AFA has a video for sale.

Tim Wildmon, the not-too-swift leader of American Family Association will insist that his organization is unfairly deemed a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Yet, on Tuesday, Wildmon an email to supporters with the subject: Delighting in God’s Plan for Gender and Sexuality.

Therein Wildmon seems bewildered by sexual diversity:

…let me assure you, the movement to brainwash America into accepting transgender and homosexual madness has not slowed down. If fact, it’s gaining momentum.

Wildmon is not entirely wrong. People have become more aware of the science regarding human sexuality. People increasingly accept the fact that the entire spectra of gender identity and sexual orientation represent natural variations of human sexuality no matter where they intersect.

In other words there is increasing awareness that neither sexual orientation nor gender identity are choices. With that understanding comes greater tolerance.

Hate groups like AFA exhale animus to inhale donations. There is a certain economic logic to being intolerant of tolerance. Tiny (brained) Tim has a video to exchange for a donation of $50 or more (a month ago it was 25 bucks):

AFA will not be silent. We must clearly proclaim the truth of Scripture with the grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

And that’s what our team at American Family Studios has done in a new original feature-length documentary titled: In His Image: Delighting in God’s Plan for Gender and Sexuality.

In other words, forget the science. Although Timmy rather oddly proclaims that science is on their side:

Through biblical teaching, powerful testimonies, and scientific evidence, In His Image answers these questions:

  • Can you be gay and be a Christian?
  • What if someone genuinely feels trapped in the wrong body?
  • Did God make me this way?
  • Is change possible?
  • Why not just “live and let live?”
  • How do I reach someone I love who is in sexual sin?

Presumably you already know how a hate group will answer those rhetorical questions. Their answers are “no”; “talk them out of it”; “no”; “yes”; “the deity gets pissed off” and “through tough love.”

I would not send AFA a nickel but I would love to review that “scientific evidence.” We can all be certain that such evidence has not been published to a reputable academic journal with robust peer review of articles.

The appeal continues with a certain awareness of reality:

When In His Image is offered to the public in fall 2020, we’re expecting major counterattacks against AFA that will probably dwarf anything in our ministry’s history.

People like me will continue to heap opprobrium on anti-LGBTQ nonsense but that is not a reason for anyone to give
AFA any money. The two things are unrelated.

And here it comes:

Nevertheless, the truth must be spoken with courage and compassion.

In His Image is timely and powerful in today’s uncertain times, both for your church and your family.

Objective truth is derived from science which is based on evidence. It doesn’t take courage to express animus for diversity. All that is required of a bigot is ignorance. Moreover, there is no such thing as compassionate hate.

True compassion means accepting people for who they are. True compassion is non-judgmental. True compassion requires an effort to understand the scientific facts about human sexuality.

With your generous donation, I’ll send you an early release of In His Image. But most importantly, you’ll be helping us share God’s love in spirit and in truth.

Most Christians believe that God’s love is expressed through tolerance. Tim Wildmon and the folks at American Family Association haven’t the first clue about what love means. AFA is, after all, a hate group.

P.S. If you are struggling to understand how to respond biblically to the sexual anarchy that underlies so much of America’s moral decline, you must see “In His Image.”

Like the gospel of Christ that is the foundation of the film, the message of In His Image proclaims both truth and grace as it reaches deep into the Scripture to clearly unpack God’s purpose for human sexuality.

The best evidence of moral decline in the United States is the presidency of Donald Trump, a sociopath and pathological liar. LGBTQ people do not create a moral decline. What makes AFA’s irrational hate moral?

Nothing in the history of the world has caused more suffering than the actions of people who claim to be doing the bidding of their god. In America that fact is validated by the ethnic cleansing of Native Americans, slavery and the consequences of 9-11.

Furthermore, what qualifies these rubes to explain their god’s purpose for human sexuality?

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