Rabbi Aryeh Spero
Rabbi Aryeh Spero

via 2020 Republican National Convention

Wednesday, according to Jennifer Roback Morse of Ruth Institute (an anti-LGBTQ hate group):

I hope you’re reading this newsletter today, Wednesday, so you can tune in tonight to hear me on the Rabbi Spero Show …

That would be Rabbi Aryeh Spero, an established far right Republican operative. In late August, at the Republican National Convention, Spero prayed for Donald Trump:

Father, we pray that this outlook in mindset, this form of government continues as has been our history, especially now, when to our horror, it is being challenged. And so we pray that God gives strength and health to our president, who has splendidly demonstrated daily determination to defend and maintain the God-given rights of our citizens as enshrined in our Constitution.

Who the hell does Spero think is challenging our democratic form of government and what do they propose? As for God-given rights that includes the right to live. We are nearing 210,000 deaths due to Covid-19 because Trump downplayed the threat of the coronavirus so as not to affect our equities markets.

Other rights enshrined in our constitution are Equal Protection and Due Process. To the extent that Trump affects those rights, they seem to inure to the benefit of only a select group of people. Excluded are immigrants, LGBTQ people, Black Americans, poor people and a large list of those whom Trump arbitrarily dislikes.

If Spero is going to promote Trump then he should be willing to criticize Trump. In Tuesday’s debate, Trump gave a shout-out to Proud Boys, a violent anti-Semitic and White supremacist hate group. From Rabbi Spero? Silence.

Spero has (at least) two organizations:

  1. America’s Caucus, located in New York City, is devoted to the promotion of Aryeh Spero. It represents the union of the Tea Party, MAGA morons and the Torah. It is not a federally recognized nonprofit entity but Spero asks for donations without informing donors that their donations are not tax-deductible.
  2. The Conference of Jewish Affairs, located in shared office space in Bedminster, NJ is slightly more rational than America’s Caucus. It is a 501(c)3 but it has only been so since August, 2019.

Spero is not fond of critics of Donald Trump:

Our gratitude goes out to President Trump, who has been, without doubt, the greatest friend Israel and the Jewish people have ever had among our presidents and among world leaders. Those whose partisanship — and hatred of President Trump — have blinded them should no longer be viewed as worthwhile or serious participants in our national conversation. Their toxicity should be contained to themselves. Let the nation be spared.

Apparently only those willing to bow down to a sociopath and pathological liar are eligible to be political participants. I don’t know where this guy went to grammar school but something is missing in his American civics erudition.

Spero claims the title of “America’s Rabbi.” He sure as hell is not my rabbi. Spero represents a tiny portion of the Jewish community. We have a high regard for things like social justice and decency. If Spero actually believes that Trump is a decent person then he knows very little about integrity.

Spero has long been involved in far-right politics, serving as one of four chairs of Pat Buchanan’s third-party 2000 presidential bid and heading a series of organizations aimed at advancing a “Judeo-Christian outlook.”

The website of the Conference of Jewish Affairs, showcases videos of Spero’s appearances on Fox News and lists an advisory council that includes a number of far-right Jews. These include a Massachusetts rabbi who thought it would be a good idea to invite anti-Muslim demagogues to speak at his synagogue. Also included is an Israeli academic who said only the threat of having their mother raped would deter anti-Israel terrorists.

Some people think that Trump is a friend of Israel. Actually Trump is a friend of Christian Zionists which is why he has sabotaged any possibility of a two-state solution. According to prophecy any division of Israel will prevent Christ’s return. 

Esoteric scripture should not constitute the basis for foreign policy. But Trump has been running for a second term since his ass first hit the seat in the oval office.

Furthermore (and I fiercely defend Israel and its right to exist), if we ever want peace in the region the Palestinians need redress predicated on guaranteeing Israel’s sovereignty. They believe that their homes and lands were stolen from them. That has been passed down from generation to generation for over 70 years.

Furthermore, American Jews (with very few exceptions) are not Israeli citizens. Rabbi Spero tends to conflate Judaism with Israel. In doing so he unintentionally promotes the old canard that Jews have dual loyalty. 

We (to the extent that there is a We) are most concerned about our cultural shift to not just accepting, but inviting, indecency. Furthermore, our national conversation needs to be based on facts. Trump has created an environment in which objective truth no longer exists.

Trump could be reelected due to people like Rabbi Aryeh Spero. It is my considered opinion that our democracy is hanging by a thread. Given another term Trump could be the next Vladimir Putin whom Trump admires.

Putin has retained power for 21 years, primarily through rigged elections. Putin is profoundly corrupt and has enriched himself to the detriment of the Russian Federation. Sound familiar?

Perhaps Rabbi Spero has not noticed but there is not one Jewish Republican senator. Only two members out of 435 of the House of Representatives are Jewish Republicans. Get a clue Rabbi.

About two hours ago, I sent an email to Rabbi Spero, asking him if he would criticize Trump over the Proud Boys incident. If he responds (which I doubt) I will update this post.

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