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I was waiting for the immature reaction:

This will be the first role for the nonbinary Del Barrio. They were in their final year of studies at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art when they auditioned for the role of Adira on Star Trek: Discovery.

Ian Alexander, a trans boy, is well known for his work as Buck in the acclaimed Netflix sci-fi drama, OA.

The exceedingly moronic “ex-gay” Catholic radical, Doug Mainwaring, disapproves: Star Trek series adds ‘non-binary,’ transgender characters. “The sci-fi franchise has tackled issues around sexual diversity before, but not like this.”

I suppose that judging actors by their, … acting is too simplistic. Del Barrio is a relative unknown but Ian Alexander has demonstrated that he is very gifted. Alexander was only 15 when he first appeared in OA (he is now 19).

According to Mainwaring:

Over the last 30 years, GLAAD has successfully pushed for ever-increasing positive gay, lesbian, and transgender representation in the television and motion picture industries. The organization recently conquered the formerly family-friendly Hallmark Channel, which is now “‘open’ to doing any type of movie — including with gay leads.”

Mainwaring is claiming that the presence of an LGBTQ character renders a movie or television show no longer family friendly. Later on I will get into some statistics but the simple fact is that many families include a member who is LGBTQ.

Mainwaring’s objection is spectacularly stupid. The presence of LGBTQ people poses no threat to religion. Mainwaring is gay. Somewhere in his Kool-Aid stirring self there is the recognition that sexual orientation is not a choice.

LGBT indoctrination is the goal

The actress who plays the “non-binary” character clearly feels as though she’s on an urgent mission to indoctrinate the public in her new role.

“Our education system in the U.S. is severely lacking LGBTQ+ subject matters in the curriculum, as well as resources for LGBTQ+ youth,” del Barrio said in a GLAAD interview.

“This is not something we can put on a to-do list. It requires immediate action,” del Barrio insisted. “I honestly believe if schools were legally required to include LGBTQ+ curriculum, we would see a huge change in how our country treats trans people.”

Del Barrio is correct. More inclusive and more targeted education would cause people to be more accepting and kinder to people who are different. That is what Mainwaring calls indoctrination and that is what he fears.

People like Mainwaring do not want more tolerance and kindness. Perhaps that is because tolerance makes it harder to discriminate against, and repress, LGBTQ people.

It is irrational. Religion is all about personal behavior. Mainwaring has made a choice to pretend to be straight. He is married to an ex-gay woman. Why is Mainwaring so concerned about the sexuality of other people?

Prepare for the show “to boldly go” even more to the left

“The characters alone would be an obnoxious liberal move, but the addition of GLAAD’s involvement makes it worse,” wrote Newsbusters’ Lindsay Kornick.

“For years, GLAAD has worked as the judge and jury of all things LGBT and beyond,” Kornick continued. “Obnoxious leftist entertainment pieces are rewarded while anything less than 20% in TV representation is considered a loss. And the group has only gotten worse in demanding extensive representation for less than 4% of the country’s population. Of course, left-leaning Hollywood has no choice but to agree.”

Lindsay Kornick describes herself as: “Consultant. Newsbuster. Somewhat genuine human being.”

There is nothing genuine or human in claiming that the presence of LGBTQ people in entertainment is “an obnoxious liberal move.” Presumably, she has a religious objection to the existence of LGBTQ people. Kornick doesn’t have much of a work history. She is currently a junior analyst at a Republican leaning political consultancy in Louisiana.

Ms. Kornick does not understand basic arithmetic. I shall try to explain:

I am Jewish. My entire family is Jewish. We represent 1.8% of the population. Included in that 1.8% are all of my family members.

I am gay. My entire family is, or was, heterosexual. For the “average” person, family might consist of two parents, two siblings and four aunts and uncles. I suppose that I could include cousins but let’s stop there. In fact there are many people with more than two parents due to divorce. Using my example, however, the total number of people is nine.

Therefore, if one person out of the nine is, say, gay then that one person is included in the roughly 5% of people thought to be sexually diverse. However, any of the things that affect that one gay family member might affect eight other people. Eight people who are not included among the 5%.

LGBTQ people do have cousins. They also have nieces, nephews, step-parents, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law.

Due to this dynamic, I have estimated that things affecting LGBTQ people, intimately affect about 40% of the population. Whatever number you arrive at, it is indisputably a multiple of 5%.

So let us return to Lindsay Kornick’s quote which Doug Mainwaring uncritically repeats:

… while anything less than 20% in TV representation is considered a loss … the group has only gotten worse in demanding extensive representation for less than 4% of the country’s population. Of course, left-leaning Hollywood has no choice but to agree.

20% is half of my estimate. It is not representation for LGBTQ people. Rather, it is representation of LGBTQ people on behalf of themselves and their families which constitute far more than Kornick’s 4% of the population. Don’t like my 40% (which I have used for years)? Cut it in half. I don’t mind.

Getting back to Mainwaring, he concludes his post with a lengthy history of Star Trek’s inclusion of LGBTQ characters. In Mainwaring’s orbit that induces outrage. Most of the rest of society couldn’t care less.

Getting back to my viewing of Netflix’s OA, I did not know that the person cast as Buck — Ian Alexander — is trans. I did not know that until I saw the CBS All Access tweet. In retrospect, it makes sense that a trans boy is played by a trans boy.

In some ways indifference might be preferable to acceptance,

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