Some of these people are saying: “I am stupid. Isn’t that wonderful?”

Terry Beatley
Terry Beatley | via YouTube

Wednesday, American Family Association’s headline reads: Compromising truth is a ‘slippery slope.’ We are further informed:

The left is lying to American women, and a Christian organization is trying to set the record straight with the truth.

The Hosea Initiative believes women are being deceived by the sexual revolution, and it has led to a societal change and legislation that undergirds harm.

Guess who is fibbing and guess who has little regard for objective truth.

The Hosea Initiative is a fanatical anti-choice Catholic organization dedicated to a dead Jewish physician, Bernard N. Nathanson. Nathanson went from being an avid pro-choice activist to anti-choice zealot. Based in Lancaster, VA the organization had revenues of $75 thousand in 2018.

This post has nothing to do with reproductive choice.

Guess what’s coming:

Terry Beatley, the organization’s president, tells OneNewsNow it is a distortion of reality to think a woman can become a man or that a man can become a woman.


The truth, she says, is transgender people are suffering from a mental difficulty called gender dysphoria, and trained mental health experts can help those individuals align their thinking with their born gender. But the left wants the public to think transgender is a new category of gender that ought to be affirmed as genuine.

Oh veh! The truth is that the overwhelming consensus of medical science holds that people cannot be talked out of gender dysphoria. This has nothing to do with “The Left™.” Nor, for that matter, is being transgender “a new category of gender.”

More importantly, the catechism of the Catholic Church should not be a factor in the treatment of a medical condition. The Church disapproves of transgender people due to scripture.

These imbeciles do not seem to care that gender dysphoria is a life-threatening condition. Perhaps they find the science boring. I don’t know. They seem to think that gender incongruence is a form of demonic possession which can be remedied with sufficient prayer or the manipulation of prayer beads.

Referring to the same bit of scripture:

“It’s just a slippery slope, because when you deny the existence of God, when you deny His Word, that God makes us male and female, it just skids the tracks for complete and utter confusion and deception,” the Initiative president asserts.

People transition to mitigate the distress caused by a medical condition. Moreover, transitioning works — particularly with children and adolescents. Transitioning allows people to function with near-normal levels of anxiety and depression. Were it not for religious whack jobs and their judgmental proclamations, “near-normal” would change to “normal.”

Transitioning has absolutely nothing to do with religious beliefs. Gender dysphoria has absolutely nothing to do with religious beliefs. Claiming that a bit of 6th century BCE biblical discourse should govern how a medical condition is addressed in the 21st century CE is spectacularly stupid.

Surgery consisted of drilling a hole in the skull which killed half the patients and was likely to be more relevant to bolstering the practitioner than to cure any illness.

If the patient survived the physician was thought to be favored by the gods because all disease was believed to be caused by evil spirits. Some herbal medicine existed but there were no antibiotics or painkillers. Nor even basic sanitation.

If Ms. Beatley becomes ill, let’s subject her to 6th century BCE medical standards.

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