“When people go off the deep end we are not obliged to follow them.”

Jugoslav Kiprijanović
Jugoslav Kiprijanović is as confused as he looks

Brian S. Brown has found a new polemicist for the International Organization for the Family blog. That would be Jugoslav Kiprijanović. Apparently Mr. Kiprijanović is a Serbian who is associated with IOF and World Congress of Families which are really the same thing (both are assumed names of the Howard Center for Family Religion and Society).

The whole lot constitutes an anti-LGBTQ hate group.

Mr. Kiprijanović has penned A Disease Worse Than Cervical Cancer. The subtitle of this mess reads:

A recent piece on CNN clearly shows that the media are being controlled and used as a tool of ideological colonization.

Perhaps this all made more sense in Serbian. For the record, CNN is “controlled” by Warner Media which, in turn, is controlled by its parent: AT&T. Apparently, what Kiprijanović disapproves of is this tweet.

According to Kiprijanović the tweet has “been formulated in a way that renders pointless the very audience it is intended for.” Presumably he means that the tweet is pointless. The way that sentence is structured it is the audience that is pointless. The discordant syntax is probably due to translation.

I am sure that you know what comes next.

It is an established scientific fact that only women have a cervix. Yet, the new colonization by gender identity ideologues wants to ban words such as ‘man’ and ‘woman’. Because, you may have woken up as a woman this morning, but by lunch time you could change your mind and start identifying as a man. You’d feel uncomfortable and stressed if later in the day somebody addressed you as a female, but since you do have a cervix, they want to remind you to schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Let’s cut through this noxious nonsense. Women have a cervix. Transgender men who have not had bottom surgery have a cervix. People who have had gender confirmation surgery — natal men and women — might be at risk for genital cancers; either testicular cancer or vulvar cancer.

Gender is not an ideology. Gender is — at least should be regarded as — a scientific fact. It is also a scientific fact that a small minority of people are gender incongruent. Their gender and natal sex do not match. That can create considerable distress.

A better example of an ideology would be religious extremism. The extremist accepts, as incontrovertible truth, religious doctrine regardless of the absence of evidence, the presence of evidence to the contrary or the existence of reasonable conflicting opinions.

Religious extremists are undeterred by the absence of evidence. They are also quite capable of ignoring contrary evidence or opinions which conflict with the doctrine or dogma.

Irrespective of whether Kiprijanović is trying to be satirical or factual, he is certainly being offensive. Odious for the faith? It should be obvious that gender is a pretty stable construct. Gender does not change over the course of a day. Gender is not subject to a change of mind either. We cannot control our gender.

Rhetorical gibberish

The disease is spreading like wildfire. It is worse than cervical cancer. It is a disease of the spirit and it poses a threat to the whole world because of the huge power that is concentrated in the hands of the fallen global elites that seek to impose their abnormality to the world and convince everyone that this abnormality is in fact ‘the new normal.’ And so many buy into that. Some because of their own petty interests, others because they have fallen prey to the lies of the propaganda.

Apparently he is claiming that not being a religious extremist is a terrible disease. I must remember that the next time some nitwit — obedient to religious dogma — decides to fly an airplane into a building for the purpose of murdering people.

The balance of that paragraph is some sort of nonsensical conspiracy theory. Apparently a belief in evidence-based science poses a threat to the world. What I do not understand is who these “global elites” are. Does that include the pope? The current Lubavitch/Chabad rebbe? I also do not understand how, if they are “fallen,” these elites wield such power.

In religious extremist parlance, abnormal means in conflict with religious teachings. I am not at all certain of what this extremist thinks is propaganda. Does he mean that gender identity is propaganda in spite of its scientific underpinning because, according to religious doctrine, gender identity is not real?

Apparently whenever someone says something that does not align with the extremist’s beliefs the contrary opinion is a lie. This is the product of the assertion that contrary opinion cannot possibly be valid regardless of the strength of the underlying arguments.

Be careful with the word “madness”

Yet, there will always be people with common sense to stand up to this madness. Like that boy in the Andersen’s story who shouted that the emperor has no clothes, there will always be someone reasonable enough to say that a man is a man, that a woman is a woman, and that marriage is a union between one man and one woman. Only their love has the power to create life and bring it into this world. Only the natural family can save the world from this madness.

How exactly does one stand up to scientific fact based upon unambiguous evidence? A better question is this: Why does someone feel the necessity to make evidence disappear? How does that pursuit have anything whatsoever to do with common sense?

Jugoslav Kiprijanović is entitled to believe anything that he likes. If Jugoslav Kiprijanović believes in the sanctity of Fluffernutter that’s fine with me. Where I draw the line is when people insist that those who do not share their beliefs are wicked. I also save some opprobrium for those who claim that not accepting their beliefs puts the entire world in peril.

When people go off the deep end we are not obliged to follow them.

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