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Unhinged and self-centered, Tracy Shannon is on an anti-LGBTQ crusade to mitigate her own animus.

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[Texas] Mom tells harrowing story of how LGBT movement helped destroy her family

This truly ugly story underlines the deep malice the LGBT movement has for husbands, wives, families, children, and healthy sexuality.

I can summon up some empathy for Tracy Shannon. “Several years ago” her husband transitioned to female. That’s not what she signed up for.

From there, however, Ms. Shannon has destroyed her own credibility. Shannon is consumed by negative activity. Shannon is always pissed off. Her acrimony has only increased as a result of Shannon becoming affiliated with MassResistance.

Perhaps of greater importance is that Ms. Shannon has all the intellectual curiosity of a stale bagel. She seems to have learned nothing about gender identity or transgender people. Shannon is blaming Dad for the dysfunction of her children which could have been avoided if she were better informed and a better parent.

Ms. Shannon’s aggression is directed at Drag Queen Story Hour. She makes reference to “transgender drag queens.” Those are two entirely different things. A drag queen is an entertainer. He entertains people by being a female impersonator.

A transgender person is someone with incongruent gender and natal sex which can create enormous distress. They relieve some of the distress by presenting as their gender rather than chromosomal sex. There are no volunteers. No one wants to be transgender gratuitously.

I write about relieving “some of the distress” because part of our society imposes their religious judgment upon them. Many transgender people suffer from Minority Stress Syndrome. Prejudice creates minority stress

Drag queens typically dress in outrageous attire making it obvious that they are, in fact, drag queens. Transgender people make every effort to appear as their gender. Usually, the better they can “pass,” the happier they are.

Blaming the LGBTQ community is misguided. Tracy Shannon doesn’t seem to realize that she is blaming a group of people she has never met for her husband’s medical condition. “Deep malice” suggests that a group of people is intentionally inflicting misery on Shannon. She is projecting. Deep malice resides with Tracy Shannon.

Getting back to Drag Queen Story Hour for a moment, Ms. Shannon has the right to attend or not to attend an event with or without her children. She has no right whatsoever to impose her beliefs on others.

There are many positives to DQSH. Children become motivated to read, they learn about their library and they learn that just because someone is different doesn’t mean that they are bad. Ms. Shannon believes that she has the right to prevent others from attending an event that they see as beneficial.

Ms. Shannon believes that she was deceived. She says:

Looking back, I see the signs of deception more clearly. But at the time, I don’t see how I could have interpreted them any differently.

I know nothing about her ex. I do not even know his name. Some people with gender dysphoria experience greater intensity over time. Caitlyn Jenner probably experienced that phenomenon. It should be perfectly obvious that people hide things because they are afraid of disapproval. They might also convince themselves that their condition will change.

Ms. Shannon is totally devoid of empathy. She fails to realize that transitioning was probably far more traumatic for her husband than for her.

Shannon frequently refers to “cross-dressing.” Transgender people are not cross-dressers. Cross-dressing is a fetish. Transgender people are not fetishists.

Ms. Shannon and her husband did receive counseling. One therapist did the right thing by providing her ex with a letter to qualify her to receive hormones. It seems, however, that neither the therapist nor Shannon’s husband conveyed this information to her (although people sometimes hear what they want to hear).

Were Shannon more intellectually curious then she might have learned that people cannot be talked out of gender dysphoria. The only intervention known to medical science to relieve the symptoms is transitioning. Counseling should have allowed Shannon to make a rational decision to either stay with, or divorce, her husband.

Regarding one therapist:

She told me that I was “closed-minded.” She went on to tell me I was a lesbian but had not figured it out yet. This was the state of counseling in the LGBTQ community 20 years ago, so it must be much worse now.

She is right in part. Counseling has improved dramatically since then. Furthermore, the first step today would be to seek a diagnosis from a qualified practitioner, often a psychiatrist (an MD). However, what she experienced was not her husband’s fault nor that of the LGBTQ community. I might boil down to simply having made a bad choice.

They got rid of the therapist after she supposedly told them that her ex would be gender ambiguous for three months.

I thought we were both done with her. But she went on to write a letter for him supporting his medical transition even while I was married to him, without my knowledge or consent. When I realized this betrayal by him and the therapist, it was very disillusioning.

The attitude expressed above borders on narcissism. According to the post she had already declared her intent to seek a divorce. Medicating a condition required neither her knowledge nor consent. Everything is about her while her husband is facing a life-altering condition. One that he did not choose to have. She, on the other hand, made choices.

Ms. Shannon claims to have PTSD which I find personally offensive. I was ambushed and shot in the back point-blank with a .45. I have acute PTSD (and a good portion of CVS’s drug supply to treat it). Sure, her husband’s situation was traumatic — for both of them but trauma and a resulting stress disorder are separate issues.

I can appreciate Ms. Shannon’s despair:

The children and I lost our home. I had not worked for many years outside the home and had been homeschooling our children. The kids were suddenly thrust into public schools and daycare so that I could work to support them.

Shannon eventually relieves me of my sympathy for her plight:

He changed his name and sex marker on his driver’s license. The attorneys instructed him to do this in a liberal county where no opposition would be raised. I had no idea this was happening. This made me a “paper lesbian” and meant I was divorcing a “paper woman.”

Again, everything is about her. Throughout this post there is not one word of kindness towards her husband and not one word suggesting that she has at least attempted to find any understanding. The entire post consists of animus and vitriol caused by a situation occurring 20 years ago. It remains unresolved because she chooses not to find resolution.

It really is clinical narcissism:

These legal changes also made way for the daily intimidation and bullying tactics of the LGBT attorneys to insist that I call my ex by his chosen female pronouns and female name in court. The argument was made daily for me to do that. I resisted. That was over a decade ago, and the judge did not make me do it but asked me how I felt about it. I said I cannot refer to the man I was married to for 15 years and had three children with as a woman, and it was insensitive to me for them to even ask that.

Not even a hint of consideration for how the person she once loved would be denigrated with male pronouns and deadnaming. Transgender people are very vulnerable to begin with.

Not surprisingly, she reveals that her children were inconsiderate towards her ex. The attitude carried over:

They were taken to an LGBT-affirming church that had a rainbow banner in the sanctuary. Two of my sons would run from the church to escape — because they didn’t know who was a boy or who was a girl, and they were traumatized by the “women” with deep voices.

They would not have been traumatized if they understood the basics of gender dysphoria. If they understood that being transgender was a way of treating the condition it is unlikely that they would have been so intolerant. To be credible, that information had to come from Mom.

She does mention some rational thinking, but not by her:

The children were told that their dad went through a metamorphosis, like a butterfly, and that he has a girl’s brain. Since transitioning, he tells the kids that although he has some regrets, it has been good for his career to be a woman. (Funny: That is opposite of how genuine women feel.)

What she (her ex) might have meant is that, by relieving the symptoms of gender dysphoria through transitioning, he became more productive. Good for him, particularly in Texas. Many transgender people experience occupational disaster. Describing transgender people as not “genuine” is intentional offensiveness.

After all these years, Tracy Shannon has still learned nothing about her ex-husband’s medical condition:

Had my husband gotten legitimate psychological and medical help to deal with his mental health issues instead of the quackery and poisonous maltreatment by the LGBTQ movement’s “therapists,” he might be a normal person now and my family would have been saved enormous trauma. But the LGBTQ movement and their allies don’t care about any of that.

The only way for talk therapy to work would be to change her gender identity from female back to male. That therapy does not exist. Blaming our community for supposedly LGBTQ affirming therapists has no basis in logic. Blaming those therapists and calling them quacks for not imposing some unknown form of conversion therapy is plain stupid.

According to medical science, gender identity conversion therapy is ineffective and extremely harmful. If Tracy Shannon understood that she might be a great deal happier and would not waste her time on futile anti-LGBTQ activities. She could be doing positive things.

Instead she communicates like a garden variety bigot and has affiliated herself with a vile hate group. Her kids are probably young adults. If they are neurotic it is not because Dad is transgender. I can only hope that they are heterosexual. Were they gay, Mom would not approve.

Shannon is a conservative Christian. There are parents with transgender children and they adapt. Kai Shappley’s (Netflix) mom is a devout Christian and very supportive. So is the father of Hunter Schafer of HBO’s Euphoria. In fact, he is a pastor.

Tracy Shannon made some very poor choices — and continues to make poor choices. She blames others for the bad decisions that she has made and for her failure to obtain some knowledge. The reason seems pretty simple. Tracy Shannon is self-centered to the point of being unbalanced.

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