The streets of our country are in turmoil. … Communists are seeking to destroy our country. … We need law and order. Yes, without law and order our nation cannot survive. Elect us and we shall restore law and order

Many of you know that the speaker of the above quote was Adolph Hitler at a rally in Hamburg Germany in 1932. I will accept the “Godwin.” Some things never change.

Tuesday, the latest missive from Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins of Family Research Council is titled: The cancel culture targets the American flag. Protect our freedom! According to Perkins, one needs to donate to the hate group to protect freedom.

In addition to the money-glom Perkins wants Donald Trump elected to a second term. Trump and Perkins have played each other. Trump panders to the Christian Right while the Christian Right, in return, gets anti-LGBTQ measures along with judges who assert that life begins with ejaculate.

According to Perkins:

From an ongoing pandemic to lawlessness in our cities, the waves and winds of strife and division have been relentlessly crashing in upon our country, threatening to tear our nation apart at the seams.

The ongoing pandemic is a result, in large measure, of a lack of leadership from the White House. From its outset, Trump politicized the coronavirus. If Trump could make people pretend that the coronavirus wasn’t a reality then — according to the dysfunctional reasoning — its effects on the economy could be reduced.

Trump’s interest in the economy is largely a matter of having something to run on. Keep in mind that Trump seeks re-election to keep him at a distance from being indicted and imprisoned for numerous crimes. One thing that we all know to a certainty is that the only thing Trump cares about is Trump.

Surely Tony Perkins realizes that “strife and division” are part of a Trump re-election strategy. It is based on a Mafia tactic that Trump knows very well.

The mob has lost much of its control over construction labor unions. However, it wasn’t that long ago when Mafiosi could orchestrate labor strife within a targeted company. For an ongoing “consulting” fee from ownership, the mobster could control the problem. It’s called extortion.

Much of the strife and division that Perkins is citing are the result of Trump purposely fanning the flames. Trump is inciting violence in order to claim that “only I” can solve this problem.

After quoting scripture and appealing to his god, Perkins sets up the con:

Family Research Council’s vision is of a prevailing culture in which all human life is valued, families flourish, and religious liberty thrives. We are on a mission to equip men and women all over the nation to stand for biblical truth and family values, and to ensure we are free to pass these on to our children and grandchildren.

Massive hypocrisy

So Tony Perkins is taking a stand for family values when he wholeheartedly supports Trump with his multiple divorces, “pussy grabbing,” six bankruptcies, unparalleled mendacity and a failure to perform one — just one — selfless act as president.

Furthermore, Perkins’ idea of family values only applies to families that he approves of. Excluded are families headed by LGBTQ people. Tony Perkins does not believe that “all human life is valued.”

LGBTQ lives — for that matter, non-Christian lives — have very little value for Perkins. Moreover, Perkins exploits cooperative people of color but he is a man with direct ties to the Ku Klux Klan. The simple fact is that Mr. Perkins is a very greedy man.

More self-praise:

It’s our vision for America, and it’s why FRC is on the frontlines every day — anchored in our commitment to advance faith, family, and freedom for the next generation.

Family Research Council’s vision for America is a theocracy. These are promoters of Christian Supremacy, Christian Nationalism and Christian privilege. And it is not out of Christian faith. It is nothing but a power grab.

The grift:

Your faithful membership sustains our mission. Will you help us build a culture …?

FRC controls two other nonprofit organizations: FRC Action and Family Faith and Freedom Foundation. They have filed their tax returns for the year ended June 30, 2019 but those are not available yet on Guidestar (the Service has coronavirus-related delays).

It is not worth my time to try to sort out the inter-organizational transactions which have the effect of inflating revenues. Suffice it to say that, for the year ended June 30, 2018 Perkins took in nearly $300 thousand. At least 13 individuals receive more than $120 thousand annually. FRC also filed an unrelated business income return. I am remiss in not obtaining copies … but I will.

Returning to the demagoguery

We’ve witnessed the Left’s destructive vision for America. With statues torn down and cities set ablaze, the leftist agenda is clear: the destruction of our nation’s very foundations.

No need to repeat myself but Mr. Perkins has desires that conflict with our Constitution (in defiance of the Establishment Clause). His vision for America is not what our framers had in mind.

We get to the subject line of the email

“The cancel culture targets the American flag. Protect our freedom!” So-called “cancel culture” is nothing but right wing whining. They do not like the fact that people criticize their lies, bigotry and sanctimony so they are attacking the critics rather than the criticism. It is a form of argument ad hominem.

Even the American flag — a symbol of freedom and democracy — has lately become a target of the progressive cancel culture.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, ahead of Fourth of July observances, state officials ordered the removal of a large American flag from a construction site. They stated the flag represented a potential target for protesters.

The second paragraph is true. State officials did ask a construction company to remove a huge American flag from a building that the company was constructing on behalf of the Commonwealth. It was a dumb thing for the official to do.

However, that does not serve as evidence of anything expressed in the first paragraph. It merely serves as proof that a state official was paranoid. Furthermore, protests against police brutality have been overwhelmingly peaceful.

A very small percentage of protesters have engaged in violence or property damage. Perkins is trying to make people believe just the opposite; that protests are violent and disorderly. Some of the violence has been intentionally triggered by Trump’s deliberate fanning of flames.

Trump has also encourage his supporters to provoke the protesters. One young idiot shot three people, killing two. An ultra-conservative counter-protester in Oregon was shot and killed. That would not have occurred had they not been spraying mace and shooting paint balls at peaceful protesters.

Protesters have a very legitimate grievance. Police treat Black people differently from White people. That is a fact. A fact that Perkins refuses to acknowledge. We can only assume that Perkins supports the disparity. As I said, Tony Perkins has direct ties to the Ku Klux Klan.

Furthermore, progressives are as patriotic as anyone else. Perkins would have people believe that liberals are less patriotic than other Americans. Conservatives have been doing that for decades. Joseph McCarthy did it. Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon characterized anti-war protestors as unpatriotic and disloyal.

I would argue that protests aiming to engender needed change are profoundly patriotic. No one should ever suggest that a desire for change is treasonous. But that’s Tony Perkins. Perkins thrives on unhinged and hateful rhetoric.

Attempting to mischaracterize events:

The removal of this flag — a symbol of patriotism and unity that mere years ago would not have been controversial — demonstrates yet another capitulation to the anti-American sentiment spreading across this country. We cannot surrender to the mob.

The misguided acts of one official do not depict the sentiments of anyone else. This is all about politics:

A biblical vision for America must be protected and advanced!

On July 3, President Trump urged Americans to protect this vision in his speech at South Dakota’s 2020 Mount Rushmore Fourth of July Celebration.

Let us recall that Mr. Trump’s SS cleared peaceful protesters with tear gas so that he could have an unfettered photo-op outside of a church while holding a Bible upside-down. Neither that incident nor the referenced speech in South Dakota have any goal other than to pander to people whom Trump ridicules privately.

Perkins’ “biblical vision for America” is in defiance of our Constitution. Furthemore, what Perkins means is a Christian vision for America in spite of our religious diversity including people who are not religious at all. Perkins is a Christian Supremacist.

This goes on at considerable length telling everyone just how wonderful Family Research Council is. It concludes with:

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