A comedy of errors as two well-educated individuals are unable to comprehend a government request for information.

Jane Robbins and Michael K. Laidlaw
Jane Robbins and Michael K. Laidlaw

October 21 and 25, two Defenders of the Faith are working in concert to undermine the Endocrine Society’s clinical practice guidelines. They attempt to do so by attacking the Society rather than the Society’s guidelines. As you will see, both of these people are terribly confused.

On his website Dr. Michael K. Laidlaw claims to be a board certified endocrinologist. The Rocklin, California physician is not board certified by any specialty board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. In other words, Dr. Laidlaw is lying to potential patients.

Laidlaw’s partner in confusion is Jane W. Robins. Robbins is retired from American Principles Project. She practices law out of Tucker, GA (about 20 miles northeast of Atlanta).

Laidlaw and Robbins are both obsessed with transgender people. While they try to portray themselves as protectors of youth, the reality is that they are protectors of Christianity. I should program a hot key to type out: The existence of transgender people is a contradiction to Genesis 1:27.

Behold the sinister Endocrine Society

Combined, the two posts are about 2,500 words. It involves a 2013 letter (below “the fold”) from the Endocrine Society to NIH LGBTI Research Coordinating Committee. Apparently, the letter is a follow-up to an NIH Request for Information (RFI). NIH formally solicited comments and recommendations. The letter offers those and provides a point of contact at the Endocrine Society.

…we would like to focus our comments on the health and research needs of transgender and
intersex populations. Specifically, our comments address some of the barriers to research and care and critical
knowledge gaps that could be handled by the NIH.

The letter goes on to make a number of recommendations. For example:

Finally, the focus of research for transgender and intersex conditions should be on patient outcomes
and consideration should be given to collaborative efforts with the Patient-Centered Outcomes
Research Institute (PCORI).

The letter recommends that funds be provided for various projects. None of that funding would benefit the Endocrine Society. Read the letter. Judge for yourself.

Dr. Laidlaw and CP’s Brandon Showalter have a different interpretation:

A document recently uncovered by an endocrinologist shows the ways in which a professional medical organization deceptively blurred key terms to further the interests of experimental transgender medicine and acquire government funding for it.

Except that the Endocrine Society was not seeking funds for itself. But do prattle on.

…studies are needed to explore medical treatments for “transgender and intersex” patients, the letter contends, conflating those born with rare genetic anomalies known as disorders of sexual development and those who self-identify as the opposite sex under the banner of what transgender advocacy groups call “gender identity.”

Did I mention that Dr. Laidlaw is an ignoramus? Medical science recognizes the existence of gender identity which is quite apart from advocacy groups. Gender identity is a separate construct from natal sex.

The two are aligned for most people. A small minority of people have incongruent natal sex and gender identity which defines gender dysphoria. This is settled science.

The conspiracy theory:

“Even though trans-identification is psychological and DSD/intersex conditions are physical, the Endocrine Society repeatedly blurred the distinction in its 2013 letter. This deliberate confusion of psychological and physical conditions is central to the Endocrine Society’s radically unscientific denial that humans are either male or female,” The Federalist added.

According to Laidlaw, that conflation is a deliberate strategy to persuade the government to back such research with grant money.

As Laidlaw should know, the Endocrine Society is deeply involved in the care of intersex individuals and has been for a very long time.

The reason for that is that “hormonal therapy forms part of the treatment of every intersex condition.” Therefore, it is entirely reasonable that the Society would recommend funding of research into both issues. In fact, it is an obligation on their part.

Again, this is information that NIH requested.

Later on Showalter writes:

Laidlaw and other dissenting medical professionals have for years been highlighting the ethical issues that arise from giving children puberty-suppressing drugs that block the normal pubertal processes, which lead to infertility when followed by cross-sex hormones. Laidlaw said that Endocrine Society members were not informed of this letter and cannot be found on its website.

Laidlaw says many things that are untrue. The membership was most certainly advised of the NIH/Endocrine Society initiative. This article also confirms that NIH released a formal RFI (Request for Information) in response to a 2011 study.

I cannot imagine where Laidlaw gets the time to practice medicine. He seems to be obsessed with FOIA requests.

If any of this drivel had anything to do with the welfare of transgender and intersex people, I might have a different reaction. The truth, however, is that these two individuals have a lengthy history of attacking LGBTQ people on behalf of the Church. This is nothing new.

Endocrine Society Response to NIH RFI on LGBTI Health by David Hart on Scribd

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