Jonathan Saenz

Joe Biden might best Donald Trump in Texas but the state remains an anti-LGBTQ fertilizer pit.

Friday, a post at American Family Association’s blog is titled: LGBT groups: If you can’t win, cheat. Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values is tewibly upset.

Hate Group Leader Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values came unglued in 2014 when his wife left him for her lesbian lover (which not to suggest that Saenz was rational or tolerant prior to that). There is no form of epoxy or weld that will put Saenz back together again.

So what is it that has Saenz so agitated? A rule regarding licensed social workers which includes:

A social worker shall not refuse to perform any act or service for which the person is
licensed solely on the basis of a client’s age; gender; race; color; religion; national origin;
disability; sexual orientation; gender identity and expression; or political affiliation.

Earlier in the week, according to Saenz: Anti-Christian Policy Approved by State Health Council, Gov. Abbott’s Request Ignored.

Saenz’ BS makes two interconnected assumptions:

  1. That any law protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination is inherently anti-Christian and;
  2. Christians have a right — perhaps a duty — to discriminate.

According to Mr. Saenz (at AFA’s site):

“This all started a couple of weeks ago, when Governor Greg Abbott’s office informed a lot of state agencies, including this one, that they weren’t following state law,” Saenz reports. “There was some language in their policy that gave special protection for sexual orientation and gender identity.”

… a decision was made to change the policy …. But because of pressure from LGBT activists, with the help of BHEC executive director Darrell Spinks, the policy was reversed. Saenz suggests Spinks may have been deliberately obstructing the agency.

“It appears that for the LGBT groups the strategy this time is if you can’t win, cheat,” Saenz observes.

The only people seeking Special Rights™ in our society are fundamentalist Christians.

Professional licensing boards are able to append requirements to state laws. Texas law requires social workers to be licensed. However, there is no state law defining the requirements for licensure or the code of conduct that applies to licensed social workers. That is why licensing boards exist.

Licensing boards employ vocational specialists who are more qualified to make determinations than state legislators who might own small businesses, farms, real estate agencies, etc. The board is comprised of individuals who have advanced degrees and professional qualifications.

As for “cheating,” Saenz is claiming that activism he does not like is cheating. What kind of crazy imbecile would make such an absurd assertion?

These folks marginalize themselves by focusing on trivial issues. Minutiae. They alienate people because they are constantly whining over some perceived slight.

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