Paul Cameron is a liar and a bigot. Just a reminder that he is still around.

Paul Cameron
Dr. Paul Cameron circa 2017

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Disgraced psychologist Paul Cameron (Family Research Institute) is still unhinged over LGBTQ people. On Monday he ran with Voters More Than 3:2 Against Biden’s Transgender Rights Push.

In the way of background, here are just a few of Cameron’s discredited assertions:

  • Gay people are all pedophiles.
  • Gay people have an average life expectancy about 20 years shorter than straight people.
  • Gay people are 43 times more likely to commit crimes than straight people.
  • Tolerance of homosexuality would cause gay sex to become predominant over heterosexual sex.

In other words, Paul Cameron is a crackpot who makes shit up about LGBTQ people. Regarding the subject article he writes:

Joe Biden says he will “restore transgender students’ access to sports, bathrooms, and locker rooms.” A random sample of 302 Coloradans broke more than 3:2 against his agenda. Biden voters and the non-religious supported, while Trump voters and the religious opposed his policy.

I think that what Biden said is that he would restore Obama era guidance which Trump reversed as part of his Going Out of Obama Sale. Cameron goes on to say that 87% of Trump voters oppose trans accommodations while 65% of Biden supporters are in favor.

According to Cameron, with respect to his sample:

Southern Colorado leans Republican. In our sample, Biden was the intended choice of 28%, while Trump garnered 49%. Independents split 38% for Trump and 23% for Biden.

Cameron is lying. According to, in the most recent polls, Biden leads with about a 60% to 39% advantage over Trump in Colorado. The Colorado Sun has it a bit tighter but still favoring Biden 52% to 40%.

The way the above is written the overall ratio in the sample was 49:28 (precisely 1.75:1) in favor of Trump. The independent percentages are meaningless without knowing what percentage of the overall ratio is independent.

In other words, with results so distant from the polls, Cameron seemingly massaged his sample (if it ever existed in the first place) to obtain the desired outcome of voters objecting to trans accommodations.

The only other explanation is that Southern Colorado is far more conservative than the rest of the state. Obama won the state twice. Hillary Clinton won the state in 2016.

If that is the case (Southern Colorado being more conservative) then Cameron’s poll is meaningless because it is not representative of anything.

Cameron has been accused of using misleading data in the past. Cameron is claiming that, according to his sample, Biden receives less than half the support that the (538) polls demonstrate while Trump’s support is about 26% more.

Cameron uses the obnoxious “transgenders.” Transgender is an adjective, not a noun.

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