Salt and Light Council
According to IRS records, Salt & Light Council is directly controlled by Liberty Counsel.

Salt and Light Council, a nonprofit organization located in Solana Beach, CA, is directly participating in a political campaign in favor of Republican candidates. According to the IRS:

501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in … any political campaign on behalf of … any candidate for elective public office.

The above is explicit and unambiguous.

Salt and Light Council is a nonprofit organization controlled by Liberty Counsel, an anti-LGBTQ hate group. If, in fact, Mr. Biden prevails I will press the issue of Liberty Counsel’s errant designation as Church Auxiliary through the next Secretary of the Treasury.

Salt and Light Council, run by Ms. Dran Reese, claims to be a church but it is not. That, too, is incorrect. Conservative Christians reserve a right to be deceptive when it suits them. In this case I believe that the organization makes the false claim to insulate Liberty Counsel from scrutiny.

The Council is promoting a website called Under its own name, it paid for a press release at Christian Newswire.

Dran Reese, President of Biblical Voter, developed an attractive, easy-to-set-up Biblical Voter Registration Kit. She said, “We trademarked the word biblical with voter registration to make it simple for churches to understand that voting is biblical and essential.”

Biblical Voter is not registered with the State of California.

Journeying to the website:

According to the Internal Revenue Service, some voter education activities are permissible. However, “voter
education or registration activities conducted in a biased manner that favors (or opposes)
one or more candidates is prohibited.”

Biblical Voter (Salt and Light Council) provides a very verbose promotion of the GOP. You can decide for yourself if it is “in a biased manner.” The following is a tiny sample:

Reading these Party Platforms, we discovered some amazing CONTRASTS:

One mentions Bible, the other doesn’t.

One mentions Divine, the other doesn’t.

One mentions Creator, the other doesn’t.

One mentions Prayer, the other doesn’t.

One mentions Sing, the other doesn’t.

One mentions Praise, the other doesn’t.

One mentions Pastors, the other doesn’t.

One mentions Catholic, the other doesn’t.

One mentions Preaching, the other doesn’t.

One mentions Bipartisan, the other doesn’t.

One mentions Fathers, the other doesn’t.

In conclusion on page 4:

CONCLUSION: One Party Platform values VOTES over LIFE.

Which party best represents our biblical values??

Ecclesiastes 10:2

“A WISE man’s heart is at his RIGHT hand; but a FOOL’S heart at his LEFT.”

Bottom Line: We are not for the donkey, we are not for the elephant, we are for the LAMB. We
call ourselves Christ-O-Crats!

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