David Kyle Foster makes a living deceiving others.

David Kyle Foster
David Kyle Foster

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Thursday in a self-serving polemic, David Kyle Foster attempts to explain his personality disorder with: Why Witnessing to the Homosexual Takes a Holy Spirit Approach. Responding to the Christian takes a prescription for Nexium.

If someone wants to claim to be ex-gay my reaction would be “mazel tov.” When someone claims to be ex-gay and then insists that gay people are diseased and immoral, I have a slightly different reaction.

David Kyle Foster, a former prostitute and supposedly ex-gay man, tries to obscure his greed by claiming that he has a religious duty to “fix” gay people who he claims are “broken.”

Foster is a pray-your-gay-away practitioner. He writes:

One of the greatest deceptions on the planet today is the one that alleges that homosexual behavior is a normal variant of human sexual desire. Yet the very design of male and female bodies renders such an assertion ridiculous, as does the clear and unmistakable witness of Scripture.

He is right. There is a massive conspiracy (one you might already know about). Prominent scientists around the world colluded to deceive the general population regarding sexual orientation.

The conspiracy does not stop there. The editors of prominent academic journals and the peer reviewers of those journals had to cooperate so that deceptive articles written by scientists would be published.

I accept the science which means that I am a useful idiot. However, I am not part of the sinister conspiracy — thank dog.

What is “ridiculous” is attempting to conform science and logic to ancient texts. What is “ridiculous” is the assertion that those same ancient texts are authoritative.

Moving along:

Many years ago, a full-page ad purchased by gay activists appeared in USA Today and other publications that claimed that homosexuals were “just as happy and healthy as the rest of us.” Sadly, this was and is “fake news” on steroids.

No. It’s true. Gay people are as happy, healthy and successful as straight people. They would be happier, healthier and more successful were it not for idiots like David Kyle Foster.

The folks have a serious problem understanding causation. This is right out of the disgraced Paul Cameron:

According to studies by the CDC, APA and homosexual researchers, practicing homosexuals have significantly higher levels (per capita) of substance abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, suicide, rampant promiscuity and infidelity, pederasty, gay-related diseases, depression, a much lower life-expectancy and a host of other dysfunctional issues—even in the most gay-affirming parts of the globe.

Foster has not provided links to anything supporting his contentions. LGBTQ people are more likely to suffer from depression which they self-medicate. As more than one prominent psychiatrist and researcher has informed me, this is due to minority stress syndrome.

“Rampant promiscuity and infidelity” is Christian hate group bullshit. So is the charge of pederasty and the claim that gay people have “a much lower life-expectancy.”

But suppose this nonsense was all true. It’s not but just suppose — for the moment — that gay people suffered all of the things that Foster claims they suffer from. How would one mitigate those problems. There are seemingly two choices:

  1. Stop being gay.
  2. Get better medical care which requires clinicians to respond to unique issues affecting gay people.

There is no proof and there is no supporting science that any gay person can stop being gay. Sexual orientation, according to the science, is hard wired. People experience variances in their orientation but there is no known means of influencing that fluidity.

Mythology 101

So What Makes Them Gay?

The truth is, those who struggle with same-sex attraction have had their view of both genders set askew in one way or another. This often occurs through a combination of factors that can include: sexual abuse, bullying, an unusually sensitive temperament, failure to emotionally bond with their same-sex parent or parent-figure, enmeshment by a smothering mother-figure, abuse by a violent father-figure, rejection by peers, grooming by predators, pornography, humiliation by or fear of the opposite sex, family-line curses, soul ties and a host of other possible causes.

The truth is that there is no research published to a reputable, peer-reviewed academic journal to support any of that bullshit. The truth is that David Kyle Foster has neither the training nor experience to arrive at those conclusions.

Was this erudition formed when Foster was giving $10 blowjobs? $20 worth of anal sex?

Some homosexuals claim that none of those things happened to them, but such assertions are tantamount to the patient telling the doctor what’s wrong with them. As a former homosexual, what I discovered in my own healing and transformation process was that such factors usually lie hidden beneath memory and awareness.

Foster obviously has a personality disorder; one that he projects upon everyone else. Many gay and straight people share the same experiences that Foster claims cause people to become gay. Those experiences might make people neurotic but they do not affect sexual orientation.

If Foster could cite peer-reviewed research confirming his nonsense then he would. Foster does not. Foster cannot because it does not exist within the current understanding of human sexuality.

Science is not always right but changes over time invariably improve upon methods and results. Cigarettes were once seen as a palliative balm. People used to smoke in hospital beds. These days, hospitals don’t even have a smoking area.

Rarely (if ever) does research become less authoritative over time. Sexual orientation is formed organically. The fraternal birth order effect. Gay men tend to have more older brothers than straight men. Each successive male birth increases the odds that the baby will be gay.

Within science nobody is disputing the genetic factors underlying adult homosexuality or the well-established prenatal influences such as the birth mother’s hormones which change with each successive birth.

The general consensus is that sexual orientation is formed at about age two; long before David Kyle Foster’s laundry list of causes.

…our culture regularly enforces the message that anyone who holds to the biblical model for sexual behavior is ignorant, backward and hateful. And who wants to be hateful, or shamed or lose their job because they didn’t support or proclaim such a politically-correct doctrine?

No one gives two shits what others believe. When those beliefs cause people to discriminate, to lie about LGBTQ people, to impose theology on public policy or to bully LGBTQ people, that gets our attention.

David Kyle Foster is the recipient of opprobrium — not because of his beliefs but because of his behavior.

Minority stress is a very real condition. No one has license to induce minority stress. No one.

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