Brian S. Brown

Hate Group Leader Brian S. Brown, of International Organization for Marriage, has a new gimme email titled: a crack in the armor. It is a diatribe that includes self-victimization, science denial, bigotry and outright lies:

All around the world, LGBT extremists and their kin in the transgender movement have reigned seemingly supreme over cultures and political parties imposing their agenda seemingly at will (1). Here in America, anyone who questions what these people believe and the total lack of meaningful science behind their movement (2) – which is ruining children and breaking apart families (3) – is attacked, marginalized and threatened with reputational and career ruin (4). Lonely kids, especially girls, spend hours on social media feeling left out and alone, different from the rest, and then get seduced into the idea that they are transgender (5). Once that path is explored, even tentatively, they are pushed headlong into a system that validates their confusion, blames it on being ‘trapped in the wrong body’ and promises them that life will be better if they begin to “transition(6).” By the time these kids realize that life is not better, and is usually worse, it is too late for many of them. Their bodies will have been ruined and many are dangerously depressed (7). A large percentage try to kill themselves (8).

Deconstructing this inanity requires a number of paragraphs. Each paragraph is numbered according to reference marks, highlighted in yellow, that I have inserted into the quoted text.

(1) Decrying the imposition of an agenda is rich coming from Brown. From Proposition 8 in 2008 to the 2015 ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges to the present day, Brian S. Brown has been devoted to imposing the catechism of the Catholic Church on public policy in violation of the Constitution of the United States.

The LGBTQ “agenda” is very simple: Equal protection under law. Nothing more and nothing less. There is nothing “extremist” about equal protection.

(2) It is simply moronic to claim that people are LGBT due to a “lack … [of] meaningful science.” Sexual orientation and gender identity are clearly defined by settled science. The only controversy that exists is from religious extremists who place faith-based beliefs over evidence-based science.

(3) The only thing ruining families is religious dogmatism. Parents who are unable to accept medical science regarding their sexually diverse children.

(4) People who promote lies as truth are going to be the objects of societal opprobrium. The fact that the lies are based on religious teachings does not alter the fact that they are lies. Brian S. Brown routinely lies to attract donations.

(5) Rubbish. There is no evidence that adolescents can be influenced to become transgender. Common sense suggests quite the opposite.

(6) There is no evidence to support the idea that people “push” adolescents into being transgender. (See reference #5 above.)

(7) There is evidence that transgender desistance rates are miniscule. The principal cause of desistance is family pressure.

(8) According to settled science, transitioned minors have levels of depression and anxiety close to the general population. Minors with gender incongruence who are prohibited from transitioning are at the greatest risk for self-harm. It is just the opposite of what Brown is asserting.

The bottom line is that trans youth are not part of a sinister conspiracy to frustrate conservative Christian fanatics. The promotion of that theme constitutes irrational animus. With the text of his appeal, Brian S. Brown confirms that International Organization for the Family is an anti-LGBTQ hate group.

Blowhard wind

The International Organization for the Family (IOF) has been a leading voice in opposition to the transgender movement in America and around the globe. It’s frequently been a lonely battle, but there are several important new developments that give us encouragement. We’re seeing cracks in the transgender armor.

Brown is taking dubious credit for being a crank. Becoming transgender is a response to a medical condition. It’s not all that complicated.

First, our co-sponsored petition (with the National Organization for Marriage) to Congress and the Trump Administration calling on a ban of self-diagnosis of gender dysphoria has struck a chord, with thousands of people signing it.

An idiotic petition that will affect nothing is meaningless. The fact that (perhaps) “thousands” of idiotic people are willing to sign an idiotic petition is meaningless.

Second, legislation in Congress has been introduced to prohibit medical personnel from pursuing interventions on minors struggling with gender dysphoria. And perhaps most importantly, the United Kingdom is in the process of prohibiting medical intervention for gender dysphoria for minors.

Aside from the jumbled subject-predicate construct, the legislation that Brown is referring to (sponsored by Rep. Doug LaMalfa) is going nowhere. It will likely die in committee.

Confusing correlation with causation

We are gratified to see people rallying to our point of view. It shows how effective we can be when we have your support.

Of course, the point of all this is:

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