The answer to David Lane’s moronic question is “no!”

David Lane

The holier-than-thou David Lane is a creepy Republican operative and rabidly anti-LGBTQ. The guy is a walking hate group. Mr. Lane says many very stupid things. His conservative Christian constituency enables Lane to say many very stupid things. Lane is never fact-checked by his usual audience.

My job — from time to time — is point out some of the spectacularly stupid things that Lane espouses.

One of those spectacularly stupid things is promoting the idea that face masks do more harm than good. Opposing face mask mandates has become a means of supporting the reelection of Donald Trump.


If you are between the ages of 20 and 40, your risk of dying from COVID-19 is the same as your chance of dying from playing football.

If you’re between the ages of 15 and 24, you’re more likely to be fatally afflicted by falling down the stairs than by COVID-19.

Kids under 15 have more chance of getting hit by lightning than of dying from COVID-19.

I am more concerned over getting sick from COVID-19 than the possibility that if I do get sick I might die.

None of Lane’s concocted (convenience) statistics are at all relevant to whether or not we should wear face masks. Furthermore, the concern should be expressed as the potential to contract COVID-19 (which is potentially lethal). Nobody wants to get sick if it can be avoided.

Most of us get flu shots. The mortality rate for seasonal influenza is about 0.1%. The mortality rate for COVID-19 is about 4% — 40 times greater than the flu. Unlike the flu there is currently no vaccine which prevents us from contracting COVID-19.

Then you have to ask yourself: What would be the odds of dying from COVID-19 if we had done nothing to contain the spread of the coronavirus? We do not know. However, it is not an arithmetic relationship. Rather, it would be geometric because of the greater potential of a carrier to come into contact with others. The geometric contagion model is the very basis of a pandemic.

Furthermore, Mr. Lane is part of a particularly contagious group. As far back as April (things have gotten much worse over the ensuing five months) Alex Henderson wrote in Alternet:

Evangelical fundamentalists who openly defied social distancing guidelines are dying of coronavirus in frightening numbers …

Mandatory evil doers

The six-month manic COVID-19 campaign—driven by Big Pharma’s panic for profit, aided and abetted by un-American censorship from Big Tech’s Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and a drumbeating mainstream media—has reached the point where if people were told to get into boxcars to be taken to “Virus Protection Camps,” many would rush to get in line.

With respect to the above, David Lane has never been acclaimed for his intellectual honesty. We have over 6.5 million cases of COVID-19 and nearly 200,000 deaths. We have 26% of the known cases worldwide but only 4% of Earth’s population. Most people attribute the dismal statistics to Trump’s inaction in contrast to other countries. Trump was more interested in the DJIA than dead people.

The idea that “Big Pharma” promoted a hoax is nonsensical. As I said, David Lane utters some spectacularly stupid things to promote the Republican Party. Look at those numbers again. 26% of the cases; 4% of the world’s population.

Preventing people — like Lane — from spreading misinformation for political purposes during a pandemic is not censorship. It is responsible citizenship.

As early as May this year, retired neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., issued a warning about wearing face masks: Not only do masks fail to protect the healthy from getting sick, but they also create serious health risks to the wearer …

Dr. Blaylock, now retired, was a gifted neurosurgeon. He has some rather odd views. While extensive studies support the safety of aspartame, sucralose, and MSG, Blaylock has claimed that they are extremely toxic and that artificial sweetners cause multiple sclerosis (a view that is not supported by any peer-reviewed research).

The good doctor is also a conspiracy theorist. According to him the Affordable Care Act was created by various communist groups with influence over President Obama. This because they wanted to impose euthanasia (“Death Panels” anyone?). 

Blaylock has also claimed that the former USSR was intentionally spreading sexuall transmitted diseases in the United States to advance a communist agenda.

To be fair, responsible clinicians opposed face masks in the early stages of the pandemic. The reason for that was a severe shortage and trying to make protective equipment available to medical and rescue personnel.

Does Mr. Lane know of any marginally sane people?

Regarding the question what might be going on in America, Steven F. Hotze, M.D., has this to say: “The purpose of masks is to break your will, destroy your individuality and make you submissive to tyrannical government bureaucrats [Fauci] and leftists [blue state governors and mayors]. First you lose your identity and then you lose your freedom.”

Steven F. Hotze is a rabidly anti-LGBTQ physician who makes a living mostly from selling vitamins and supplements. As you can see from the above Hotze is also a conspiracy theorist. He is also batshit crazy.

The purpose of masks is quite pragmatic. Face masks help prevent the spread of coronavirus with minimal (if any) downside. Face masks do not protect the wearer. They protect people from the wearer.

From there, Lane does what Lane does. He presents numerous paragraphs of scripture. One thing that Lane does not do is explain the supposed “health risks” for people who responsibly wear face masks.

It is an absolute certainty that Democratic governors and mayors have not conspired to enslave America through face mask mandates.

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