James Dobson wants to substitute his opinion based upon ancient texts for that of a child’s doctors and parents.

James Dobson
via Lancaster Online, 2018

Something named the Kairos Company is apparently James Dobson’s PR representative. It has posted Dr. James Dobson Denounces Biden’s Willingness to Put Children in Harm’s Way. The post is attributed to Kairos and there is no quoted material.


  • God speaks to Dobson.
    • Dobson speaks to Kairos.
    • On behalf of Daddy D., Kairos reveals the deity’s word to the rest of us.
    • David reads this crap and passes it on to you.

Or something like that. But I digress.

I have written, countless times, that the conservative Christian problem with transgender people is that their very existence is a contradiction to Genesis 1:27. Dobson agrees:

We were made in God’s own image—male and female (Gen. 1:27). We should celebrate—not deny—these differences. Men and women each contribute immeasurably to the human race, to marriage, to family and to culture. Why would we deny these realities?

And they wonder why we think that they are superstitious idiots. Some of the other gems include:

Where is the outrage in response to this lunacy? Joe Biden appears to be under the very mistaken impression that teaching our children the truth about biological reality constitutes discrimination. He couldn’t be more wrong, and his distorted view is equally alarming. Indeed, world-renowned Swedish psychiatrist Dr. Christopher Gillberg has said that pediatric transition is “possibly one of the greatest scandals in medical history.”

Dr. Gillberg is extremely controversial. I will avoid the ad hominem because of greater importance is the fact that Gillberg is at odds with The American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association. Moreover the American Academy of Pediatrics has established clinical practice standards based upon the gender-affirming care model.

Factually incorrect:

Leading children down a path toward social and medical “transition” is not compassionate—it’s an act of cruelty. Puberty blockers are administered to pre-pubescent children to prevent them from experiencing puberty. If a child doesn’t go through this natural stage of development, he or she will likely be sterile for life, a medical fact that many gender clinics expressly admit. This evil practice must be stopped.

Puberty blockers are not administered to prepubescent children. They are provided after the adolescent has entered puberty (usually Tanner Stage 2). I don’t know where Dobson (or his flack) get the idea that puberty blockers cause sterility — stated as a “medical fact.”

The leading experts are the Pediatric Endocrine Society. They clearly state that puberty blockers are fully reversible. That Genesis thingie keeps getting in the way of scientific realities. This amounts to deliberate dishonesty to conform science to scripture.

Joe Biden was speaking about an eight-year-old trans girl. She would transition through hairstyle and apparel in order to get relief from gender incongruence. It would be four or five years before puberty blockers were a consideration. Add a couple more years before cross-sex hormones are available.

The important issue here is that James Dobson wants to substitute his opinion based upon ancient texts for that of a child’s doctors and parents. Who the hell does he think he is?

Dobson would place a child’s life at risk in order to affirm scripture. How “Christian” is that?

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