Nothing says “stupid” like intentionally misquoting someone.

Gary L. Bauer

Friday, the virulently anti-LGBTQ Gary Bauer took to American Family Association’s blog to urge people to reelect Trump. At the core of Bauer’s effort is the denigration of former VP Joe Biden.

AFA has titled the piece: Biden accused of ‘insane’ view of wannabe superpower. That wannabe superpower is the People’s Republic of China. Bauer claims that China wants Biden to win. Apparently, if true, that is a reason to vote for Trump. Gary Bauer never has made much sense.

Bauer says, Biden has been a vocal “cheerleader” of the ruthless Communist-run country as a U.S. senator and vice president, and he remains so today.

As the first-term Vice President, Biden famously wrote a New York Times op-ed in 2011 that stated he “rejected” the view that China is a growing threat to the United States, and he went on to describe a good relationship with China after spending hours talking with its president, Xi Jinping.

Here is Biden’s view in context (emphasis added):

…Some here and in the region see China’s growth as a threat, entertaining visions of a cold-war-style rivalry or great-power confrontation. Some Chinese worry that our aim in the Asia-Pacific is to contain China’s rise.

I reject these views. We are clear-eyed about concerns like China’s growing military abilities and intentions; that is why we are engaging with the Chinese military to understand and shape their thinking. It is why the president has directed the United States, with our allies, to keep a strong presence in the region. As I told China’s leaders and people, America is a Pacific power and will remain one.

Keep the above in mind as you read more of Bauer’s nonsense:

Biden’s ‘insane’ views

Citing The New York Times op-ed, Bauer says Biden happily invited the Chinese to cooperate with U.S. universities and even invited their U.S-hating military to work with the U.S. armed forces.

That is not at all what Biden said. Biden claimed that we are “engaging” with the Chinese military to “understand and shape their thinking.”

“And on that same trip to China,” Bauer adds, “[Biden] said how proud he was, how happy he was, that China was becoming stronger because he thought that would be good for the world. This is insane.”

Bauer doesn’t provide any evidence to support that claim. Nor can I find any. Based on Bauer’s selective recitations I firmly doubt that Biden said anything even close.

Bottom line: Gary Bauer is full of crap.

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