All we have ever requested is equal protection and due process. Is that really too much to ask for?

Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins

Family Research Council routinely denigrates LGBTQ people, Muslims, immigrants and others every single day. Their intent is to marginalize groups of people that it disapproves of. They do so, in my opinion, in their greed for money and political power. Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins is self-absorbed.

What goes around comes around

Apparently, FRC’s hate has come around to bite them in the butt. I just received an email titled: Big Tech Company MobileCause Pulls Plug on Family Research Council & FRC Action One Hour Before Election Broadcast Event. The email is unsigned but references FRC contacts J.P. Duffy and Joshua Arnold.

In a stunning incident of big tech censorship and religious discrimination, MobileCause’s CEO Victor Limongelli terminated Family Research Council’s contract one hour before the conservative religious organization’s Pray Vote Stand broadcast. The termination, based upon Family Research Council’s religious views, prevented the broadcast from reaching thousands of Christian voters with information about the 2020 election.

FRC has been known to fib, from time to time, about events. They have a fetish for self-victimization.

According to Perkins:

“MobileCause has not only provided yet another example of big tech censorship but in their desperation to silence those they disagree with, they have now added religious discrimination to their portfolio. Is it a coincidence that a big tech company pulled the plug on us one hour before the second installment of one of our most extensive evangelical voter education and mobilization efforts in this election cycle? The big tech agenda is beyond obvious. MobileCause views evangelicals and conservatives as a political enemy that must be silenced, and so it timed its religious discrimination for maximum effect.”

MobileCause does not identify a media contact. I have sent an email to their sales department, hoping that it is routed to the right person.

FRC has another website; featuring:

The list includes a number of Trump’s direct actions contrary to the best interests of LGBTQ citizens. Trump is more interested in pandering to the constituency of a hate group than solving real problems for a persecuted minority group.

All we have ever requested is equal protection and due process. Is that really too much to ask for?

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