I count two nuns plus six civies

Early Saturday morning, Brian S. Brown — on behalf of National Organization for Marriage — sent out a “Media Alert:”

“Scary Joe” Protest at Joe Biden’s Home in Delaware

On Saturday, October 31, concerned citizens from Delaware and beyond will gather at the home of Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, to condemn the incriminating evidence found on his son, Hunter’s, laptop and to protest the media and big tech attempt to sway the election by silencing the truth.

The above followed a Friday email from Brown. That one, on behalf of International Organization for the Family, an anti-LGBTQ hate group, was titled: Biden Protests Erupting:

Led by iFamNews founder Brian Brown and the Keep America Great Super Pac that he created, scores of conservative groups are organizing anti-Biden protests across America for Saturday, October 31st – Halloween.

iFamNews is a blog of International Organization for the Family. As for that Super Duper PAC, the FEC confirms that Brian S. Brown was the creator. However:

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I am sure that Brian’s 50 bucks will make all the difference in the world.

Brown said that he would be speaking at the protest. The initiative was something short of erupting as you can see from the video above. Videos were apparently posted by Brown himself (which took some balls).

This was supposedly about Hunter Biden’s laptop (which is nonsense). What this is really about is a group of anti-choice religious zealots. The contact is Moira Sheridan who is the head of a tiny nonprofit, Delaware Right to Life.

Delaware RTL is an extremist organization which claims that any measure which permits an abortion for rape or incest is unacceptable.

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