Donald Trump
via New York Times

I think it’s called Donald Trump Syndrome.

It’s the same every night. Toss, turn, fart, under the covers, over the covers, turn the pillow to the cool side, counting dicks. Nothing helps including the Ambien. I’m waiting for a delivery of Belsomar hoping that will work.

Trump’s supporters make no sense at all. Many are voting contrary to their own economic interests. Some support Trump because “the elites” loathe him. Maybe they should think about why a broad spectrum of people of all political stripes want to oust Trump.

The God Squad cares about opposing measures that provide nondiscrimination to LGBTQ citizens and, of course, the ultimate issue: Ending abortion.

I have spoken with a few of these people. To the extent that they are cognizant of the fact that Trump is a psychopath, a justice of the Supreme Court like Barrett makes it all worthwhile. “Accept some bad to get some good.”

The problem with that argument is that the sides of the scale are way out of balance. Were Roe v. Wade overturned it only affects poor people who cannot travel to a state in which abortions are legal.

On the other side, Trump has literally ruined our reputation abroad, cannot handle a crisis (like the pandemic), is clearly a sociopath, lies more than he tells the truth, has no plans, believes he knows more than experts and generals, makes policy based upon his own economic benefits, has brought awful and incompetent people into the administration, has no regard for the rule of law or norms, envies dictators … and so on.

Trump is indecent, a racist and he seems to do only three things: Watching TV, tweeting and holding rallies so that a group of people will provide some form of validation. Building consensus, unifying the country to a purpose, studying plans, analyzing public policy and managing people are not Trumpian.

The thought that Trump could be reelected is terrifying. Our democracy would be in serious danger. Thus I cannot sleep.

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