Eugene Delgaudio
Eugene Delgaudio and two other nitwits attempting to designate June as LMNOP month.

Hate Group Leader Eugene Delgaudio (Public Advocate of the US) has issued a “full endorsement” of Amy Coney Barrett for a seat on the Supreme Court.

According to a pretentious “press release:”

Public Advocate played a critical role in selecting Justice Neil Gorsuch, and in confirming Justice Brett Kavanaugh over the vicious assault by the Homosexual Lobby and their leftist allies. And we will fight even harder to see that a constitutional-minded, pro-family justice is confirmed now. We are giving our full endorsement to Amy Barrett.

Such is the hyperbolic bullshit. The very self-righteous Delgaudio has no problem whatsoever lying through his teeth.

Delgaudio makes a living by smearing LGBTQ people. For his offensively outrageous behavior, Delgaudio payed himself $181,101 in 2018 while accomplishing nothing. Delgaudio has claimed that President Obama is a child molester. He has claimed that “adult homosexuals want to recruit and brainwash children.” The list is endless due to Delgaudio’s personality disorder.

There is an additional $119,000 of fluff in the 2018 tax return. Some — perhaps most — of that went into Delgaudio’s pockets (possibly without a tax liability). An organization with an operating budget just over $1 million probably does not need to spend $66K on accounting or $53K in legal fees.

With respect to those legal fees, Delgaudio claims on the tax return to have filed a number of amicus briefs. I checked two matters before the Supreme Court: Trump v. Hawaii and Grundy v. United States. I can find no record of Public Advocate having filed a brief in either case.

The accountant who prepared the tax return is a solo practitioner. BuzzFile has estimated gross revenues of only $112K. Unless he received $66K from Delgaudio he is probably complicit in tax fraud.

Mr. Delgaudio is a disgraced former public servant. As a member of the Loudoun County, VA Board of Supervisors, Delgaudio was accused of ordering county employees to raise funds for Public Advocate.

He was not indicted only because the statute of limitations expired. However, in 2013 the all Republican Board of Supervisors censured Dealgaudio and removed him from all committee assignments by a vote of 8-1. Delgaudio lost his reelection bid in 2015.

I will send a little note to the IRS including the possible complicity of the accountant.

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