The anti-LGBTQ zealotry creates irrationality and paranoia.

Shawn Hyland
Shawn Hyland, Family Policy Alliance

According to Shawn Hyland: NJ School Age Children Forced to Learn Pornographic Acts. Sure. Hyland is employed by Family Policy Alliance which is the political arm of Focus on the Family. Mr. Hyland is apparently a New Jersey coordinator.

Supposedly Hyland was trying to email revised learning standards to a state senator:

I copied and pasted the exact words of the learning standard into the body of the email. That was a tragic mistake, because the exact words and explicit sex acts required for school age children to learn in New Jersey public schools were flagged as “pornographic” by government state computers.

How the hell would he know why an email did not arrive at its intended destination? There are 14 SMTP return codes for transient errors like “420: timeout connection problem.” There are another 16 return codes indicating a permanent failure such as “550: Non-existent email address.” Nowhere in those 30 codes is there anything having to do with pornography.

And, by the way, every state senator I know has a fax machine. There are several web services that send faxes for free.

Hyland never tells us what he finds so offensive but continues with:

The government does not allow adults to discuss these pornographic acts on state computer servers because they are obscene and inappropriate, yet the New Jersey Department of Education requires 12-year-old children to define and describe the very same objectionable material.

Is this from a South Park satire? (Someone told me that I should find the one-hour South Park special regarding the pandemic.)

Hyland writes that he is referring to “revised NJ Comprehensive Health Learning Standard for public schools.” I was able to locate 2020 New Jersey Student Learning Standards – Comprehensive Health and Physical Education which was published in June of this year. Presumably that is what Hyland is really referring to.

I am sure that my readers will be shocked to learn that I cannot find the porn.

Required by state law is this:

A board of education shall include instruction on the political, economic, and social contributions of persons with disabilities and lesbian, gay,
bisexual, and transgender people, in an appropriate place in the curriculum of middle school and high school students as part of the district’s
implementation of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

No porn there either. Hyland previously pitched a shitfit over that legislation claiming that it was “radical LGBT sexual indoctrination in the classroom.” Also, “[t]he endless obsession with sexuality should not be forced upon our children!”

Under Social and Sexual Health (there are many parts to this document which is not particularly well organized):

Differentiate between sexual orientation and gender identity. Demonstrate ways to promote dignity and respect for all people (e.g. sexual
orientation, gender identity and expression, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, differing
ability, immigration status, family configuration).

The above doesn’t seem terribly pernicious. And no porn. By the end of fifth grade:

All individuals should feel
welcome and included
regardless of their gender,
gender expression, or sexual

No porn.

I know, based on email, that some people with Family Policy Alliance read this blog. Where and what are “the pornographic acts” Mr. Hyland? Where?

Occam’s razor prevails. The simplest explanation is that Shawn Hyland is just another fundamentalist Christian douchebag.

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