“A self-absorbed, delusional, mentally ill person is capable of anything.”

Donald Trump

In his latest book, Rage, Bob Woodward offers little opinion but he does correct some of Trump’s fallacies. It reminds us of just how incorrect Trump has been since his 2016 campaign.

I have not completed the book but a few things stand out.

At one point Woodward presses Trump on whether he would be willing to apologize if he got something wrong: Trump’s response (you guessed it): “I’m never wrong.”

Trump’s belief in his own infallibility is not just political. When someone tells Trump something that Trump wants to hear, Trump adopts that as truth. He does so in the absence of evidence and regardless of the views of others, including experts. Trump turns opinions into facts.

Trump really does believe that he is the smartest, most knowledgeable person in the world. Trump thinks that President Obama is stupid and a poor speaker. That opinion became truth for Trump because of racism and his inherent insecurity. Trump lives in his own head. It is probably a coping mechanism to address the effects of monstrous father.

People who live in their own head are easily distracted and tend to be narcissists. They believe their own BS. It becomes exceedingly difficult for these people to connect to anyone else. They become bystanders who watch experiences affect other people while never being affected personally. 

The dialog in Woodward’s book indicates that Trump is incapable of maintaining a focused train of thought. Have a discussion about Isis and Trump will take numerous twists and turns to talk about himself. 

Trump’s divorce from reality eliminates any empathy that he might otherwise have. Furthermore, it is likely that Trump believes — much of the time — that he is being truthful when he lies

There is no amount of evidence that will cause Trump to alter any of his beliefs. Trump is now surrounded by people whose job is to discern what Trump wants to hear and then to provide that to Trump. Most critical thinkers have been banished from the administration.

At this moment Trump actually believes that voting by mail will be illegitimate and will victimize him. He cannot be convinced otherwise. Not by Pence and not by Fox News. Not even by Ivanka who has probably become an enabler at this point.

That sets up a dangerous situation in the week or so following November 3 when absentee ballots are tallied. Trump is never going to accept the outcome if he loses. Remember “I am never wrong.”

How that would play out is impossible to forecast. A self-absorbed, delusional, mentally ill person is capable of anything. Whatever he does he will convince himself that he is doing the right thing.

Perhaps by November 30 I can put away the Xanax.

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