William Kilpatrick does do a very good job of identifying evil in America. Few things are more evil than bigotry.

William Kilpatrick
There are few photos of William Kilpatrick. This is from his own blog circa 2012.

Friday’s gratuitous instruction takes the form of Catholics need to know these unpleasant truths about Islam. “The problem is not just armed jihad, but also another kind of jihad that is even more threatening.”

Leave it to LifeSiteNews to offer a combination of homophobia, transphobia and Islamophobia in one batshit post. The author of this malignant stew is William Kilpatrick.

We do not know much about Kilpatrick. According to his bio he once taught at Boston College what he taught, when or from what level in the academic hierarchy is generally unknown. We also know that Kilpatrick is an fanatical defender of the Catholic faith.

I know some Catholic priests in New York. These are friends who do not hate anyone. Kilpatrick is a defender of his brand of Catholicism which might exist at the Vatican but not among most parishioners.

Kilpatrick has written several books based upon the premise that Islam poses some sort of threat to Catholicism which he characterizes as an existential peril to American democracy. The “unpleasant truth” about Mr. Kilpatrick is that he is paranoid, shameless and — shall we say — off. He is also an unhinged bigot.

Nothing facilitates jihad like ignorance of Islam. And since there is so much ignorance, jihad has been spreading rapidly. … We know or should know about the daily knife and vehicle attacks in Europe. Yet we are somehow sure that such things can’t happen in America. But it is precisely our naïve nonchalance that practically guarantees that it will. …

…do you remember the first attack on the World Trade Center??…

…Do you remember the bombing of four commuter trains in Madrid?…

…How about the massacre in Beslan, Russia?…

Mumbai? The attack in Mumbai by a team of Muslim terrorists was a four-day siege that left 164 dead and 300 wounded.…

The Bataclan Theatre attack? The London tube and bus bombings? The Brussels Airport attack?…

…Do you remember the coup attempt on the government of Trinidad?…

I bring up the Trinidad coup attempt because it demonstrates just how widespread jihad is and how long it has been going on. At this point, I’m tempted to launch into a discussion of the several jihad attacks on beach resorts and tourist attractions. …

I have subjected the above to a liberal batshitectomy with all those “…” I assure you that I have not altered the author’s intent.

Kilpatrick’s intent is to convince people that Islam is a violent religion per se. A religion that we should all fear.

It is my considered opinion that, like all religions, Islam is comprised of individuals, some of whom are extremists and some of whom are more like Keith Ellison, attorney general of Minnesota and practicing Muslim.

I am not naive. In certain parts of the globe children are taught that I (as a Jew) use the blood of Muslim children in a religious ritual and that I bake a ceremonial pastry which includes the blood of Muslim children. I also know that there is a great deal of anger in the Arab world towards Israel and the West. Arab anti-Semitism exists in part because of that anger.

Without going into a lengthy digression, the source of that anger is European meddling in the region. Required reading to understand this at its genesis includes the Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916 and the subsequent failure of the Faisal-Weizmann Agreement of 1919. Be assured that in no way am I excusing violence.

Extremist Christians and Jews are also responsible for a great deal of violence. Doctors and nurses who perform abortions have been routinely murdered and maimed by religious fanatics. The Atlanta Olympics bombing was perpetrated by anti-abortion zealot, Eric Robert Rudolph, killed two people and injured 111. The Ku Klux Klan is a Christian extremist organization.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “The radical traditionalist Catholics, who reject the teachings of the modern papacy, may form America’s largest group of anti-Semites.” Anti-Semitism breeds violence.

The Jewish Defense League is a violent extremist organization. It is responsible for at least 18 acts of terror in the United States. I am certainly not defined by the JDL.

Mr. Kilpatrick would likely say that his objective is to better inform Americans so that they take actions to counteract a danger. I would argue that Kilpatrick, in demonizing an entire group of people, invites violence so as to create a self-fulfilling prophecy if enough people take Kilpatrick seriously.

Queers too

Kilpatrick works his way into anti/-LGBTQ smears:

Cultural jihad is a long-term campaign to spread Islamic law and culture by influencing key cultural institutions such as media, political parties, schools, and churches. …

From there Kilpatrick documents Arab generosity to American universities. His conspiracy theory is that these oil-rich Arab leaders “trying to bribe the Mideast Studies Departments, the Islamic Studies Departments, and the History Departments to present Islam in a favorable light…”

It seems unlikely that university presidents have a heavy-handed influence on curriculum but what do I know? Note that I view these as Arab contributions in contrast to Muslim. That makes them political in nature rather than religiously inspired.

The simplest explanation might be that Arab generosity is intended to cause people to have a more positive view of the region. I am not denying that Islam and the Arab world are intertwined but I think that intent is separable.

Some self-inoculation:

If you notice and make a fuss, that means you’re an “Islamophobe.” And that could mean big trouble.

Poor you. Here’s the “good” stuff:

Ten years ago, it didn’t seem as if the LGBT movement had a chance of enforcing its nuttier notions. If six years ago, you were told that libraries all over the country would someday be sponsoring drag-queen story hours for kids, you wouldn’t have believed it. Likewise, you wouldn’t have believed it if you were told that doctors and professors would be fired for failing to address bearded men as “Miss.”

But now we’re all believers. All of a sudden, the drag queens are calling the shots. This is fairly amazing when you consider that the LGBT slice of the population is only about 2 percent, and the drag queen and bearded lassies segments are smaller still.

The first smear is the notion that LGBTQ people are defined by a group of entertainers that Kilpatrick disapproves of. The notion that transgender women are “bearded men” is a call to stereotype. Addressing people as they choose to be addressed is common courtesy. Why shouldn’t people be civil?

The notion that drag queens are in control of, … something is preposterous. Kilpatrick is using drag queens as a substitute for the LGBTQ community. Were we in control then the Equality Act would be a reality and Trump might be parking his ass in prison rather than the Oval Office.

“2 percent” is a tell. That is from disgraced “researcher” and anti-LGBTQ whack job Paul Cameron. Kilpatrick seems (I cannot be certain) to confuse drag queens with transgender people. Referring to trans women as “bearded lassies” is raw bigotry. It is also a cheap shot.

Mr. Kilpatrick needs a dose of objective reality. The Vatican is devoid of intelligence when it comes to sexual minorities. The idea that I am “objectively disordered” is born of stupidity. Medical science is far more credible than Vatican eunuchs and its consensus regarding LGBTQ people is far different from Kilpatrick’s bigoted, religion-inspired views.

Enemies, enemies, enemies

They [Muslims] are also backed by the same powerful forces that back drag-queen story hours and boys in girls’ locker rooms—namely media, academia, courts, big business, big tech, and prominent politicians. In addition, like the LGBT lobby in America, Muslim activists in the United States use the same successful tactics. At first, they say that they’re simply civil rights groups whose only desire is for equal rights. They assure you that all they want is a place at the table. Then the demands ramp up, and if you don’t go along with them, you are—depending on which group you’re offending—either a homophobe or an “Islamophobe.”

That’s right Wil. It’s all part of a grand conspiracy to offend orthodox Catholics. This morphs into The Left™.

It almost seems as though the Islamists and the leftists have been—what’s the word?—“colluding.” In fact, a tacit alliance has long existed between Islamists and leftists in the West. And both groups have been highly successful in their efforts to hollow out the culture from within.

Many people are unaware of this alliance. And here we come back to the knowledge-gap problem.

The Left, according to Kilpatrick, consists of people who disagree with Kilpatrick regarding Islam and sexual minorities. That includes some very conservative people. The alliance that does exist is among critical thinkers who are not slavishly devoted to religious teachings which are primarily based on ancient texts of dubious provenance.

Most American Catholics disagree with Kilpatrick and the Vatican regarding Islam and sexual minorities. In effect, Kilpatrick believes that most American Catholics are ignoramuses. Presumably most American Catholics would think that Kilpatrick is an arrogant fool.

Mr. Kilpatrick is assigning characteristics to a group of people based upon members of that group who are extremists. In doing so, Kilpatrick clearly identifies himself as an extremist.

William Kilpatrick does do a very good job of identifying evil in America. Few things are more evil than bigotry.

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