Brian S. Brown

… Brian Brown does make a great deal of pejorative noise. That is because his two groups produce an endless supply of email attempting to raise funds at the expense of LGBTQ people.

Today’s noise is titled: Court-Ordered Child Abuse, written on behalf of International Organization for the Family, an anti-LGBTQ hate group.

We have an excellent and long treatment by our Russian contributor Pavel Parfentiev of the sad case of James Younger, an innocent child who is being manipulated by his mother to become a girl in spite of his father’s (and, according to the father, his own) wishes—and the mother is being aided by the courts in committing this abuse!

  1. There is no evidence that Luna Younger is being manipulated by her mother who is a respected, board certified pediatrician and professor of pediatrics.
  2. There is no evidence that Luna’s mother is doing anything contrary to the child’s wishes.
  3. There is a substantial amount of evidence that Luna’s father is a ne’er-do-well grifter who has turned this matter into an income stream.
  4. There is no evidence that the Court has done anything other than act in the child’s best interests. Luna is represented by a law guardian to protect her interests.
  5. A Texas jury, after weighing all the evidence, came to the same conclusion.

By the way, Pavel Parfentiev is a piece of work. In the past he has written:

It is well documented in medical research that homosexual lifestyle is associated with increased risks to one’s physical and mental health. Moreover, most Russian citizens regard homosexualism and its propaganda as immoral

Needless to say, Mr. Parfentiev’s bigotry is not obscured by his blatant dishonesty. Returning to selected quotes from Brown:

We have commentary from Nicole King on the silencing of opposition when it comes to transgenderism, showing how LGBT activists brook no dissent when it comes to pursuing their unscientific and dangerous ideology.

Nicole King, an extremist Catholic blogger, is simply (and uncritically) regurgitating recent gibberish promoted by Abigail Shrier which relies on research that was eventually eviscerated by its publisher.

The overwhelming consensus of medical science is that youth in severe distress from gender dysphoria should be permitted to transition. “Opposition” to the science is the exclusive hobby of religious extremists whose concern is that the existence of transgender people conflicts with scripture.

It is ridiculous for Brown to assert that medical science is unscientific. It is equally stupid for Brown to claim that people who are transgender are adherents to an ideology. Brown is confusing his own dogmatism with the mitigation of the symptoms of a medical condition.

And finally we have an excellent analysis of a growing and disturbing trend of “sex robotics” and the threat it poses to decency and to the growth of a healthy sexual social consciousness.

Leave it to Brian S. Brown and his ilk to find enemies. Apparently, their Vladimir Dimitrijević subscribes to the theory that the bots will replace women which actually demonstrates his own devaluement of women. Brown calls this waste of time and bandwidth “excellent.” These folks have too much time on their hands.

After the obligatory:

… there is more transphobic stupidity about Luna Younger:

Ideology vs. Reality: How Will the Battle for the Future of James Younger End?

What is being done to little James – and to many other children in the United States and some other countries – is mad, barbaric, and cruel. The very possibility of such trials in the style of “ideology versus biology/reality” is a symptom of the far-reaching mental pathology of the society. We can only hope that at this stage it may still be reversible.

But in order to end this madness it is necessary to return science and medicine to their rightful owners – reason and common sense, taking them away from aggressive absurd ideologies and their radical activists. What is happening is a danger to all of us – and we are all called upon to fight this absurdity to the best of our ability in order to save children like James and many others from those who are trying to sacrifice them to the ‘gods’ of their new false “values”.

Presumably the above is the handiwork of Pavel Parfentiev who doesn’t appreciate the fact that medical science is based on evidence. Parfentiev’s problem is that the science does not conform to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Religious dogma is part of a belief system. Belief systems are based on faith. Religious fanatics hold out the dogma as incontrovertible truth in spite of contradictory evidence and the opinions of others.

What would be “barbaric and cruel” would be preventing a child like Luna from transitioning if doing so provides her with relief from gender incongruence. Forcing her to be cisgender invites self-harm.

Preventing a child in distress from transitioning due to ancient religious texts is not just cruel. It would be downright idiotic. Those ancient texts were written at a time when life expectancy was about 25 years of age.

The infant mortality rate was approximately 30% and the maternal mortality rate was approximately 5%. These are currently 0.57% and 0.017% respectively in the United States.

No one in their right mind should want to return to a time when medicine centered on folklore and religious practices. If one of Brian Brown’s kids gets sick I am sure that they receive the best medical care available.

However, if one of Brian Brown’s children were gay or gender incongruent, would he revert to medicine according to religious practices? Perhaps.

Speaking at Columbia University on September 24, 2007, then Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said: “In Iran, we do not have homosexuals like in your country.”

Ahmadinejad’s quote has some eerie resonance.

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