What made Brielle Penkoski think that it was a good idea to wear a homophobic shirt to school?

Rich Penkoski

A holier-than-thou hate group leader, Rich Penkoski, has apparently managed to make his 15-year-old daughter, Brielle, as dysfunctional as he is. I tend to think that Brielle should be able to wear her homophobic t-shirt if that makes her happy. That is not the issue.

The question that I have for Mr. Penkoski and his daughter is this: What is achieved by wearing that shirt? Do they not realize that no gay adolescent is going to change his or her sexuality because Brielle claims that gay sex is a sin? Do they think that insulting people is a way to stimulate constructive conversation?

The only things that are “accomplished” are these:

  1. Brielle Penkoski and her entire family are self-identified as residents of the lunatic fringe — even in Tennessee.
  2. The Penkoski family will be outed as uneducated rubes.
  3. A few of Brielle’s classmates will be encouraged to be unkind to their LGBTQ peers.
  4. LGBTQ kids (and some teachers) will be insulted.

Lessons learned about morality

Mr. Penkoski is teaching his child to be dishonest:

Penkoski has been part of disbarred lawyer Chris Sevier’s crew of litigants. In several cases, Penkoski has committed perjury in federal court. He has falsely claimed residency or to have other interests to justify jurisdictional standing. There are other lies as well. The penalty is up to five years in prison.

Lesson learned: Dishonesty is acceptable in the service of Jesus.

Penkoski has two ambiguous entities: Warriors for Christ (an anti-LGBTQ hate group) and WFC Church. Neither is properly registered in the state of Tennessee where Penkoski resides. If they are registered in another state then Tennessee would have a record of a “foreign” entity. What are the odds that Penkoski is paying his personal taxes?

Lesson learned: Conservative Christians do not have to obey the laws that everyone else is obligated to adhere to.

Penkoski has a website where he asks for donations. Nowhere does he disclose that donations are neither state nor federally tax deductible.

Lesson learned: People who give the family money are suckers. If they assume that their donations (ostensibly to a chuch) are tax deductible that’s their problem.

In court filings, Penkoski claims to have a degree in theology from Seminary Bible College which does not seem to exist.

Lesson learned: Deceiving people for financial gain is godly.

I could go on but you get the idea. It brings me back to my original question. What made Brielle Penkoski think that it was a good idea to wear a homophobic shirt to school?

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