Did any LGBT person take this seriously?

The headline reads: Trump’s campaign to attract LGBT voters is playing with fire. For starters, there is no LGBT outreach. Amb. Richard Grenell has attempted to appeal to gay voters. It is a sham; a con job.

Doug Mainwaring, the author of this nonsense, has a subtitle:

The presence of LGBT political muscle within the Republican Party may lead to disaster.

He goes on to write:

Coming close on the heels of its Ric Grenell video ad touting President Trump as “the most pro-gay president in American history” — which quickly racked up more than 6 million views — Log Cabin Republicans has revealed that it has six more video ads in the works featuring “other notable LGBT conservatives.”

It’s a contest of imbeciles. There are some LGBTQ people who believe Grenell when he says that Trump is profoundly “pro-gay.” Then there is the extremist-Catholic zealot, Mainwaring, who seems to believe what Grenell says or at least believes that LGBTQ people take Grenell seriously. He should not and we do not.

Suppose, for the moment, that there was honesty in Grenell’s appeal. Considering Trump’s homophobic and transphobic record, why would real outreach offend religious conservatives? Trump is not going to do anything to pander to LGBTQ people at the expense of religious conservatives. He never has and never will.

For example, in June of this year the administration filed an amicus brief in favor of allowing taxpayer-funded adoption and foster care agencies to discriminate against gay couples. (Fulton v. City of Philadelphia) Kids in the system benefit from the largest available pool of foster and adoptive parents.

The ability to discriminate against LGBTQ people in a taxpayer-funded service is more important than the best interests of already marginalized children. Consider Trump’s priorities.

Mainwaring manages to get even crazier:

Shortly following that revelation, the Trump campaign released a long statement attacking Democrat Joe Biden for his long history on Capitol Hill opposing LGBT “rights” in an attempt to peel off LGBT votes from the former vice president this November.

The same Donald Trump has effectively reached out to people aligned with David Duke (whom he refused to disavow) as well as “good people on both sides” neo-Nazis and other white supremacists. Is it remotely possible that conservative Christians do not realize that Trump is a pathological liar? Narcissist?

Furthermore, that is the same Joe Biden who supported marriage equality before then President Obama did.

Our society has evolved and so has Biden. In 1996 only 27% of our citizenry thought that same-sex marriages should be valid. Today that number is at 67%.

While convincing gays to vote to re-elect Donald Trump this November could help boost Trump’s chances, what appears to be a growing LGBT movement with plenty of political heft within the Republican Party comes not without cause for concern for social conservatives and freedom-loving Americans.

Social conservatives are religious conservatives and we are a secular nation. Our Constitution requires our government to be agnostic lest it impermissibly recognizes the “establishment” of religion.

What makes Mainwaring think that LGBTQ people are not “freedom-loving Americans?” What could be more freedom-loving than seeking equal protection and due process?

Keep in mind that a gay man is writing this crap:

The presence of LGBT political muscle within the Republican Party may lead to a weakening of religious liberty while further normalizing homosexuality, same-sex “marriage”, and transgenderism — in direct opposition to fundamental Christian beliefs about the nature of man, complementarity, the immutable definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, and the supreme right of children to be brought up by their biological mother and father.

If one defines religious liberty according to constitutionally protected “Free Exercise” then there is no problem. If one believes that “Free Exercise” licenses discrimination in violation of valid nondiscrimination laws then equal protection could produce anxiety. In June, the Supreme Court sent an important message in Bostock v. Clayton County. That was during a Trump presidency.

Mainwaring better find some Xanax because the logic in Bostock is likely to apply to public accommodations when governed by state or municipal nondiscrimination laws. There probably will not be another Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling.

Mainwaring, a gay man, knows that homosexuality is a perfectly normal variance of human sexuality. He has to be rather neurotic to believe wholeheartedly that he is abnormal.

And I hate to break it to Mr. Mainwaring but marriage equality is the law of the land and likely to be so in perpetuity. The disapproval of the Catholic Church is irrelevant to public policy. Moreover, transgender people do exist. That is an inarguable scientific fact.

Christians are free to believe whatever suits them. That is part of Free Exercise. That is true no matter who is president. No one has ever forced a conservative Christian to marry someone of the same sex. No one has forced anyone who is gender incongruent to transition.

No one ever will force these things. Religion might be the basis for personal conduct but it never rationally applies to the conduct of others. An Orthodox Jew has no right to control how Mainwaring lives. He cannot be coerced or forced to keep Kosher.

Citing a non-existing narrative:

Gays are far more politically diverse than the narrative promoted by the leftist mainstream media would lead people to believe, and the leftists who run all the major LGBT organizations at the national, state, and local levels have increasingly radicalized gays who don’t share their extreme political views.

He means gay people. I loathe turning gay, an adjective, into a noun. And, yes, we are politically diverse until our wellbeing is threatened. I am a recovering Republican, I stopped being a Republican when the party was hijacked by the religious right.

The following makes no sense whatsoever: “[LGBTQ organizations] have increasingly radicalized gays who don’t share their extreme political views.”

There is no “their” there that makes any rational sense. He is saying that radical gay people do not share extreme political views. What, then, makes them radical?

Mainwaring — whose mediocre intellect prevails — is using the language that is often applied to “radicalized” Islamists who pose a danger to our safety. I don’t know what a “radicalized” gay person looks like or does. I don’t think that I know a radicalized gay person.

I can identify some radicalized Catholics. These are people who think that the catechism of the Catholic Church should define public policy which governs Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, non-believers, etc.

These radicalized Catholics spent many millions of dollars to hinder marriage equality in spite of the fact that it does not affect them in any way whatsoever. That’s pretty radical if you ask me.

While there are some who identify as gay who agree intellectually with some or all of the concerns of social conservatives, the “conservative” Log Cabin group states explicitly that its purpose is “to make the Republican Party more inclusive, particularly on LGBT issues,” which conservatives generally take to mean diluting and eventually eliminating the GOP’s traditional conservative stances on marriage, homosexuality, and transgender ideology.

“Identify as gay” are weasel words. The correct construct is “gay people.” In other words Mr. Mainwaring and others want the Republican Party to remain the Conservative Christian Party. He probably has little to worry about.

As Barney Frank once said — and I am paraphrasing — Log Cabin Republicans have been saying that they want to change the party from within forever. But they never have.

If change comes to the GOP it will have little to do with Log Cabin. Rather, they might become part of modern society. Right now they are lagging behind by about 20 years. Two-thirds of our citizenry supports marriage equality. I would wager that less than 10% of Republicans in Congress support marriage equality.

The above expresses an enormous disconnect. However, mostly through voter suppression, Republicans have been able to control the United States Senate and the White House. It doesn’t make much sense. Overall, only 37% of Catholics consider themselves conservative politically. If they are not politically conservative then chances are that they are not religiously conservative.

Conservatism is higher among evangelical Protestants but they comprise only 15% of all Protestants. I do not want to veer off too far from Mainwaring’s BS but I often wonder how an irrational minority gained so much political power in the United States.

They used to comprise the machinery of the Republican Party. They stuffed envelopes, rang doorbells and made phone calls. Is that still the case?

Rising axis of LGBT influence: Establishing a ‘new conservative movement’

Turning Point USA, a conservative student activist group run by prominent Trump-supporter Charlie Kirk also opens its arms wide to the LGBT demographic.

Log Cabin’s Moran told The Washington Blade that he took inspiration from Turning Point USA’s edgy style in producing the Grenell video. And while Log Cabin is a separate organization from Turning Point USA, there is plenty of cross-pollination between the two, as well as with Fox News.

I still cannot find a problem except for the unscientific teachings of the Church. People are increasingly aware of the scientific fact that sexual orientation is not a choice. Only a minority of Catholics support the notion that gay people are “objectively disordered.”

At some point common sense prevails over dogma. Essentially the same people championed anti-Semitism. Even as recently as the late 20th century some people thought that Jewish rituals undermined Christian belief. In 1982, David Schneider wrote:

First, Jews are seen as being powerful and manipulative. Second, they are accused of dividing their loyalties between the United States and Israel. A third set of traits concerns Jewish materialistic values, aggressiveness, clannishness.

Many of those beliefs are still held but they are no longer uttered in polite society. Society has evolved. Indeed evangelical Christian leaders always refer to “Judeo-Christian” beliefs even though they think that Jews are all destined to Hell for not accepting Christ.

Those who believe in replacement theory and Holocaust deniers exist but there is general consensus that they are part of the lunatic fringe.

The same acceptance is becoming true for LGBTQ people. Homophobia (which is based on stereotype) is unacceptable in most surroundings. Eventually, as the public learns more about gender dysphoria and gender transitioning, the derision of transgender people (at least in public) will subside.

People like Mr. Mainwaring are being left behind. It is up to them to catch up. It is not the duty of society to regress to their level. There is increasing awareness that people like Mainwaring represent the lunatic fringe that is home to the likes of neo-Nazis and Klansmen.

Mainwaring should pay more attention to what he writes:

Current Fox News contributor and Fox News Radio show/podcast host Guy Benson, who identifies as gay and is “married” to a man, also spoke at a Turning Point USA conference.

“I think that it’s a changing society, and I think I recognize that younger conservatives, in particular, have very different views on some of these than older generations,” Benson told the Washington Blade in 2019.

Benson describes himself as a “small government conservative,” confessing that when it comes to social issues, his views are “just a mixed bag”: pro-gay ‘marriage,’ pro-life, “sort of all over the map.”

Doug Mainwaring sees the above as a threat to his well-being. It is a threat only to his status and it only exists as a threat because of his willful and complete lack of critical thinking. In his case a willingness to accept religious doctrine as objective truth in spite of growing evidence to the contrary.

There are still people who can gaze at the Grand Canyon and claim that it was formed less than 6,000 years ago. The truth is that 6 million years ago, water rushing off the mountains formed the Colorado River which, in turn, formed the Grand Canyon.

Must we all coddle those folks? What makes people think that teaching others that gay people are “objectively disordered” is any more dignified than the Young Earth idiots. (By the way, Mad Mad Staver of Liberty Counsel is one of those idiots.)

The pro-LGBT normalization and equality they embrace are not compatible with social conservatism; they are anathema to it.

At the White House, the president and his family deliver mixed signals regarding what they view as the legitimate rights of LGBT Americans.

Then social conservatives have lost touch with reality. Perhaps they do not want to concede that they have been wrong for a very long time. As for Trump, he only cares about one thing: Trump. The Princess and Junior Jared are concerned for their social standing. That ship has sailed.

LGBT Americans already share in the rights guaranteed to all Americans by the U.S. Constitution. So far, imagined but not legitimate rights inflicted on the nation by the U.S. Supreme Court such as same-sex “marriage” and redefining “sex,” writing transgenderism into the 1964 Civil Rights Act, have served to limit the freedoms and security of vast swaths of Americans, not increase them.

Oh the poor thing. How has marriage equality affected him? According to Mainwaring freedom is contingent upon being able to discriminate against others. If that is the case then the entire Civil Rights Act of 1964 is illegitimate. What possible rationale could there be to prohibiting discrimination against those who choose to be Catholics while allowing discrimination against LGBT people, none of whom are volunteers?

How did someone get this stupid?

If President Trump wants to increase and not curtail freedom for Americans, the White House needs to come to grips with the fact that there is an unnecessary tyrannical element to the over-extension of unwarranted LGBT “rights” in the same way it has regarding reproductive “rights.”

The Trump administration needs to be very careful. It is playing with fire.


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