Rainbow Oreos

Victoria Gisondi seems to be a full-time literalist Catholic. Nabisco — the maker of Oreos — has ruined Gisondi’s whole day (Tuesday).

I get it. Gisondi does not approve of LGBTQ people. Therefore, Ms. Gisondi does not approve of rainbow Oreo cookies. Ms. Gisondi required about 200 incoherent words to express her opprobrium. You would think that she would have something more productive to do.

Instead, she has invested considerable time and effort into looking spectacularly stupid.

Apparently — and I cannot know for sure — the promotion of rainbow Oreos turns people gay or transgender. On the other hand, perhaps it is the consumption of rainbow Oreos which turns people gay or transgender.

Regardless of where the evil lies, the maker of Oreo cookies has crafted a very nice video. Victoria Gisondi’s real problem is, perhaps, the parental affirmation expressed in the spot. In her orbit parents are supposed to send their LGBTQ kids off to a reprogramming center in order to eventually resent their parents.

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