Rudy Giuliani
Yes, that is Rudy Giuliani with Trump

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I do not know who, or what, Michael Haynes is. According to Mr. Haynes:

Rudy Giuliani is staking his reputation as a lawyer and the former mayor of New York City on the credibility of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

Giuliani originally presented the New York Post with a copy of the hard-drive of Hunter’s computer, which contained details of Hunter’s Ukrainian business deals, and evidence that Joe Biden knew of them.

I confess to having once voted for Rudy when I was living in Manhattan (maybe twice). Apparently Haynes is unaware of the fact that Giuliani no longer has a valued reputation to tarnish. Rudy is known as a drunken fool and liar who once enjoyed being a drag queen from time to time.

That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with being a drag queen. But Rudy Giuliani?

The supposed “scandal” has a few holes in it. The first of those is the simple fact that anything that Rudy touches is presumed to be dishonest. The second is that Joe Biden does have a valued reputation, earned over decades of public service, as a man with impecable integrity.

Oh, and the repairman who claimed to have found all of this damning data is legally blind. Moreover, according to the New York Times:

Intelligence officials have also warned the White House that Russian intelligence officers were using Mr. Giuliani, who provided the hard drive copy to the tabloid, as a conduit for disinformation aimed at undermining Mr. Biden’s presidential run.

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