The bishops grudgingly admit that their proposal is “clearly” not consistent with the science. Yet they promote pseudoscience.

Basilica of Our Lady of Licheń in Poland

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The Catholic Bishops of Poland have addressed sexual ideology. It’s the usual pablum: Gay people are objectively disordered and transgender people do not really exist. LGBT people should not be permitted to raise children. We have seen it all before.

The original Polish document is here.

I produced an acceptable English version using Google translate. It’s not perfect and the pdf creation squashed a line or two. Nevertheless, it clearly provides the intent of the bishops.

I have broken one paragraph into four paragraphs to make it more readable:

In view of the challenges created by gender ideology and LGBT + movements, and especially
having regard to the difficulties, suffering and spiritual tears experienced by these people,
it is necessary to create a counseling center (also with the help of the Church or with its structures)
to help people who wish to regain their sexual health and natural orientation

These clinics also make sense when full sexual transformation is found
to be too difficult, but still help to deal with psychosexuals to a significant extent
challenges. The postulate of such counseling centers is clearly in contradiction with official opinions
in LGBT + circles, with positions regarded as scientific, and yes
known as “political correctness”.

However, the testimonies of people who
at some point, they realized that their different sexuality wasn’t some kind
irrevocable judgment or irretrievable coding, but is a symptom of wounds on
different levels of their personality. So sincerely wishing to be healed
pain, made a long, sometimes heroic effort and regained it with the help of competent people
healthy identity and spiritual harmony, or at least have achieved the ability to live in
at peace with yourself in the inner peace.

The above statements do not want in
particular cases to inflict new wounds, but to all seeking people
healings want to be an important light at the beginning of a new way of life and an encouragement to
following it.

It is nice of them to say, after 200 words of offensive ignorance, that they do not wish to offend.

Contrary to their expressed view, “sexual health” is found with one’s natural sexuality. What is unhealthy is for gay people to pretend to be straight people. Ex-gay people are neurotic. They share their neuroses with their (usually “ex-gay”) spouse. They inflict their neuroses on their children.

One’s “natural orientation” is just that. Conversion therapy — in any form — coerces people into unnatural sexuality.

“[T]he testimonies of people” who seek approval; who want to please others is irrelevant. It raises (at least) two questions:

  1. How many people were damaged by the gender or sexual orientation or gender identity change efforts to get one person to claim to have been changed? What is the ratio?
  2. The Church has oodles of money. Why has it never engaged independent research?

Admittedly those are rhetorical questions.

Conversion therapy practitioners do not want to know the answer to the first question. It has never been investigated by any of them. They do not do long-term follow-up because they know what the results will reveal.

Similarly the Church does not invest in independent research because the results of such an investigation will be consistent with what is settled science: Conversion therapy is ineffective and harmful.

LGBTQ people are not suffering from “wounds on
different levels of their personality.” I am only surprised that the bishops have not blamed demons. LGBTQ people are not broken. They don’t need to be fixed.

LGBTQ people do not need to be “healed of pain.” Individuals who submit to conversion therapy are desperate for approval. They have been the object of disapproval. Any pain they experience is not caused by their sexuality but by their unnecessary need to conform to religious doctrine.

“[C]ompetent people?” Conversion therapy practitioners disregard settled science. Thus they are incompetent per se.

The “ability to live in
at peace with yourself in the inner peace” is achieved by accepting one’s sexuality as normal, healthy and immutable.

Human sexuality is — like most things in nature — wonderfully complex. Nature abhors uniformity. We humans come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. While we tend to identify as male or female, gender is a continuum and the entire spectrum represents natural variants of human sexuality.

Similarly, while most people identify as heterosexual or homosexual, sexual orientation is also a continuum. Heterosexuality and homosexuality are at the extreme ends of the spectrum. Everywhere in between is a natural variance.

Every individual’s sexuality is comprised of a combination of sexual orientation and gender identity. The possibilities are endless. The resulting diversity reflects nature’s resistance to homogeneity.

I do not expect that the Church will ever change. Accepting Copernican theory (in contrast to geocentrism) took a couple of centuries. However, people can change. LGBTQ people need to be at peace with who they are.

The parents of LGBTQ need to understand that love means acceptance of who their children are. Parental love is unconditional.

Most Catholics are at peace with the reality of human sexuality.

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