthony Fauci and all the leading globalists …

Jalsevac has just claimed that people who rely on evidence and people who rely on peer-reviewed research published to reputable academic journals are those who are devoid of critical thinking skills.

Again, keep in mind that there are legions of people willing to believe this crap. Since Jalsevac has concerns over discernment, let’s not leave out the demon-sperm-alien-DNA lady and her allies:

The suppression of accurate information about these protocols, according to Dr. Gold of the Frontline Doctors, is essentially killing many thousands of people. Dr. Gold goes so far as to call this a “crime against humanity.” And the goal of that suppression must be to make sure nothing gets in the way of convincing the public that the only real long-term solution is “the vaccine”.

This goes on at considerably length but I have met my daily quotient for destroyed brain cells.

We live in a society in which there are large swaths of people who are willing to believe baseless conspiracy theories. Donald Trump believes in numerous conspiracy theories including Birtherism.

There seems to be a considerable overlap in MAGA morons and Q-Anon theorists. People have abandoned a healthy reliance on evidence.

Of all the lies that Trump has told, the most pernicious is the notion that truth and falsity do not exist. Things which are false are promoted as “alternate facts.”

There is more to a prospective Biden presidency than governance. Perhaps he and Sen. Harris can improve our collective intelligence. At least he will be governed by evidence and its critical analysis by professionals with the necessary training and experience.

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