Hate group, American Family Association teems up with Alex McFarland to bitch about same-sex marriage.

Alex McFarland

Alex McFarland used to be the teen indoctrinator at Focus on the Family. Alex McFarland Ministries is not a federally tax-exempt entity. Neither is his Truth for a New Generation. No mention that donations are not tax deductible on his donations page. McFarland’s phony PhD is honorary. McFarland is a pretentious putz.

According to AFA:

A strong percentage of Americans recognize that family structures have changed dramatically in the last ten years, with a growing acceptance of “gay marriage,” cohabitation, single parenthood, and out-of-wedlock births – but they say it makes no difference.

Trust me. They are focused on marriage equality. AFA goes on to quote McFarland:

“Just because some people have ‘made it’ through life with little or no family structure doesn’t mean that the family’s unimportant,” he shares. “People can survive without a nuclear family, people can survive without one of their limbs – but that’s not ideal.”

McFarland is a blowhard. Families headed by same-sex couples provide a family structure comparable to opposite-sex marriage. The reason these fools cannot keep a constituency is simple: Common sense!

Most people — most sane people — have come to the realization that the married gay couple down the block has no effect on them. United States v. Windsor was decided in 2013. The ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges was in 2015. Where and what are the negative consequences?

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